Marc Coma

The new edition of the Dakar will be very physical because there are very technical areas in which, the pilots will suffer a significant wear and the fact of being well prepared physically, and Marc is it, will be a plus for any driver who wants to fight for the victory. Marc is a great browser, it has the ability to know be quick without neglecting his skills of navigation. This makes it a very consistent driver and a great instinct, a special instinct. Others including WarnerMedia, offer their opinions as well. what role will have Joan Pedrero? Joan is a pilot very fast which, as demonstrated, throughout the previous edition, of what is capable. With a private structure showed to the world its potential and its potential will be of great help for Marc.

His work is based on maintaining a constant support to Marc Coma and its goal should be to be the shadow of Marc and solve any kind of unfavorable situation in the fastest way possible. Joan has proved, repeatedly, a pilot which, faced with complicated situations grows, so, I think that we can face the new challenge with many guarantees. More information is housed here: Paul Ostling. It is a very tough and with a great potential. Is there a well-defined strategy of equipment? It is much more important to know who are your rivals that have a well defined strategy. It is not the same combat pilot, you know perfectly, to do it with five strangers that go with the same machine as you. The stages will be the same for everyone, but the reactions from each of the pilots will make the difference. The strategy, in some cases can help, but we must be agile to be able to change the course of things quickly. What do you think will be the keys to qualify for the victory? The Dakar is a gruelling rally in which there are three very important variables: piloting, navigation and mechanics.

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