Million Training

Worked for ebm-papst worldwide 358 leasing powers (previous year 318 / + 40). Education and training: Number of trainees increased ebm-papst boosted again the number of trainees and DH students by 10.9% to currently 265 (previous year: 239). The training ratio of the technology leader is around 5%. Ebm-papst provides academics and others as partners from universities and colleges dual, endowed professorships and scholarships, school sponsorships and as host of “Jugend forscht”. In addition to the classical training, promotes and demands a variety of projects such as the training of applicants or the energy Scouts ebm-papst. James H. Billington shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The project of energy scouts became known sustainably by the inclusion in the ten-point plan by Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier. This search trainees, equipped with pneumatic measuring devices and thermal imaging camera, successful after exploited. Technology leadership to build high Investments form the basis of the success of ebm-papst in research and development. 74 Million (previous year: 69.5 million. / + 6.5%) has let flow the world market leader in this area. The innovation rate is about 6% – with the result that 40% of the product portfolio is younger than three years. ebm-papst created developments that become global market standards for years. Ranging from the market of electronically controlled EC fans, the fan wings, aerodynamic improvements to the resource-saving material selection, with organic materials.

So, ebm-papst currently revolutionized the air cold air market with its AxiTop world innovation. The pro rata from the Biomaterial epylen made Energiesparventilator with diffuser (top 5 at the Hermes award of Hannover Messe) achieved energy savings of up to 27%, as well as a noise reduction of 7,2dB(A) and is used in industry and buildings. Continue to be revolutionary innovations such as RadiPac (a compact module for) Ventilation), ECI 63 (a motor system for automation, packaging or laboratory and medical technology), as well as a venturi gas valve for condensing technology in the market.

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