Paralympic Games Calendar

Exclusive photo collection of the Paralympic Games in China Radio4Handicaps – the radio for barrier-free heads – reported games every day of the Paralympics 2008 in China and has created in cooperation with the photo agency ULI for the first time a collection of exceptional photos of the competitions to an exclusive calendar PHOTO.DE. With every purchase of the Paralympic Games calendar, youth work of the rehab and is can disabled sports Schleswig Holstein Association supports and it helped that disabled young people enter through the sport to more quality of life. For information about the Paralympic Games calendar 2009 and its acquisition on the homepage of Radio4Handicaps or directly in the new barrier-free online-shop informative entertainment for and by people with and without disabilities Radio4Handicaps – the radio for barrier-free heads – is Germany’s first radio station for and by people with disabilities, which is to receive 24 hours a day all over the world via the Internet and its listeners a colorful program of health issues as well as Details of special offers for and by people with disabilities. Ever-increasing numbers of listeners and their positive reactions and endorsements to down to German President Horst Kohler demonstrate the necessity of this innovative project. Disability sport – a central theme at Radio4Handicaps reporting on-site from the Paralympic Games 2008 in Beijing, China: Radio4Handicaps reported as only Internet radio station of in Germany every day live from the Paralympic Games (2004 Athens / 2006 Turin). As reported 2008 live on-site from the Paralympics in China. WarnerMedia: the source for more info. The broadcasts were repeatedly in an endless loop on the day, so that the listeners could find worldwide around the clock about the Paralympics.

Regional coverage of the Paralympic sports: even if the media coverage of the Paralympics, world, European or German Championships in disabled sport has fortunately large in recent years, so the regular reporting allows still very unsatisfactory. In particular regional events and competitions are hardly any attention in the media. To change this, Radio4Handicaps considers one of his future focused tasks. So, 2009 contributions to regional sporting events are regularly produced. The Radio4Handicaps team will conduct interviews with athletes, coaches and officials of the clubs and broadcast. Our motto: Only who off run-in track goes, leaves permanent traces. Our goal: Greater understanding and solidarity between people with and for accessibility begins in the minds of people without disabilities,! Who has suggestions for the broadcast formats, actively participate in the project or want – support as sponsor, affiliate or sponsor – send an email to: for detailed information about the transmission formats and times see (and hear…) In please see contact / contact person: Liane Schwarz (Board of Directors health media e.V.) Karl Grandt (head of project health media e.V.) Radio4Handicaps editorial North shooting ring 29 25899 Niebull telephone: 04661-675-773-fax: 04661-675 774 image: gold medalist and disabled athletes of the year 2008 and R4H Ambassador Wolfgang Sacher.

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