Puerto Rico

In this article I will do honour to one of my thesis (to complete natural medicine), which was titled the man should take care of yourself as if you were sick. This title is the key for not catching the virus A (H1N1). During the last few weeks I’ve been reviewing my country Puerto Rico press and international news and I’ve noticed that all health professionals are advised the same thing; not to visit public places not be necessary, disinfect hands regularly and not take your hands face, if you are sneezing cover with the forearm or a disposable towel, etc., etc., etc., and still not mentioning because everything that you heard it on radio, press and on the street constantly and want you to know that all these recommendations should be followed. But it happens that I have not yet read about any health professional who speaks about the real key to not becoming infected with this terrible virus; this terrible mutant. And the key to not becoming infected is precisely in care as if you were already infected with the virus A (H1N1). Take care of yourself as if he was sick! Unfortunately traditional medicine does not provide the means of prevention to professional level.

Your doctor may not prescribe an antiviral medication to a patient who does not have a virus, already that the use of this medication is harmful to health. For this reason the physician has to wait that the patient spread is with the virus then having the authority and protection in law for risking other organs of the patient with the use of the drug. While it is true that the medication could kill the virus, it does be less true that it can affect other healthy organs. But I must clarify you can not blame the doctor for your recipe, the it is fulfilling its duty, is responsible for that prescribed the patient who cannot be cared.

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