Purses Wallets

Wallets can be a wonderful gift for birthday, new year or whatever the occasion perfectly. Such a gift would be a nice token of attention. If you want to send a purse just an acquaintance or loved one, for It is important first to draw attention to his style of clothing. Purse can be a stylish accessory, which highlights the image of the man, only when it is properly matched. Choosing a wallet is important to pay attention to the size, color, skin type, internal departments.

For men, mostly small-sized purses to choose from for their love to put an accessory in my back pocket. If a man prefers the classic style of dress, then you can safely donate a purse black. Men's purse can be quite simple (having one compartment for bills) or with additional offices (for credit cards and stuff). For women, size does not play such a large role, perhaps the main thing that he could go to your favorite handbag. But if the lady is not a bag, then one should choose a neutral color predominantly accessory. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Zaslav offers on the topic.. Suitable for young girls bright purse, business women – black, femmes fatales – red.

The general council of all may be – the choice produced a purse of leather, capable of longer-lasting appearance and emphasize your status and style. And for the superstitious, there are a couple tips: 1. Pay attention to the color. Money 'like' the black, red, brown, all shades of gold and yellow. When you choose – avoid blue green or blue color, 2. Do not carry a wallet, business cards, photos, credit cards. Money in such a cluttered purse can not stay long, and 3. To attract the notes are advised to place a sprig of heather in a purse, tied with red thread three Chinese coins, or fish scales, 4. Absorbs any purse or that energy. Should buy wallets made of leather, artificial leather can not miss the money power and purse of cheaper, budget-class to attract the energy poverty; 5. Money in your wallet should feel comfortable and snug, should always be straightened (not battered) and purse itself should always be in good condition. Choosing a wallet as a gift, remember that in the first place – you choose stylish and high quality accessory is capable to serve its owner for many years.

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