Right Training

The influence of winter sports on the immune system, especially in the cold season can cause an increased susceptibility due to intense training loads. Studies have shown that the load amount as well as the intensity of load have a high impact on the immune system. The fact that inactive persons have a similarly high susceptibility, intensely coaching people is interesting. Occurs during sporting exertion caused by a surge of stress hormones to a so-called load Leukocytosis. That is an increase of certain immune cells.

After the end of the load, it comes to a rapid drop in these immune cells, which increases the risk of infection. This effect is also known as open window”. At the same time stress and lack of sleep affect negatively the immune system, so care should be taken especially in the cold season after intensive training sessions on adequate regeneration phases. Sporting activities are positive to stimulate the immune system for the winter, with lower lactate up to 60 minutes in. Moderate strength training as well as extensive endurance training are recommended. Approximately 48 hours should follow recovery after intense workouts or loads to the point of exhaustion.

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