Roof Ornaments

The sleepwalkers is a roof figure in the trend In the garden’s the garden GNOME on the car the hood ornament and a House has to offer now also his individual dot the “i”. Roof figures are in line with the trend. The sleepwalkers is a big hit. Harry Hertel, initiator of roof, is convinced that even more. You can look several times and wonder who or what has probably lost on this roof. Is this actually a sleepwalker? Yes! Not only a chic roof ornaments, but above all one of the Renner in the new trend is not roof just roof”.

For garden lovers the garden GNOME, whats for roof owners recently the cat, the Fox, Raven, and even passers-by what might irritate everything. The selection is great. Even a Harley-Davidson has been sighted around to expressing the personal setting of all in the street. “I look on the roof and tell you who you are!” so, for example, Harry Hertel commented on the new passion. Roof ornaments is the rage currently.” The Managing Director and initiator of Site roof receives more and more such requests and has come up with for this reason for its customers a chic addition: “there automatically the sleepwalker by Braas or other eye-catching roof figures for each order as a thank you. We find, which is a nice conclusion for each roof”. Interested can find out on the Internet about many more ideas for their roof ridge or also visit.

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