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We break new ground at the advice is bad image of consultations economically dangerous can be the middle class is not happy. David Zaslav is likely to agree. At least not from management consultancies. This is our experience. Only a few companies openly show the need for external expertise. But the global economic conditions and the game rules change almost daily. This monetary turmoil threaten to destabilize the global trade patterns. Due to this fact is actually frequent advice, after all, the middle class is the backbone of the German economy. Nevertheless, advisers face an uphill battle.

That does not come from about, but from a bad reputation in the industry. Are management consultant unfortunately often regarded as arrogant, expensive and useless. This is dangerous. On the other hand more and more companies rely on clear additional knowledge and professional support? It is through the growing skills shortage, more complex communication channels to the customers, global competition or efficient, modern management. Why is no consultancy Marquardt + Compagnie? The poor ratio of medium-sized companies to consulting firms are thinking about us.

We want to be an example and break new ground. The way of strategy consulting 3.0, with the extra bit of know-how. An educational type of knowledge transfer is top for us. Companies should benefit not only specifically through our knowledge, but can apply it and thus experience a sustainable development of expertise. This creates flexibility, stability and independence. Nature as a model for sustainable growth not just the knowledge of companies is in the foreground for us. At the core of our philosophy, nature serves as a model. Only she has mastered perfectly sustainable systems. There is no waste or destructive action. Everything has its meaning to the preservation of life. And that lack of prevailing economic philosophy of our time. While many companies are rethinking. And some politicians to versteigen to take advantage of this trend. But the establishment of the idea real sustainability is still in its infancy. Here, we see a large and important task for us. Namely in the German economy with the sense of resistance, stable sales to ensure humanity and environmental protection. Healthy returns through sustainable strategies. A blog for more knowledge under: blog.marquardt find companies from the middle class today sustainable information. Because we are of the opinion, the SMEs need more knowledge in the field of business information, communications and personnel.

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