South Korea

Properly speaking: Re-engineering is the fundamental revision and the radical redesign of processes to achieve dramatic improvements in measures current and critical performance, such as cost, quality, service and speed the current reality and its characteristics must be considered depending on the scope, impact of reengineering, consider your objectives in very dynamic scenarios, within a business environment that is alarming, in order: analyze the ambition and greater recognition of competence. All this with the aim of wanting to lead the market, being the first from the ability of doing good business. The most notorious competition is presented in the market of consumer goods produced by Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea. Study the economy (unstable and unpredictable). In the case of Venezuela, there is an economic recession. Study the acceleration in the introduction of products and greater choice.

The world has become a village where all organizations offer their products and/or services, presenting alternatives for quality. John Stankey has firm opinions on the matter. Analyze the rapid changes in the economic and political environment. Countries are adapting to free trade with macroeconomic adjustment measures. Determine the emergence of multiple markets with further fragmentation and constant changes. Productive activity is increased, and in turn is diversified, creating multiple differences between organizations and what they offer. Analyzing the trend of customers increases intelligence, power and customers demand. Customers are critical and demanding when it comes to purchasing goods and/or services.

Know the constant changes in technology, since they enter new technologies on the market and hence to our organizations. It is clear that the world of computing and technology moves very fast and drowns organizations of greater automation. Analyze behavior and trend of human resources, since the size of the labour force is growing in quantity and quality. There is greater and better preparation of human resources, inasmuch as it is a requirement to be able to belong to an organization that wants to or is within the competence Global.

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