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Sports lovers can breathe a sigh, the football-free time is finally over. It goes without saying that not only in football, but also in other sports the right prevention with bandages, tapes and knee provide for injury-free fitness. In addition to the classic bandages put more and more athletes on the innovative K-active tape, formerly under the name ‘ original Kinesiology tape’ sold, offers the SVG in the complete range of attractive quantity scales, both for individuals, as well as therapists, clinics and doctors. The advantages of the K-active tape are, Thomas Common SVG on the hand. Because the tapes are modelled on the properties of the human skin, are actively stimulates healing processes and body’s functions ideally supported also in the prevention.” As all K-active tape are air – and water-permeable, but still waterproof, they are suitable for use in any sport and provide a comfortable fit. In addition to high-tech “you need hosiery and tapes, such as E.g. Leukotape BSN off and is also a regular patch. Perhaps check out John Brown for more information. Clearly, that has a wide range of BSN products such as z.B of hansaplast, submarine, etc in stock SVG medical systems in the online shop at and girder bandages and tape associations from own production under the brand name of PremiumCare on the price-conscious buyer is, without neglecting the quality.

Bandages of McDavid medical are brand new in the assortment. Geared for active athletes, the products support knee joints, the elbow and the wrist by an ergonomic and breathable materials. All drums are available in various sizes, ensure good grip and maximum performance. The selection is supported by the detailed description and size information in the online shop of SVG. You can not always avoid sports injuries in this case is an immediate and effective cooling in strains, bruises and sprains, the best choice. SVG this recommends the practical for quick deployment Cooling sprays.

The cheap 400 ml bottle of the SVG brand not only effectively cools here, but spread a pleasant scent thanks to essential oils superior with. Universal refrigeration and heat compresses intended for long-term effect, with cooling or heating unit, the customer directly to the webshop of SVG in can order with the appropriate storage boxes.

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