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Julia and Alexander Nastasi – Heidelberg young entrepreneurs Heidelberg / Germany. In times, where seemingly everything is worse, more expensive and unreal, a small family company from Heidelberg, a success story in a market that was recently not even in Web 2.0 with all the online elements and global offline support E-coaching writes a unique project. It is difficult to name a few highlights, highlights, yes indicating that something very special is happening says the founder and operator of the world’s unique Coachingportals from Heidelberg, Alexander Nastasi, and this Web site is the special in and of itself some achievement points: March 2008 that idea to the Manifestierenportal is created and is programmed in rapid succession and put online. May 2008 the first online E-coaching course goes online power programming\”was his title objective was to help people who were own goals again to recognize and adjust to the opening of the E-Coachingportals 150 online courses given they were in less than 10 days granted, a grandiose entry into this new market, which also shows how necessary it was to program such a portal. At Robert A. Iger you will find additional information. July 2008 go three more courses at the start, the so-called power courses (60 days), health, money and love. You are well received by the first day.

August 2008 the first supporting manual in printed form and is exclusively to refer to the Web page. August / September 2008 the author Christian Reiland comes with an online course LOA – law of attraction\”, due to his bestseller. For the first time, telephone conferences are offered to the courses. September 2008 Dipl. economist Heidi Wallace comes with the online course happy in the job\”to the team and offers a 30 days to Zielcoaching in relation to job finding. October 2008 Tanja Edwards an own Bach flower remedies course on the portal offers. December 2008 the online course desired weight is put online due to the wishes of the participants of the E-Coachingportals.

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