Tennis Strings Of Cherry In The Comparison Test

Cherry has tennis tradition and the fabrication of string represents strings & grips quality cherry one as string manufacturers nationally and internationally developed stable market position and a growing market share. Since its founding 20 years ago the company from the family runs cherry tree and the personal commitment leads to a high customer loyalty. While in the first years, tennis racket manufacturers served only to supply, the company not only established cherry in the meantime with its own brand, but is the national and international market leader in the polyester market. It’s the high Standart of quality, constant innovations and the own patents. Cherry tennis strings at the large range of tennis strings, Cherry is often not easy to choose the right tennis string in it.

After all, the different strings of cherry offer different advantages and disadvantages. The art or synthetic strings of cherry are depending on the used sophisticated tennis strings, Materials and structures for the various types of players are aligned. The string manufacturers Cherry has nylon strings, titanium strings, hybrid strings, polyester strings as well as Mono – and multifilament strings. Distinguished string when the hardness of the covering of a cherry soft strings and hard string. Depending on the choice, the cherry tree tennis string has one more or less power, control, feeling for the ball, arm protection or durability. Depending on the thickness of the cherry strings obtained more or less spin, feeling for the ball or elasticity. Cherry offers the matching string with different strengths and properties depending on the type of player. The tennis strings of cherry absorb the energy of the ball when striking the strings and returns a maximum of power the ball at the same time.

The cherry tree of tennis strings control for precise placement of the ball, a maximum of ball feeling and by the copolymer polyester finishing offer maximum durability. Depending on the type of player cherry offers the matching string with different strengths and properties a copolymer polyester string with soft molecular structure, a polyamide monofilament string, a polymer nylon string or a natural gut page. The Super Smash by cherry tree is probably the most popular polyester string under the tournament player and a high-tech tennis string from the high-quality strings range from cherry. Based on the 20 years of experience in the manufacture of polyester strings, Cherry has steadily developed their recipes for the Super Smash string and optimized. The cherry Smash Super polyester tennis string is played worldwide by many tournament players. Contact information: tennis-world.

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