The Bank

Of the same form they have acquired the power – to traverse of the vote a novel social class denominated politicians, whose half of economic sustenance it marks the acquired governmental position to it, independent of the obligations and the historical responsibilities that they entail. It is known that they are two tasks different the access from the labor position from maintaining itself in the same the greater possible time, therefore refining is had the system popularizing a sector of the bank of being able in varied referring personages – or caudillos, of different cultural groups they follow that them. Taking root the distributive pyramid downwards, a more lasting and reliable establishment is obtained, being generated everything a graft system of being able without concentration that simulates to the virtual networking, releasing to all Web of national social consequences, since each occupant of a step takes care only of its personal sub-group, not reaching the view further on of the banking horizon. This particular systematization of the State, governs to the novel one was of the globalisation, producing giant geologic pores in the patriotism hope and well-being, decreeing inequalities and instability like emergent landlord, leaving to the drift the perspective and the opportunities, to throw breadcrumbs of illusion in the proselitistas visits only during the political campaigns. We discover the emitted promises to fail to fulfill when the volume of works surpasses the personal well-being, familiar or group, since to influence within a society it requires of certain very particular intrinsic power, that is debilitated day to day when the reiteration of the same promise grows in the emitting voices until becoming inaccessible to the pragmatic logic. Original author and source of the article..

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