The Bible About Reincarnation

Away from the Bible to be an indispensable book or maximum manual of mysticism and spiritual truth, encloses realities that have not been entirely mitigated by numerous hands that have it distorted through the centuries. Happens that the manipulation of the former old us mentally atrophied, and often can not see things more natural and logical existence. However, for an eternity, resulting to the man for life itself is not if not a minimal brushwork. The reality has always been, and if a tiny handful of creation is blind, because it will have its time to move. Nobody can escape neither hide nor resist reality. Another important clue is the conclusion that can be drawn to take into account these words of Jesus: many mansions there are in the Kingdom of my father.

The phrase explains the amount and variety of actual possible worlds in which the spirit can incarnate for learning. As well as us and millions of types of life is based on carbon, so does almost countless amount to through minerals, gases and other imprensables elements with respect our life features. Then, depending on the needs in advance a spirit identified for its evolution, is you choose where to perform the following physical experience. It is clear that when certain type of existence has given answer, you no longer need to experience again in this scenario, and if it is necessary, both by itself and by its neighbor, will do so in a perhaps diametrically different. Original author and source of the article

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