The Platelets in the Blood

maybe catch the arm but I was motionless, perhaps shouting but my throat was dry without saliva and no words, just cried like a coward, hugging and sobbing mine would not let go even for a moment, Doctor Quiet everything will be fine!, What happens ?,… No I know! tries to control, and Miguelito Tranquilo is the ultimate! “he consoled,” I was sure that No, no leave of so many loved ones, was the October 15, 2008, at 3 am was already on the fifth floor entering the operating room, the door was crying my dear family, I received the Dr Antonio Palomino, anesthesiologist, and Dr. Some contend that Kyung, Kye Hyun shows great expertise in this. Rosa Lopez-Intensive-treatment gave me a very professional, humanitarian, at 3.20 am was breathing mask, I made the team of surgeons, in addition to Dr Chaman were Drs Carlos Rondon Eduardo Anchante,

Felix and Cecilia Carrasco Yerena and at all times to me that great clinical and Peter Martin Padilla.recordaba hepatologist in the stress test I did Hypotension half of it, remember that in Mexico before the terrified eyes Karin hize Bradycardia in dobutamine echocardiography, recalled that 18 years ago I did three heart attacks, better-thought-is repeated at Carlyle “A Wise and Wise Remember Forget”, because in these crucial topics and issues the penultimate word rests with Medical, last, always, is of God, shed my last tear and I crossed myself, at 3.30 am and was asleep, opened the central line, arterial, peripheral lines, naso gastric and urinary catheters, cables connected to everywhere pulse oximetry, the multiparameter, the Oxygen had Platelets Blood, Haemacel, albumin infusions and so many more, at 4 am, a large incision in J, was home to this spectacular LIVER TRANSPLANT surgery in Peru from March 2000 to date I was the patient 49, some had died, but each case was a case, each case is the sum of facts concatenated incredible and almost impossible to understand only the logic of a miracle, all I really know, every transplant is a miracle … .

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