The Semi

Processing In the sensory organ itself is often a massive Processing of the received signals instead, especially in all core areas of the brain, including through filtering, inhibition, convergence, divergence, integration, summation and numerous top-down processes. For example, The photoreceptors of the eye are sensitive, due to the absorption mechanism of photo sensors only for a small segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a filter function for electromagnetic waves to the wavelength range of approximately 400-800 nm; the photo sensors affect neural networks in the retina of the eye each other (E.g. in case of lateral inhibition). This results in a contrast enhancement function. 126 million receptor cells converge on one million ganglion cells, creating receptive fields of variable size. The receptive fields be increased with decreasing brightness. This results in a low pass filter function depending on the brightness.

The first central switching station of the optical nerve geniculate to rejector (conduction) from the retina, the corpus lateral, serves as information filter. That one may conclude indirectly, as the eye (integration) receives more input from the cortex that etc perception the next step is the semi-autonomous awareness of the Perzepts (cognition): sound is the sound or noise, electromagnetic radiation to light, etc. recognition… Reaction… The static natural conditions (snails, leaves, etc.) develop material to three -, five – or six-folds, or a multiple of the fan.

Here the dynamics of development manifests itself in two forms: screw and spirals. The movements of dynamic natural conditions (water, etc) develop three -, five – or six-fold divisions or multiples of each. From the inside to the outside (high pressure whirl) and from outside to inside (low-pressure vortices), as well as right or left around. The proportionality, or proportionality, active and passive, above and below, from the inside to the outside and from outside inwards, as well as the whole and its parts are always in a natural relationship, which follows the model of the golden section.

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