The Syrian Star And Its Mystery

Men are like the stars, some give light Yes and others glow with which you receive. Jose Marti General SIRIUS always has drawn attention to her, has been written with interest, enthusiasm, she trying to explain its great mysteries, that holds, that has meaning for some civilizations and which still represents for those who seek to determine its reason for being, what has been bequeathed to this planet Earth. It is known that the Egyptians have paid much attention and he says, that since its inception the ancient Egyptians gave him particular attention, especially which identified it as the soul of the goddess Isis. The truth, as recounts it the famous researcher and Egyptologist Robert G.Bauval, Sirius has been object of great veneration and has formed part of the myths around the world. Gary Carter is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We are told, that in the 1970s he became protagonist of a highly controversial theory linked with the aliens and the hearth of Mali tribe, published by Robert Temple. Very interesting what we are reminded, that there is great speculation about the origin of its current name, whose root seems to be in the Greek word among the interesting, passionate debates, arising from this star, Sirius, which means burning or flashing, grading apparently since it stood at the time of may summer heat. .

Some etymologists, however, have suggested a connection of the star with the old Dios Osiris. However says Bauval, all names and epithets that has received, which can better reflect the notoriety of his role in history is star of Isis does not forget that the ancient Egyptians identified the brightest stars of the constellation of Orion with the God Osiris, and Isis – his wife and sister – with Sirius. Fruit of this marriage was born Horus which, in a sense gave origin to a new star Christians endorsed. It is known that Syrian reappears at dawn, before that the Sun is born.

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