The cleaner have uncompromising premium quality, are kochtest and extremely stable. Is also the cleaner from the TuV tested and certified.” A pacifier for eternity these quality characteristics apply also for the engraved signature, which individually branded laser without any color residue in the pacifier. Up to 20 letters for distributed on two lines in cheerful swashes round inlay surface space on the white,. Even outlandish, longer name creations are likely to find enough space on it. And so that production everything runs smoothly”, assured Hans Jurgen Kube, takes specially experienced special operation to the durable engraving marking of the pacifier.” Just this durability makes the Luller a gift that will accompany the new born still far, far beyond the age where he or she the lips plug still needs. Since then, the name pacifier becomes a decorative eye-catcher, for example, for a baby and toddler photo arrangement on the sideboard. “And any views of this dummy it is said when the parents: you know, at that time…?” Until then but the pacifier will do what pacifiers now there are: is good fit on small children palate. The engraving will help a great deal it is also always the correct palate.

Confusion is as good as ruled out thanks to the name ID”, explains Hans Jurgen Kube overlooking another very tangible advantage of his new name pacifier. California hospital medical center often addresses the matter in his writings. And that in turn reduces the risk that pathogens from a child be transferred to another via a confused vacuum.” Ordering is very simple conclusion: the name pacifier makes not only externally what her he convinces also with inner values, because it increases the safety for the child and is it virtually indestructible. Reason enough, two of them to order: for only 9,95 euro plus This pacifier can be requested in pairs shipping cost including ever a useful hygiene storage box made of transparent plastic. Leo paw describes how easy the order goes: under the Pacifiers with name ‘ click, carefully type in the desired name in the text entry box, and submit the order via mouse click. Finished!” The delivery is usually within seven days. Well, what’s your name?” By using this name pacifier, this question particularly fond is entirely superfluous.

And there is also no question that this cleaner is a really first-class gift idea which is considered even joy transferring memorabilia, if romper, Teddy and picture-book long eke out a forgotten shadowy in the storage closet. The Internet Forum TippTopShop started in 2007 and since then successfully expanding an article offer, which deals with the lettering and finishing of gift articles. These include high-quality engraving WMF children flatware, baby spoon, bracelets, pill box, stationery set, truck, etc, in addition to the preparation of adhesive name labels on roll in various colors and fonts, as well as laundry labels stamp making and iron-on. In addition, the TippTopShop offers also glass engravings. The latest hit is a laser engraving of the name on the pacifier for an infant, naturally TuV certified quality. The TippTopShop is characterized by an excellent price/performance ratio and delivers all articles within a week to customers. “V.i.S.d.P. TippTopShop UG contact person: Hans Jurgen Kube stitch 38 52249 Eschweiler FON: (0 24 03) 50 25-13 fax: (0 24 03) 50 25-14 E-Mail: Internet: present special embossed!” Under this motto offers a selection of gift ideas from the high-quality brands cutlery TippTopShop UG headquartered in eschweiler, Germany (near Aachen) to the practical pill box. Many of these gifts are not only attractive and practical, but win a particularly personal note by their individual engraving.

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