Work Enviromment

To establish in the work an environment of good relationship, for example, when if it is admitted, one of the first steps is the acceptance of the other employees, after is constant the conquest, the support of the head, with this the psychic energy promotes the motivation to establish other stimulatons waited (wage remained in the position,). In accordance with Hckman and Oldham (apudFIORELLI, 2004), the individual motivates itself for the work when five factors occur promoting the enrichment of the tasks and leading the desirable and favorable psychological states the one that this happens: The performance in the position demands application of different personal abilities; The final result of the activity allows to recognize it a personal product has an identification between creation and creator; The end item exerts impact in the other people; A degree of freedom exists to decide on programmings and procedures of the work; The professional receives evaluation on its effectiveness in the accomplishment from the activity. Still for Fiorelli (2004, p.126) other individuals, avessos to the risk represented for the new, fix themselves in what they make (eventually they use the skill as avoidance technique). Robert Iger will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Skill possesss relation with auto-esteem. To if perceiving of favorable form, the person improves auto-esteem e, with this, increases its disposal to create. The true connoisseur, far from if conforming with the repetition, develop the creativity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Stankey. Of this form one concludes that the administrators the measure who do not stimulate the development of the skill between innumerable functions of its structures administrative techniques and, compromise the creativity and therefore the competitiveness of its organizations. Later, they are forced to contract programs of creativity increase. People who if recognize as expert will keep its performances, but as some companies demand that the people are expert, not having motivation, if becoming a tiring and monotonous work the creativity will be able yes to awake, but with little success, it will be better to reduce its skill in the execution of each type of service.

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