Yatego Online Shopping Centre

Still clear and user friendly St. Georgen, 06.Oktober 2008 – under the motto everything is okay, you can improve still\”launches the website with a new, more customer-friendly design that fourth quarter 2008 bright and tidy, very nice and clear structured in that the new online mall by Yatego is mounted on a short common denominator. We want that the customers feel\”, explains Yatego managing director Stephan Peltzer. This includes of course that you quickly and easily find what they are looking for. For this reason we have adapted the design not only today’s taste, but significantly improves especially handling and user guidance.\” Thus, Yatego follows its policy of constant innovation, who should have paid above all for the user as usual. John Stankey is likely to agree.

At the online shoppers, Yatego long has the reputation to offer excellent search capabilities. These are now mainly through clear design and thus further increased clarity has been improved. \”\” \”To see the visitors on each page, where he is currently in the range and can only click on the bestseller\”, price hits \”, shop search\” or brand search \”to access. The search can be used according to product categories from each side quickly and intuitively. Currently more than 2.4 million articles from more than 6,300 providers can be found on Yatego.

Stephan Peltzer: For us, the client finds virtually every product, usually on offer at different providers. So he can compare quickly and easily offers and prices, as well as other conditions on a platform. \”I call it simply clever shopping.\” Each article view contains an infobox with all relevant information of the offered merchant on the right side. This includes contact information, conditions, privacy information, terms and conditions and the offered payment methods. All of this is clearly presented in an info box and is user friendly. Seal of approval, which are located directly below the infobox, provide further information.

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