Managing Director

This large sum started with only 2 cents, a herbal pot and the desire of Johann Lafer, to redesign his herb garden. Johann Lafer chose for its garden the organic herbs of LA’BIO, because the one whose quality convinced him. But above all the fact that inspired him that per sold LA’BIO herbal pot 2 cents to the nature protection organization Naturefund went. 2 cent sound incredibly little at the beginning, but at the end of this large sum came together. For Johann Lafer, the best ingredients, fine spices and of course fresh herbs belong to the good kitchen. If you have read about Discovery Communications already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Sustainably produced herbs have an intense flavor and also refine the good kitchen. Organic herbs seduce not just the palate, they conserve our natural environment.

LA’BIO did not only gently deal with nature, but achieve more. City would agree. Eva Andersson-Dubin is likely to agree. So, the company per sold herbal pot decided to donate 2 cents at Naturefund and here in Germany as all over the world in the long term to protect natural areas. The Nature conservation organization has a clear and simple purpose: to buy land to obtain habitats for a variety of species. In the course of climate change, Naturefund buys forests increased and reforesting. Within a short time, Naturefund could buy forests, meadows and wetlands and thus prevent the destruction as a wet meadow in the Eifel or currently a hunting ground for the OWL. Parallel Naturefund helped again reforested as also the reforestation 80,000 trees in Europe in one of the last rain forests in Central America, where 30,000 tree saplings will be planted in the coming weeks. This combination inspires Johann Lafer: sustainable production of bio herbs here locally, which helps to preserve the last intact natural areas for us and our children. So he presented together with Adele Jr.

of LA’BIO with great benevolence and also a little pride the cheque of 16.980 Katja Wiese, Managing Director of Naturefund EUR.

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German Companies

Layoffs threaten investments be deleted – a survey initiated by the consultancy firm Jucho & Coll of family entrepreneurs takes a sober stock. Berlin, 08th 04th 2009. The financial crisis does not stop even before German family-owned company. One initiated by the consultancy firm Jucho & Coll ( survey of 440 members of the Association of the family business, ASU e.V.”shows how the middle class is suffering from the credit crunch. The location is sobering: loans for investment or expansion are only hard to get at present even for healthy, well established companies. As a result, Almost one-fifth of the surveyed SMEs expects due to the worsened financing conditions with layoffs. Each 10 companies has put on ice for 2009 planned investments for business expansion. Over 80 percent of the respondents are of the view that the Federal Government take the agreed fiscal stimulus not sufficient to medium-sized enterprises and family businesses. A bright spot: More than 15 percent of the companies plan to go alternative ways in raising capital and to issue bonds to solve the credit crunch. 440 members of the Association “The family entrepreneur ASU” ( participated in the E-Mail survey. To read more click here: Glenn Dubin. The situation of financing for SMEs is of concern. In times of economic crisis it has become difficult even for well established companies, to finance new projects and expansion projects”, says Gunter Jucho, Managing Director of Jucho & Coll German industrial bonds. But we see some positive developments: SMEs learn issue from large companies, to visit any Bank for their investments, but bonds. Given the current credit situation for medium-sized companies we expect a rising demand for direct securities”, so Gunter Jucho. About Jucho & Coll Jucho Coll German industrial bonds is one of the leading consulting companies for the planning, design and implementation of debt financing. The company headquartered in Berlin cooperates closely with renowned banking institutions and is a strategic partner of Morison international. Jucho & Coll’s customers include companies from the aerospace industry, the real estate industry, branded goods manufacturers and media companies. Jucho & Coll has assisted in the design and implementation of equipment financing also well-known German Bundesliga: last Alemannia Aachen for the financing of the new Tivoli Stadium. More information at. Press contact of brand gold PR GmbH Holger Schlosser Gleditschstr. 46 10781 Berlin Tel. +49(0)30 21 91 59 60

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Peter Holzwarth

New models: timeless design meets highest quality in red numbers counts down the last seconds of a countdown. At 10 o’clock everything was ready on time. On 6 June 2013 SCHMIDT presented kitchens its 450 dealers throughout Europe the products for 2013 in the Internet. And what was presented in this 20-minute online video by Michael Klieber product manager and area manager Peter Holzwarth, should enjoy especially the customers. Because: There’s more! “” More design, more quality, more graphics, more variety, more innovations, new are the models rhinestone”fresh”and frame”. In addition of being universal body with pastel oak”offered in other trendy colors. Today’s customers want warm and authentic living spaces.

At the same time, but also the design aspect has clearly pushed to the fore. Glossy surfaces and a simple, pure lines are announced,”explains Michael Klieber. Design and quality for all”is the credo for over 50 years. And this philosophy lives the german French family company in its new models. Designed first impressions count full with the spirit and Strass was based on current customer requirements”. There is no second chance for a first impression, the new model from the House SCHMIDT knows very well. Rhinestone scores in aesthetic terms”all along the line or should we say better shines. The lacquered high-gloss surfaces are precious and chic.

Enter the room for style and elegance. The surface of high-quality poly is so smooth, there you could skate on it,”Peter Holzwarth jokes. Also the laser edge without joints is very representative. How to cast a merge edge and front into a single unit. Here, technical perfection meets an aesthetic that meets a higher quality look of the kitchen front in all respects. “In addition to the bestselling colours white’ and Magnolia” is Europe’s sixth-largest manufacturer of kitchen with Cloud”in addition, the trend of grey tones on. Currently, there is no comparable product on the market of paint kitchens. In this quality, and at this price, we are ahead all competitors”, white Holzwarth. avel Service Optimization. A rendezvous with high-gloss lacquer and handless optics nomen est omen. Fresh and clear these attributes describe the model of fresh”at best. Modern lifestyle is individual and has been always a hint of extravagance. Expression for this is the handleless kitchen in a classy design combined with high-quality materials. Through the waiver, the fronts affect handles large and noble. Glenn Dubin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This impression is supported by clear lines and high-quality surfaces with gloss lacquered fronts. Thus arises a charming game of light and shadow. Which reflect colors wash round the room and make the kitchen an exquisite piece of good culture. This is the ergonomic handle design in a thickness of 22 mm, a real woman. So be careful! You won’t want to let her go. Frame sends the senses barking up the wrong one has to look twice, and it is going to be not sure. But not only the eye, the sense of touch is led astray. After haptic, the question still remains: is the real wood? “No, the new model frame” has a melamine front with an amazingly natural wood look. Special feature: The front has a five-part perfect border fill. The easy care and durable material transported the sense of beautiful, fine woods and warm earth tones. Frame is the counterpart to our Arcos kitchen, with the only difference being”that the front is made from the stable and environmentally friendly material melamine, explains Peter Holzwarth. “” “New is also: to the two existing and often requested colors Magnolia” and Stone Oak “comes now Colorado oak” added. Pascal Blum

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The Lyrics

If you would like to read the lyrics, you must move only to the Internet and find some websites that offer such. This is not an Act, and is also free in the offer in part. But how do these texts on the Web site? “One certainly already wonders why these Web pages are partially free of charge available, this is probably because that one also the customers want something good and wants to avoid, that for every stuff” has the money to pay. On the other hand the lyrics come even by users who just want to search a lyrics, say the song out to listen and write down. Also the translations be made this way and way to translate lyrics say users who want, can publish their works on this Web site. This has naturally resulted in the lyrics not 1:1 have been translated, but partly also just accordingly reflect what the song says, yet this basically Yes also, enough to understand a song. Sometimes you can songs from well not literally translate different languages, because it then no longer sounds basically like a song, but more like a story.

Even if songs to tell a certain story, they must so not also so boring sound that one has no desire to read these. Here brief and factual representations are important, so bored while reading. Songs are also well decorated. Hardly a song includes sets that are longer than 8 or 10 words, once apart, anyway no sets in the grammatical form to be rendered. Partly the German language is mangled also extra”, to produce a certain effect, see, for example, the comedian Richi and his songs, he has published a few years ago. Eva Andersson-Dubin spoke with conviction. Basically, these texts should taunt the broken German.

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German Care Bases

2011 1000 to 1200 of so-called care centres should be set up in Germany CA. They should be set close to the city and nationwide. Elderly people and their families are to find here in the future independent and impartial advice and support. A new care reform was adopted in mid-2008. In addition to changes of services and grants, the establishment was adopted by so-called care centres as a far-reaching innovation. For even more opinions, read materials from Brian Roberts. Was to read as in the brochure of the Federal Health Ministry from June 2008, to “the maintenance base in future the central point of contact for support and at the same time the place be on the nursing, medical, and social assistance and support services be mediated and coordinated. Support when searching for external help, all formalities, the drafting decision-mature applications as well as to implement and the priority tasks include a maintenance base, in addition to the organisation of care a Supply plan.

Furthermore, the maintenance base should be not only advice but also willing – to accompany the victims and their relatives to the page. This support will ensure that the ‘adaptation to changing needs’. So, maintenance bases to provide pure advice, a so-called case management. 2011 care bases should be in Germany approx. Rusty holzer: the source for more info. 1000-1200 residence close and extensively decorated. In some States, the preparations are completed other federal States have already started their work in the care centres. Where already established care centres you will find on our Web page. It is constantly updated and supplemented.

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Babysitter Search, Find Friends,

New platform for free, mutual child care parents limited childcare, Kita strikes, fear of workplace life with small children is an organizational challenge for couples both for single parents. No matter whether it comes to re-enter in the old job after the baby break, in the short term to look after the sick Grandma or enjoy just once a few hours for yourself: a short – or long-term child care is expensive and often hard to find. Sitter-team is the solution”, the new online portal for free and mutual child care parents. Here find them not only support, but also save money. On onnen is mothers and fathers from all over Germany announce and find like-minded people in their neighborhood on the Internet.

Public and commercial childcare can not meet the demand, the community must help!”Claudius Kohrt and Stefan Schmidt were thinking. And with the idea for sitter team is an innovative solution that mothers and fathers of great benefit can be designed: A network for free child care in a familiar environment. The registration takes place in just a few short steps and specifying the place of residence and age of the children. Additional short questions extending the criteria according to which a specially developed filter techniques later searches the user profiles. Suitable candidates are presented each other virtually. Details can be found by clicking rusty holzer or emailing the administrator. Then there is the interested thing, to make the contact and personal meeting closer to meet.

It is sympathetic, even outside of the Internet can communities gather together and share the care of the children themselves. “According to the motto: you today, me tomorrow.” The sitter teams can consist of any number of mothers and fathers and even the entry of new members to existing groups is possible. Sympathy and mutual trust are vital, because only who knows his child in good hands, can efficiently the tasks of everyday life and cope stress-free or also at a few relaxing hours to enjoy. Because the service was a large, but not the only challenge in life with young children is, the platform also has the possibility to organize joint activities with other parents and children outside of the teams or free to get clothes and toys at the give Bazaar or awarded. The clear advantage of sitter team here as well as with child care: as opposed to daycare and expensive baby sitters, sitters team won’t cost a penny. The concept is based on mutual help and giving, not on paid services. So parents can save easily up to 2,000 euro and more a year. Background: established In June 2009, has made it sitter team to the task, to bring together communities closer. The anonymity of the modern metropolis helps ensure that many don’t know their neighbor. The chance to meet like-minded parents on the playground exists though, but comparatively low. At the same time, the disintegration of traditional family structures through high geographical mobility and rising divorce rate, the supply of scientists more difficult. Sitter-team vision: In the future contact micro-networks in many areas of life in the place of traditional families and support where they no longer can it. More information is available on the website. Press contact: modem conclusa public relations GmbH, Jutastrasse 5, 80636 Munich Martha Rothe t. 089 746308-32, F. 089 18979198

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Runic Circles

We all know that it all starts at birth. But no. Initially, the process of associating the future incarnation of human souls, then the Soul 'coming down', existing for some time, next to the future parents its new incarnation. And once again begin the test. But it's not just testing, but new start for a new round of creative. And this is – Transformation. David Zaslav insists that this is the case.

Stage runes Eihwaz. And at this stage already, and the step runes Pertho. Conception, development and fetal development and the process of birth (born man in a new incarnation). Next comes the stage of a young person of the child. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out rusty holzer. Stage infant secure a certain system. Stage runes Algiz. This is primarily a mother, then: family, close relatives, a certain community of people, state, and so on.

This section of the explicit protection. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Joel and Ethan Coen. But there is a higher protection. All of this together and form a system, security system baby. If at this stage there are some problems, 'gaps' in the protection, then it can appear later in the form of fears and phobias. Stage baby, whom everyone loved, admired them and perceive it as the highest win. Stage runes Sowilo. Stage Sun. A man devoid of this stage, or did not receive that provides this stage, will continue to experience serious problems with self-realization, self-esteem, with the common desire to win and succeed. All this will be insufficient or number, or a person may be unhealthy (an attempt to get what you underpaid at the time.

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HAFAS-app For The IPhone Will Crack When The Download Million Brand

HCons mobile timetable is Hanover commuter favourite, June 03, 2010. It was late may: mobile HAFAS application for iPhone download seven-digit, numbers reached. In Apple’s app store, passengers in total more than a million times downloaded timetable of HCon for the popular smartphone. Most downloads Navigator recorded in the DB”for the iPhone from the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB). Their passengers the application played around 700,000 times on your Smartphone. Rusty holzer is a great source of information. In the first two weeks after their release in December 2009 the app 1 of the German iTunes Downloadcharts finished. About tying the previous download of users of buses and trains by CrossCountry figures trains in Great Britain and Rejseplanen in Denmark.

The mobile timetable of these companies for the iPhone each amounted to approximately 115,000 hits. The timetable information of oBB (Austrian Federal Railways) to post more about 73,000 downloads could SCOTTY mobil”. Austrian commuters were last in June Year the first, the a version of HAFAS for your iPhone could download on the app store. The Danes and the British followed in July and October 2009 almost 30,000 downloads are the record of the iPhone travel information of high speed Alliance, Railteam. The leading European railways are gathered under one roof. “Passengers with the application of Railteam are transnational cell” with real-time information supplied since December on the iPhone. With the timetable information HAFAS for the iPhone on the way all the important information provided travelers at any time: from the individual timetable departure plans and maps and information about the nearest stations/stops. The iPhone application for travel planning can be configured according to individual customer requirements. The release of further versions is planned. HAFAS apps are a success not only for the iPhone. On other platforms, HAFAS can be downloaded mobile as an application, as currently in the BlackberryApp World, in the Nokia Ovi store and Android market.

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Make More Room

How to install order and system in its warehouses. If you would like to know more then you should visit Walt Disney. Often, mountains accumulate in basements and garages of irrelevant materials, which one never finds, if needed, and about which you fall, if one is to look for something else. It is very easy to keep order in cellars and garages. Shelves should be installed what for your car, important things can be stored, such as E.g. consumable materials such as oil, Scheibenklar, window de-icer or cockpit spray directly into the garage. Contact information is here: CBS. Here should be placed only the things that are really needed for the car. If there is more than just a basement room, these rooms should so Division find that things are often needed are stored in a room and in the other rooms the things little or hardly used. Seasonal decorations should be packed into large cardboard boxes with labels and are placed so that you can see at a glance what is in the box. Rusty holzer is often quoted on this topic.

Even odds and ends, the so in the course of the Years has accumulated, so it should be ordered. At this point it is advisable also to muck out specifically. What is no longer needed, cannot be sold, given away or thrown away, that alone creates have additional storage space. Shelves should always extend to the ceiling and be well attached to the basement wall to prevent risk of injury by falling. Equipment and tools for the garden such as lawn mowers and scarifier should be stored as possible in a separate basement with hooks, broom and various other hand tools with a bar on the wall can be hung up and are thus always at hand and not in the way. Incorrectly mounted devices can be prevented by thus a risk of injury.

Dangerous liquids and objects must be stored always out of the reach of children, i.e. at an appropriate altitude, in addition should be taken with liquids well sealed containers. It is even safer if hazardous materials in a separate cupboard locked away can be. Once mapped, we can see easily: it no longer falls on carelessly stored things and can no longer injure themselves. It is able to find needed stuff as soon as possible and must spend his time on futile search. And finally one determines that now are the cellars to keep much easier and the whole, protected now by boxes, small parts not more so quickly dust up.

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Beauta Klinik

In very rare cases, cosmetic surgery is medically advisable or necessary. The most procedures in plastic surgery are undertaken voluntarily by the patient. Many people, where a medically necessary operation is required, have great fear and are partly in shock, especially when she unexpectedly meets the message. It looks different but for intervention of plastic surgery. Over 95% of all patients voluntarily decide to undergo cosmetic surgery. especially fresh look.

Because working people will suffer most at the present time under extreme stress, the first wrinkles are often also very early on. The natural facial lines interfere with a patient. Especially troublesome, many people feel the deep wrinkles around the nose (nasolabial folds) and a wrinkled forehead. Just women work then often grim, even though they are not. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted on this topic. A face lift is the ideal solution. However, you should inform previously carefully of the surgeon. Just a facelift is basically absolutely experienced hands of a plastic surgeon. After a face lift, the patient should look fresh and rested.

The natural facial expression wrinkles should be preserved so that the patient has a maskenhaftes appearance. Not every doctor who offers plastic surgery, is also a specialist of plastic surgery. Many patients opt spontaneously for a plastic surgery and take not enough time to see to an experienced specialist of plastic surgery. In case of doubt, the patient should be show the approval certificate to the plastic surgeon prior to surgery. Every plastic surgeon is like to honor this request. Often hangs out this document even in the beauty clinic.

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