I Talk24 – More Than Just Voice Message And Voice Mail:

The original is now to almost zero cost Krems test. Mailst you still or i-you talkst already? To boldly take on the point they, the advantages of a voice message (voicemail), loosely based on the slogan of a certain Scandinavian furniture store. WarnerMedia wanted to know more. Just business people seemingly drowning in the tide from emails, which prevent spills them daily from the mailbox. The annoying formulating, tap, and correct the response emails often eats work half a day. What kind of economic madness! But could significantly curb themselves: by the reply back, hypothetically as a voice message or voicemail is posted.

The father of all voice messages: Norbert Kloiber makes this possible evolution of communication a man who has given the market a decisive impulse for voice messages and voicemails: Norbert Kloiber, Internet marketer with international stature and name. (As opposed to Paul Ostling). With its innovation called i-Talk24, a few years ago he ran open doors. The idea, the tedious typing reply emails easy to replace, with voice messages, triggered real enthusiasm in my customers, is pleased the Austrians.And of course also with me. Because with this form of voice mail I had fully met in the black. Up to 75% time savings due to the form of voice mail time is money. That is why business people can not under-estimate the main advantage of i-Talk24: up to 75% time savings: emails are usually 3 to 4 times faster than typed,”explains Norbert Kloiber. i-Talk24 allows users to speak emails, as the Bill has grown him so to speak so freely. He can message without great thinking formulate, so easily, as he had become themselves on the phone.

Eliminates the time-consuming foraging mulling over rechtschreibliche and grammatical Kniffligkeiten completely. Especially since most people when speaking from the gut the right tense etc. choose something huge is difficult for them to write. And: most business people no inhibitions, to use the instrument of their own language in the face of the much-quoted develop white sheet “(or of the empty reply screen), however, most creeps over a certain respect, which can sometimes degenerate into panic. Discomfort in answering emails voicemail called i-Talk24 uses this for all of you a happy ending.

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Intercultural Training Russia

Intercultural competence for your success in Russia a businessman who lived in Russia for years, once said: when I get off the plane in India, I see people with a different skin color, that dress is often quite different than in Europe, and I now understand that I am moving in a different culture. When I get off the plane in Russia, I see people who dress like other Europeans and also look like. Therefore you get underestimated at first glance, how much Russia actually differs from Western Europe.” The world is changing. Cultures change. Frequently Coen Brothers has said that publicly. Russia changed. The modern Russia is no longer comparable with which they met 20 years ago. The largest country in the world has players in a positive sense evolved global one, all prejudices despite. Goop, New York City understands that this is vital information.

Russia the R “in the much-quoted and so-called BRICS due to their population and their economic potential represents, the generic term for emerging markets, special Enjoy attention from the modern masters of the economy”. According to a study by Ernst & young, 14% of the managers surveyed in Western Europe Russia described as one of the most attractive investment locations. Thus, it was Russia ahead of Brazil and other Asian States, with the exception of China and India. Others who may share this opinion include John Stankey. 48% of respondents rated the attractiveness of the country in terms of investment within the next three years as significantly rising or rising. A few studies make intercultural challenges more transparent than a study that psychology today in the prestigious journal”was released March 2009. The amazing result: 70% of all international collaborations fail on intercultural issues 2/3 of all employees 40% of the posted comment about missing cultural preparation for missions abroad also countries where cultural differences are more than obvious break their stay abroad in advance from those generally applicable statistics include! The first step to prepare for challenges with Russia is a cross-cultural training. This is not only about how to keep correct knife and fork abroad. It is much more important, a sense of the foreign, to develop their own culture and to understand why things are, how they are.

Only who knows the “reasons behind actions”, so the backgrounds for the behavior of his Russian business partner, to act privately as also business successfully. On intercultural challenges proactively to address a, it is necessary to worry about their own as well as the foreign culture already in advance. For example, the knowledge of the history of a country that has shaped attitudes and taboo subjects is one of the basics of intercultural competence. The reading of history can convey only facts. It is therefore important to strike the bridge between the historical events and their impact on the culture and mentality. In the relationship between Germans and Russians comes this aspect on the basis of the common History of great importance to. A good intercultural company is able to accomplish exactly this to develop mutual understanding and trust to produce.

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GmbH Management

While the companies engaged the flexible, location-independent access to information keyword mobile solutions, the integration of social networks in ECM systems, as well as solutions to the improved collaboration (collaboration) increasingly ECM solutions from the cloud. SharePoint is one of the most famous collaboration applications. Corresponding potentials and projects be lit on September 25 in a special of the DOK.magazins. In addition, in particular public administration dealing with software for the management of electronic records. During the DMS EXPO, these topics within the framework of the programme and the exhibition will play a dominant role.

ECM optimized dialog of the public administration and enterprises and the theme day DMS is designed specifically for representatives of the public administration as engine management processes citizens”instead. Electronic records are planned under other lectures to focus on in “Authorities and municipalities” and support for the E-files selection in public procurement “management consulting Zoller & Partner GmbH and two user presentations and a panel discussion. Mainly due to the upcoming E-Government Act, this theme day shows interesting aspects. The Bill proposes to promote the electronic communications of the public administrations with the economy and the citizens. ECM systems can make an important contribution for this purpose. New developments in output management the output-management area is, since the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart will take place continuously grown, is the trade fair this year and also significantly shape the framework programme. (A valuable related resource: Jeffrey Bewkes).

Current trend topics such as mobility, the provision of content on different channels (mail, portal, fax, E-Mail) and accessibility influence increasingly this segment of the market. The visitors at the DMS EXPO can find suitable answers to these and other developments. ECM-award goes to the next round also awarded Pentadoc and 2013 computer week again the ECM award. This is to show the benefits of ECM for the company. Instead of technology, the user stands with its requirements at the Centre. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk has many thoughts on the issue. “” “” The prize will be awarded in four categories: innovative project implementation “and sustainability” in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, and ECM manufacturer of the year “and best ECM solution of the year” across for the DACH region. The award ceremony will take place on 25 September. On the DMS EXPO: The DMS EXPO will take place this year on the Stuttgart trade fair from September 24 to 26. As a leading trade fair for enterprise content management (ECM), she informed about all facets of digital information management. The range of topics ranging from document management (DMS) and output management to E-post, de-mail and input management. “Under the claim where IT works” it forms together with the parallel IT & business, trade fair for IT solutions, and the CRM-expo, leading trade fair for customer relationship management, from the entire spectrum of enterprise software. 2013 is the focus on cloud computing, big data, industry 4.0 and mobile solutions. Suitable to the overarching concept, the trade fairs with a ticket can be visited. The ticket costs 25 euros at the box office (reduced 15).

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The Academy

There are at least in the medium term no choice, to expand as the BAfoG grants within the meaning of the latest proposals. A profession for life, perhaps even at the same employer, also last a lifetime, is already long passe. The requirements of an acquiring person must be considered over the entire life span across, regarded today as multiple. The possibility of training or change of qualifications are necessary to see, both for the individual and for the community. To see only the cost side of a current expansion of BAfoG is extremely short-sighted; the cost of not extending the Bafogs were probably the future unemployment and Hartz IV recipients, which are insufficient in the future or not more timely trained. Additional information at Time Warner supports this article. As in view of the fact that a German workers earned an average of 1,600 euros per month and should it reasonably save 10 percent for unexpected, the is 160 euros per month, ever a three-year Bachelor’s degree or a two-to four-year master’s degree to pay, remains the secret of those who believe, then must save the person just. The standard period of study should keep a large newspaper editors not hidden remained his, that you now no longer can work in addition to studying, you want.

And the creditworthiness of an average earning amounting to tens of thousands of euros, which now costs a university education, is abundantly apparent limited. A recent example: The Academy of administration and economy currently offers a new degree programme in business administration without a high school diploma, the semester tuition fee be 480 euros per month. Learn more about this with Paul Ostling. Nearly 40,000 euros for this degree are that is average student cost of living by about 600 euros per month. An average wealthy must save here precisely 20 years its 160 euro per month. The washing machine must not break down during these 20 years, otherwise it is the same again a part of the savings away.

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KettenWulf Takes Responsibility In The Sauerland

Manufacturer of drive chain makes strong for young apprentices the Sauerland is known not only for its tourist areas, but also for companies that get strong in the region and let anything unturned, there to help where is jammed. So also KettenWulf, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of conveyor and drive chains. Once the Honsel works have been advised in Meschede skewed and taken over by a new owner, the economic situation left to nothing else than to save on personnel costs. Among other things, this meant that 37 trainees had to be terminated before their first day of work. The regret was great, not only among young people, which had only just begun to start her career, but also with all other stakeholders. People such as Walt Disney would likely agree. It doesn’t have to be!”says Julia Wulf, Managing Director of KettenWulf, that has two of the trainees. KettenWulf sees itself obliged, if it to the future prospects of our young generation and the Training HSK goes.” The responsibility for the Sauerland region of responsibility for the region is a driving force for many companies on the spot. Other leaders such as Paul Ostling offer similar insights. It is in all respects engages, for example in clubs such as economics for South Westphalia”or in continuous contact with the schools and vocational colleges.

Crises come and go,”Julia explains Wulf. But we want to offer services in long term good. This requires foresight and insight that is only ready for the future, if you’re planning now for them.” And that there is also the responsibility for the people who are at the beginning of their career and, as described case, require only a further chance. Even if that means to make decisions that need to be taken against the immediate economic benefits. But it is worth to us our young generation and this requires also the business reason. Finally there are these vintages, from which we always regain the leaders of tomorrow,”Julia emphasizes Wulf.

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A New Standard For Inspecting Leaks In The Short Cyclic Operation

The PHOENIX L500i helium leak detector new dimension of productivity and reliability with the new helium leak detector PHOENIX L500i Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum offers an innovative and contemporary solution for leak testing of components of all kinds. From this leak detector draws in addition to an attractive exterior with numerous inner values”. High-speed leak detection, reproducibility, reliable leak detection and an absolutely novel operating convenience thanks to iPad control are just a few of the special advantages of the PHOENIX L500i. The PHOENIX L500i is a mobile unit on locking casters and may change the site at any time without problems. Coen Brotherss opinions are not widely known. He improved the accuracy and reliability of your inspection business – when assessing a large number of products, as well as at individual tests – series and thus directly provides for cost savings. The PHOENIX L500i will be presented at the Hannover Messe COMVAC 08-12.04.2013. A fast running up time as also adjustable sleep and wake-up times allow a Readiness for measurement, adapted to your needs and work times. The speed of the system is unprecedented for a mobile leak detectors. Paul Ostling will not settle for partial explanations.

So the system for a 15 litre sample reaches a leakage sensitivity after less than 10 seconds from < 3 x 10-9 mbar l/s and after 20 seconds, less than 5 x 10-10 mbar l/s at a response time of < 1 s. At the inlet, a helium pumping speeds of up to 50 l / s is achieved. The smallest detectable leak rate of < 5 x 10-12 mbar l / s. The exclusive, industrial design of the PHOENIX L500i and a variety of special features enable a simple, trouble-free operation with long service life with low operating costs. Monitoring and control is done wirelessly over WiFi via iPad (included). After the simple system setup, you can set the desired operating mode. The measurement and the reading of the data is done via a USB interface, or can be sent in the form of a test report directly to your printer. An optional bar code scanner completes the perfect Documentation of the test. Is operated intuitively via the TFT touch panel of the iPad. This is either installed directly on the leak detector or attached to the ergonomically designed L500i iPad mount. Wireless operation is possible in a range of up to 50 m and allows maximum flexibility. The ergonomic start-stop button in combination with the red and green LED strips allow easy operation with optical good / bad evaluation. Typical applications can be found in the quality of components from many industrial areas, but also in research and development.

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Partner Country Russia

ebm-papst on the Hannover Messe industry 2013 ebm-papst, world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, exhibition shows a series of Russian industry exhibits at this year’s Hanover and others for use in gas pipelines Gazprom. The technology specialist with energy-saving EC fans help ensuring the transport of gas from Russia this year partner country of Hannover Messe industry. The ebm-papst booth is in Hall 15 to find stand F31. Russia is a market where we see future growth,”explains Thomas Borst, Sales Director of the ebm-papst group. Especially in the last few years the business across different industry segments has evolved across very well, especially for high-quality and efficient solutions based on EC technology”, so Borst. For especially quiet and durable fans, there are a number of ways in the construction and interpretation. ebm-papst has already 2012 set new standards with the diffuser AxiTop.

It provides for a significant improvement of noise and efficiency of applications such as E.g. heat exchangers. The acoustic improvement is particularly interesting, if fans in schallempfindlicher environment as E.g. A related site: Discovery Communications mentions similar findings. in residential work. The diffuser works like a reverse nozzle and reduces leakage losses due to its pressure-boosting effect significantly.

Savings of up to 27% in energy consumption and at the same time a noise lower by 7.2 dB(A) can be realised. At the Hanover fair industry by 12 April 2013 shows ebm-papst for the first time the AxiTop made from the self-developed wood plastic composite material epylen “.” The material has been tested under the toughest conditions and meets all requirements in use. Mechanical strength, temperature and chemical resistance are relevant for use. The raw materials are produced in environmentally friendly for epylen. Visit Paul Ostling for more clarity on the issue. So, when making significant CO2 emissions can be avoided. The AxiTop epylen is only 250 mm high, to install and retrofit, a design change of the application is not generally unnecessary, also for retrofitting. With this product, the perfect symbiosis of flow-technical Know-How and resource-efficient materials handling successful ebm-papst. In the field of drive technology, ebm-papst presents first energy-saving drive systems consisting of motor, electronics, software and gear. In January 2013, ebm-papst has time run the gearbox specialists”adopted and thus expanding its product portfolio. Press contact Katrin Lindner speaker press ebm – Pope Mulfingen GmbH & co. KG Germany Bachmuhle 2 74673-Mulfingen phone: + 49 7938 81-7006 fax: + 49 7938 81-97006 about ebm-papst ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, and is pacing the highly efficient EC technology. In the past financial year 11/12, the company generated revenues of nearly 1.4 billion. ebm-papst has 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations around 11,000 employees. Fans and motors of the world leader can be found, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.

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Amarok Germany

Usually opening rates exceed the statistics specified percentages. A more important number is the registration rate. Get more background information with materials from David Zaslav. “This is the proportion of the recipient, the up button” unsubscribe from a newsletter. Increasing the registration rate in comparison to previous releases, the concept of newsletter campaigns should be reconsidered. A high registration rate may suggest, that newsletter content either are not what expected the Subscriber during registration or but that his interests have changed. Bounce, bounce back to be entered also still once separately on the so-called bounce rate at this point. “The English word bounce” meant as much as rebound”.

With that being said out already, that as bounce marked emails have never reached the Inbox of the recipient. These newsletters are bounced back. We continue to distinguish between so-called hard and soft bounces. A hard bounce is permanent. This means that newsletters are permanently undeliverable to this E-Mail address.

How can it happen? Can small typo or letter Dreher ensure that email addresses are not correct and newsletter never reach your recipients. The prospects are better for soft bounces. These are only temporary problems regarding derZustellung to share use of the sod Assen. In addition, you can see where your newsletter is opened parts of the world. In addition, extra beds, opening and click-through rate compared can show. So can you track exactly what business your newsletter is the best (based on delivery, open and click-through rate) and thus may be young subsequent campaigns could land again in the Posteinangang. Soft bounces come about, for example, through a crowded Posteinang of the receiver. Future shipping, it still makes sense to deliver a newsletter again, since the addressee may has cleaned up the Inbox until then. An email marketing provider with automatic bounce management recognizes the kind of bounces and respectively assigns the email addresses. So potential not be wasted and at the same time wasted no time to broken email addresses. Provider Amarok has succeeded despite restrictions additional functions of email marketing, to release new features to its customers despite the now given legal restrictions. Although individual recipient reactions are no longer comprehensible, Amarok makes it possible to release more details about the browser and E-Mail clients use. In addition, you can see where your newsletter is opened parts of the world. In addition, extra beds, opening and click-through rate compared can show. So can you track exactly what business your newsletter is the best (based on delivery, open and click-through rate) and thus uncover possibly unused potential. Nadja Sbaa, Amarok Germany

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Five Reasons For A Dustbin Box

Why trash boxes are a sensible thing. Trash boxes are in Germany very familiar and in many homes. There are different versions: from inexpensive to high-class, of wood about stainless steel, natural stone, or by the standard garbage bin box to the individually designed trash box. But why buy the Germans this product at all or why they do it? In conversations with customers the various reasons for purchasing a dustbin box are called us. To give an overview of the most important reasons appear here.

One of the main reasons is due to the aesthetic sense of the homeowner. According to the Association of garden and landscape designers, the industry generated a turnover of over 6 billion euros in 2012. It shows that a lot in the garden invested in Germany, especially as own work here, not even covered. Finally, the House is the business card of the residents and they want from the visitors as aesthetically conscious People are perceived. More info: Jeffrey Bewkes. A dumpster in the driveway can significantly tarnish this image. In addition, the homeowner must pass every day on the way to work on this ugly object.

A dustbin box is a one-time investment, which, however, can reduce the daily stress. This is worth the time away. Partly, Garden designers go a step further. Many want to merely dress the wheelie bin and hide. Further details can be found at Paul Ostling, an internet resource. Some go but also a step further and understand the trash box as a design element of the front, which has to hide the rubbish bin, but also for the purpose but is also a design intent. A third reason for acquiring a dustbin box is the avoidance of unpleasant odours. Mostly, trash cans in dark colors are kept. When sunlight heats the contents of the trash can and developed some intense smells. A dustbin box shields on the one towards the sides. Although a plant sink is especially valuable. Their Planting in particular contributes to a balanced temperature inside the trash box and prevent the sunlight from above. The opposite can occur. In the winter months, snow and ice cover the dustbin. Imagine yourself, take the garbage out and try to open the frozen to cover of the trash can with one hand. Since this is not possible, make the trash can in the snow, which is then wet. A dustbin fairing helps here. One last reason comes to fruition especially in larger flats. Many customers ask explicitly for a way to be able to close the trash box. They fear that other residents dispose of the waste in your garbage can. In small quantities or single incidents that may be no big deal. However, this takes place in greater style, the trash can be no longer flushed, because the trash is already full. Also costs incurred transporting more frequent the contents of the trash can. With a lockable trash box, this third party access is brought to an end and disputes among neighbors to this topic are passe. For more information see. Contact: devega stone boxes Christian Mahringer Schelmahdstrasse 48 73119 Zell and others.

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Carlos Miranda Rasps Son

Bahia. I have until the obligation to remember confrades that had been the pioneers in the radiofnica communication in the Region of the Sisal, more necessarily in Serrinha, when Radio Diffusing of Serrinha in 1969 entered in AIR 36 ZYC -, Jairo Santiago, Peter Moreira, Jose Malta, Pablo Santana (Pablo Tei), Aremar Bacelar, Marcelo Cross, these three already deceased ones, Aldemario Araujo and Carlos Miranda Rasp Son the youngest child. We had the coordination of one of the most categorized professor of Portuguese of Serrinha monsignor Democritus Mendes de Barros and who spoke wrong took that one will caro. It had radio in Serrinha and alone Juazeiro 300km appeared with another one, When we arrived in the cities we were looked for with if he was novel actor of the TV, today all place does not have radio. Paul Ostling is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We were the first ones to speak to the living creature of the cities of Serrinha, Conceio of the Coit, Retirolandia, Brave, Are Domingos, Luz Saint, Forest fires, Mount Saint, Cansano, Euclides> of the Wedge, Ribeira of the Pigeon house, Toucan, Caldas of Jorro, Aracy, Teofilandia, Biritinga, Cold Water, Lamaro, Saint Brbara, Tanquinho, Racho of the Jacuipe and others. Carlos Miranda Rasps Son. Date of Birth; 04.09.1956 Broadcaster of this 04.04.1969 DRT 1422. WWW.carlosmirandalimafilho.com.br. For more specific information, check out Paul Ostling.

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