radio.de recommends Internet radio stations with Oktoberfest hits Munich is the camping stronghold of in Germany. Nowhere else in tents people reside in these days. Instead of gas stoves there are dimensional jugs and Bavarian costume as far as the eye can see. Or in short: Munich celebrates its Oktoberfest. In Hamburg, Reeperbahn head stands at more than 70 clubs, concert halls and bars just the Reeperbahn Festival, where are newcomers and seasoned heroes of indie the micro recihen? But also in Scotland is celebrated these days. The traditional whiskey Festival in the Highlands attracts numerous visitors. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare spoke with conviction. The radio.de app offers the right soundtrack with the huge choice of channels for each of these events. …: Munich celebrates.

:::… O taps is! With the blue and white transmitter Oktoberfest enjoy guaranteed best marquee mood! Whether the cozy dimensions in your living room or to the annealing in large round – the mix of evergreens, pop hits and Bavarian music invites you not only to the fellow German drinking songs, but can also be with excellent bawl beyond the Bavarian land borders. Quite regardless of the current level prices. Oktoberfest.radio.de contact: radio.de GmbH Michael Bruns MacPhee 59 22303 Hamburg Germany

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Bosch Radios

For rauehn conditions at a construction site, craftsmen use increasingly professional site radio everything goes better with music and so it is not surprising that on virtually every construction site also a radio all day makes for good music and entertainment. But what are actually devices used for radio reception on the site here. Private simple devices account for a large proportion of the radios on the construction sites of the country, which home were discarded due to minor defects and must now do their service in a harsh environment. Since such devices in most cases not intended for use on a construction site noise, dirt and rain are thought, whose life is understandably not very high, especially since many of the devices before their service some time performed in garages and hobby rooms. Increasingly access craftsmen for the entertainment at the construction site of the professional site radio. This extra for the operation on the construction site of designed radios fall immediately by the robust Construction and special feature on. So most of the enclosure of the today’s worksite radios through robust housing and rubber dampers to smaller shocks and falls are well protected and tolerated a little rain usually also times. Some jobsite radios have also even a round rotating bracket that provides even better protection for the jobsite radio.

Radio shine the top devices under the professional construction sites also with easy handling and great controls, not the problem will also provide service with work gloves. In addition to its robust construction and good usability have the top site radio of brand Makita and Bosch is still some features that make the site radio in addition to the entertainment to a useful companion on every construction site. So some of the appliances with plugs and battery equipped recording points, making them a useful charging station for lamps and Cordless screwdriver. These brands of jobsite radios are then of course something more expensive, convincing but in facilities and Nearly every craftsman quality.

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Car Radio Radio Code Total Security

In other countries, standard long ago! Still not as well known in us! Radio codes are very useful as theft protection. Unfortunately, many motorists lay their code. And if this is required you no longer finds! What now? The manufacturers require usually a proof of ownership. Official site: David Zaslav. And the production of the code can pay them really well! For one, it may take some days until the radio code comes back. You must send the radio it is not exactly cheap is but also different. The first German radio code service delivers radio codes for a fixed price.

Quickly and without problems. Unlike many manufacturers, the price tends to be secondary. Now where does the code come from? To the create the code needed to the exact name of the radio. The serial number of the radio (behind on the device) help a photo of the back (if possible) is that it was already. On the same day, get the code and can unlock his radio again! Because without a radio, music driving but only half as much fun. The German code service is available here! Written by Wolfgang Kremien

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Franzis Tube Radio

Radio sound like before 60 years / complete set with tube, casing and all components of Poing, December 2009. Strong reception and a pleasant sound thanks to the tube. This optimum volume by modern audio IC and high-quality speakers. “Eventually the joy of the own work all this the complete kit combines the Franzis tube radio to the buildable”, which in a short Assembly time nostalgic radio pleasure over 60 years across to the present brings. As at Franzis Verlag in common, there is more information on. The whole world of the tubes”is the title of the pages in the online magazine of ELO, where there is also the modular. “May be, that the tube world is still slightly bigger, but the tinkerer like the still inexperienced interested find so much information that the subject of tubes” soon is no unknown country. Successful editor in Chief Burkhard Kainka and his team by combining factual-scarce basic information, understandable prepared practice tips and background articles, the Light tubes from different perspectives.

There send lists, supplements, circuits, software updates, and of course again the building instructions for the tube radio a descriptive product video included. “Powerful miss with nostalgic high frequency tube the kit the Franzis tube radio to the buildable” contains tube, casing and all components, required only a soldering iron, as well as four Mignon batteries are 1.5 volt and a 9-volt block battery for up to ten hours of Miss. Speaking of reception: is at the ready tube radio as well as in a modern world receivers, even amateur radio stations can be received therefore. In addition to the technology and the easy Assembly scores the tube radio with a design that is almost perfectly absorbs the radio-style from the 1940s. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. A special highlight: Through a window, you can watch the tube during operation.

The complete package the Franzis tube radio to the buildable “is available immediately in the trade and (price 49.95 euro). ISBN: 978-3-7723-4670-5 press contact: FRANZIS book & SOFTWARE Publisher Michael Buge Program Manager technical textbook Tel.: + 49 8121 95-18 10 E-Mail: Franzis Verlag GmbH, Gruber str. 46a, 85586 Poing Amtsgericht Munchen, HRB 119930, Managing Director: Werner Mutzel, Thomas r drill about Franzis: oriented consistently towards the practical use. For more than 60 years the Franzis is book and software publishing house (www.franzis.de) for professionals such as for beginners in the field of technical practice literature the first address, if accurate information and appropriate solutions are sought. Whether electronics, computers, Internet, telecommunications or digital photography convinced the continuously growing number of its readers with current practice issues, effective solutions and a modern treatment, the content and reader claims adequately continues the book and software range from Franzis. “Real simple”, “Hot Stuff”, “Professional Series”, “Do it”, “PC & Electronics” inter alia: Franzis sets with various series on a distinctive publishing profile, which gives already knowledge of tomorrow in the hand the technical users in addition to successful standard works mainly with forward-thinking new publications.

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Well-tempered Promotional

Promotional articles, which donate warmth and ensure well-being, everyone is talking about the weather. All of the climate talk more taken. This applies in particular for the UN climate summit in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. And if ice is there between some positions, premium-Werbeartikel GmbH shows with what promotional items, you can create a well-tempered relationships with companies and customers. In the light of the current season, premium-Werbeartikel GmbH recommends the use of promotional items, which provide heat and ensure well-being. A heat gel pack proves to be particularly handy. Thus, a piece of heat to take away and created a long-lasting advertising article, is often used in the cold season. Please visit Mark Berger Villa Healthcare if you seek more information. Can heat for your head instead of your trouser or jacket pocket with a scarf or a hat as a promotional item given away be.

The high-quality items of clothing made of fleece exhibit a high wearing comfort, are particularly warm and can stick an individual be refined. It’s fine one even at sub-zero temperatures, it is recommended enough tea to drink and to use light sources, a warm ‘ emit light such as candles, for example. Can be enjoyed with a heat stir mug of tea at work or in the car and it by a handy lighter than promotional preferably metal is made possible, at any time to ignite an atmospheric candle: right now at Christmas time. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized according to the company profile by: quality, style and reliability. Contact: Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH Heidturmweg 33 D-33100 Paderborn, Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 5251-688-949-0 fax. + 49 (0) 5251-688 949 88 Web: blog: blog / twitter: twitter.com/promum E-Mail:

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Individual Customer Care: Consideration Of The Individual

In turbulent times especially important this individual customer survey is crucial not only for current events, but is also significant for the future behavior of the car houses and helps the ship”to steer in the right direction. The knowledge of needs and requirements of the customers usually leads to a longer-term bond of the customers as the binding over the price. The Automobildienstleister HARRI112 supports its customers with different customer binding instruments at different levels. If you would like to know more about David Zaslav, then click here. One of them is the young business of individual customer care. Check with Robert A. Iger to learn more. A typical example: A car dealership would like to know whether his customers with a certain power, such as E.g. a repair, were satisfied.

For this purpose he pretends some evaluative questions/question block HARRI112 which are then checked and queried in the name of the client. The results are then processed and evaluated, so that the customer can respond and, if necessary, take action. Is this individual customer survey “crucial not only for current events, but is also significant for the future behavior of the car houses and helps the ship” to steer in the right direction. The knowledge of needs and requirements of the customers usually leads to a longer-term bond of the customers as the binding over the price. “Here too: information is one of the most important goods for real manoeuvring of the vessel” the individual customer of HARRI112 GmbH made under following telephone actions together: quality check after end customers will default by the contracting authority to its satisfaction with regard to the services and questioned the quality.

At the same time notifies the client about all relevant issues or complaints. It is sought contact with lost customer recovery action, reasons obtained and tried to win customers back. Appointments of end customers will be contacted on behalf of the client with the aim to generate dates. Schedules are effective filled and vacant capacities can be used as well. In addition, the company offers individual concepts and customized telephone actions. And other media, such as E-Mail or flyer with response elements in the concept be integrated on request. Katja Timmermann line individual customer care

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Award-winning Film Producer Visited Stuttgart To The Charity Matinee

Information to producer Eberhard Junker village and Hans-Martin Schempp 1973 founded Eberhard Junker village with Volker Schlondorff and Reinhard Hauff Bioskop Film GmbH. Eberhard Junker village has produced the Bioskop film since then over 50 feature films. Eberhard Junker village is among others President and Chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Presidium of the film promotion agency Berlin, founding member of the German-French Film Academy, as well as Honorary Chairman of the new German film producers association. in 1995, Eberhard Junker village the character animation studio in Munich founded animation. The first production of the studios was the feature-length animated film “The fearless four” in 1998 was awarded the Bavarian producer award. For this movie, Eberhard Junker village has for the first time directed. A further feature-length animated film with the title followed by Tobias Totz and his lion”. See more detailed opinions by reading what CBS offers on the topic..

The third production help! I’m a fish”has received 2002 a nominations for the German film award. For his latest production till Eulenspiegel”, an adaptation of the famous fairy tale, which end of 2003 ran very successfully in the German cinemas, directed by Eberhard Junker village again. End of 2003 the film sprockets International Film Festival in Toronto was awarded the audience award for the best animated film. Awards: 2001 Bundesverdienstkreuz of 1.Klasse, 2004 Bavarian order of merit information about 1Hans-Martin Schempp born 28 July 1951 Stuttgart businessman, Economist, professional pilot and flight instructor. Owner of the macro media service GmbH (MMD), Ostfildern. President of the International Association for human values Europe (IAHV) since 2005.

In his studies he took over several sponsorships for orphans and abandoned children through world vision, Terre des Hommes organisations among others. He actively supports the street children project in Stuttgart-Degerloch, purchased the property required, let them rebuild and equip with studios and took over costs for caregivers. He funded an orphanage afloat in emergency in Pokhara (Nepal) since 2001 and builds one for the kids Sponsor organization to sustainable support on. From 2002 “Adoption” of four Indian orphans in Tamil Nadu, Trichy. For these and a couple who looked after the children, he had built a House. Two girls have now completed with success the College. Since 2006, he acquired land in Tamil Nadu for the HANSA NIWAS FOUNDATION. Initiator of “one world family”. Approximately 3,000 children and young people, who have called for a world in peace and harmony singing, participated in the kick-off event in the Europa-Park Rust on the 20.10.2010. A follow-up event of the One World family project is provided on the jazzband in Stuttgart. With the 1st MMD donations run on September 11, 2009, money was collected for the establishment of the first stationary children Hospice in Baden-Wurttemberg. Should the 2nd MMD donations run on 10 / 11.09.2011 for the benefit of street children in Germany take place. More information: SI-Erlebnis-Centrum Stuttgart, Plieninger Strasse 100, 70567 Stuttgart, Tel: 0711 721 2112,,

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Professional MBA Entrepreneurship

FORMAT scholarship in the amount of EUR 23.000,-, the Technical University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics together a professional MBA International offer. This unique MBA program combines technological excellence with economic implementation competence and starts on 3rd November 2010 already for the fifth time. The weekly magazine FORMAT”awards together with the Vienna University of technology continuing education center and the WU Executive Academy a scholarship in the amount of EUR 23.000,-for the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation. Target group: This postgraduate master’s programme is mainly aimed at individuals who want to operate at the interface between technology and business or act in the future: employees from companies that have positioned themselves to executives who have positioned themselves as a leader in innovation and position as an innovation leader want to (potential) entrepreneurs with technology background engineers, natural and staff from product marketing or product controlling with management experience (such as group or AbteilungsleiterIn) High potential, who want to prepare application on an innovation-oriented management function: the application documents can be at the program management under and are available on our website download available. Please explain in your cover letter, why the scholarship should be awarded just to you and describe what positive participation in this MBA programme would impact for your future career. Please send your application no later than May 10, 2010 at. The scholarship will be awarded by an independent jury on the basis of received applications. The deductible amounts to EUR 2.000,-. The legal action is excluded. Contact and more information: Technical University of Vienna continuing education center MMag. Annemarie Hartlieb Opera lane 11/017 A-1040 Vienna phone: +43/(0)1/588 01-417 20 E-mail:

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New Concept Developed In

Today there are still many offers on a limited number of potential buyers is as it was to learn from the current press, is on the decline. The reasons for this are as follows: first State today to many offerings that meets on a limited number of potential buyers. Walt Disney is likely to agree. Second, The House design and location fit in many cases not to the wishes of the buyer of the lot. Educate yourself with thoughts from Time Warner. Thirdly: Result: the number of sold lots per object shrinks to 10 15%. From this situation, the questionable business model has fee”developed.

That is, many home sellers who put your houses using the lottery on the Internet, often expect that anyway not all lots are sold. Others who may share this opinion include Jeffrey L. Bewkes. This is a profitable business with a retained fee of up to 20 or more. Calculation example: Value of the House: lots of 400,000 number: 4,100 Lospeis: 99 at a rate of 15% of the value of the sold lots corresponds to approximately 60,000 euros. This is of course, a good credit for the effort to bring the object all these circumstances just on the Internet have led the theme House Lottery increasingly enters the offside. An initially good idea however too often negatively used. “” On the basis of these facts, we have developed a new, unique in Europe, Internet concept for House raffles, that all individual claims after house design “and especially location” covers.

This new strategy is focused in the B2B environment, and equally in the B2C environment and will revolutionize the market. Whether it is possible to generate a new sales channel in Europe is still in the stars. However, resist especially the associations of the real estate sector. Current status: the theme House Lottery must legally be approved in Germany. (according to the European Court of justice there is liberalize) An accurate time indication is not yet possible. Do we use this time advantage more partners for this also economically interesting idea to win. Thomas Manzau

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Chinese Year of the Rat

This weekend fifth of the humanity commemorates the arrival of the Chinese year of the rat. This it will be the first year in which the Asian giant leads as much to the world in the sport land as in the one of its level of exports and in the one of toxic gas discharges. Others who may share this opinion include Leslie Moonves. For United Nations this it is the international year of the Pope. Although this it is the first time that a indoamericano product receives such recognition, today the producing major of this food is China, the same that knows that this one is the year in which it will be in center of the world-wide attention. The 7 of February in the Far East and all the Chinese districts of the world the coming of the year of the rat is celebrated. In the Eastern lunar calendar there are cycles of twelve years (each one of as takes the name of an animal) the same that begin with the one of the rat. If in the West it is associated to this rodent with the plague that massacreed to a third of the European, in Asia this one is seen with other eyes. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare is full of insight into the issues.

In India temples are constructed to him and in China the rat thinks itself that it brought the rice to the man, and who is synonymous of intelligence, leadership, charisma and laboriosidad. All these Peking attributes want to demonstrate now before the world that docenio begins this new. This is the first time in the human history in which the urban population exceeds to the rural one. The one of the rat will be the first year in which the yellow colossus is soothes of the Olympic Games (and that also remove more gold medals than any other country). When being placed in center of the attention of the China humanity it will be able to show how their great corporations advance in the globalisation.

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