This prevents that you become such volatile plans, with overtones of panacea that sometimes enthusiastic organizations. Everyone involved, and the entire organization, should be aware that requires a major effort and perseverance, to achieve the change that is fundamental to the success of the company. On the other hand must be a real and tangible commitment to the Organization, that is, by providing the necessary resources for the achievement of the implementation of appropriate procedures. These resources are required for teaching and training of personnel, materials of reference, instrumentation, software, modifications of equipment and installations and support teams. To achieve this financial commitment to the Organization, should make the respective evaluation of cost benefit program and use the corresponding techniques for evaluation of projects to demonstrate their economic suitability to the organization. a) definition of the appropriate procedure: prior to any new deployment, it is necessary to an analysis of the situation or current condition. It is important to have a diagnosis of the current state of things, as an initial step to define the course of action to follow.

The analysis of the current condition or audit Tribology, it is suitable that is made by an external specialist, consultant specializing in Tribology. This work has traditionally been trusted suppliers of lubricants, but work comprising this audit is normally beyond the scope and expertise of the technical personnel of these enterprises; and sometimes the conclusions of this represent a conflict with the suppliers of oils. There are a number of other advantages in using an independent specialist to perform this lubrication diagnostic and monitoring of oils. The goals and objectives of a good Tribology audit are as follows: Identifying current procedures and defining appropriate procedures. Identify improvements and cost reduction opportunities relating to administration, storage, handling and disposal of lubricants. Identify actual needs of monitoring of oils, defining points of testing, frequency and methods of sampling, analysis of oils In Situ cleaning specifications or purity purpose oils, specifications of pollution componentes-actuadores and machine tolerances, needs of equipment purification and its specifications, levels of alarm and data collection Tribology, etc.

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New Basic Course

As of September 2008 at the Academy for health economy BAAS the BAAS, the Academy for health care industry headquartered in Lunen, model sends to the Psychobiografische from September 4, 2008 in the framework of a new basic course after Prof. Erwin Bohm. This in-service training to the care of Demenzerkrankter takes place in cooperation with the ENPP Bohm GmbH, Bochum, and includes 96 teaching, as well as 100 specialized labour. The course is aimed at demanding, responsible nurses in geriatric care and expands the seminar program of BAAS, which gained its reputation mostly with market – and requirement-oriented economic health continuing education and training. Lunen.

Of course, we are pleased to record a such transformative and important issue, in close cooperation with the founder of the psycho biographic model in our part-time continuing education program emphasizes Diplom-Kaufmann Joachim of Jurgens. BAAS education plant manager wants the health enterprises with the new address as well as their employees. The motivation to provide this basic course, delivered the very positive response to a Conference, not least the the BAAS had aligned in the spring of 2008 under the title introduction to the Psychobiographische model. Prof. Erwin Bohm had presented his personal model of care thereby stimulated more, close cooperation with the Baath.

Revived the Bohmsche care goal: Instead of lifting up the BAAS one sees the importance of the course offer above all that the participants detailed and substantiated in the Psychobiografische care model are introduced to Prof. Erwin Bohm and to identify themselves with him. Sufficient time will be given alone based conveying almost a quarter of the duration of the course is available, full of psycho-biographical perspective to familiarize with the old nurses. You get to know the central building blocks of the psycho biographic theory, grasp the significance of the importance of ICH, be made aware of this, the to take into account different basic personalities of nursing home residents more at the development of a concept of care, and much more.

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SMEs Productivity

Before this quite worrisome reality for the Venezuelans, the investors, for the same the consumers, require themselves that the corrective measures are taken, action that they rescue to the SMEs, the enterprise sector and they get up in the economic dynamics of the country guaranteeing productivity, operativity. To the withdrawn futures about the program of postgraduate of the specialty of management of the quality and Productivity, about Phases of the University of Carabobo, especially regarding Chair of managemental Topics, this reality worries to him seriously, for it, have organized forums, seminaries, that debate on this situation, thus, some comment, that it is a certain fact and no secret, the situation of risk and uncertainty that live the Venezuelan companies at the moment. And this mainly must to the political speech of the president lieutenant colonel Cold Hugo Chavez, that it deserves preoccupation by his actions, laws, decrees, that it seemed to attempt against the private property and where a disinterestedness culture is promoted towards the work; giving step a climate of tension in the organizations, that is reflected in its productivity, the necessity to concern products, to cause that some companies close. Position cannot be denied is of the public opinion and they show the registries to it, national statistics, the stop unemployment index that is had generated years in the last, as well as the appearance of a great number of micro-enterprises, that when not counting on the necessary tools, leave the scene, losing the position of the conquered market and to others, it is difficult to stay to them in spite of the products that offer, considering the changes, that since we have made reference they come giving to an accelerated rate, not allowing in some its stabilization, particularly because they were not prepared for it, that guarantees permanence to them..

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The Transformation of organization by means of the structuring and generation of value added through knowledge, brings with himself great changes in systems of the company, being based on the innovation of the human capital. The new forms originated by a new enterprise identity (mission and vision) and beliefs shared underlying to the new structure, give by seated certain way to perceive their diverse surroundings, forms to think and to react to the same. In this process, different levels exist to refuse to the change on the part of the participants of the transformation, who vary in agreement to its external visibility and resistance. The most perceivable level is the physical manifestations as they are; acronyms, codes of clothes, permissions, myths, histories that count about the organization, published lists of values, observable rituals and ceremonies, decoration. A second deeper level exists where they are expressed values declared explicitly, that they are preferred in an organization, they are lasting belief in a conduct way or final state. It is infortunado that the aspirations are not translated automatically in the wished behavior, since the people do not do what they say. In the measurement that these values are by the collaborators or they become his behavior, it will be the reflection of the evolution level.

They are in a last layer, the basic assumptions that they underlie to the organizational culture, they are not observable and constitutes the center of the culture. They are values that are taken over the years like a fact, to the being supposed which they guide the organizational behavior, are very resistant to the change, when they adopt the cocontributor ones is inconceivable, an assumption based on incompatible values, is here where we will have to work intensely. In a transformation process the organizational culture provides to the members an identity, facilitates the collective commitment, promotes the stability of the social system, conforms the behavior helping to that the members find sense in the surroundings.

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Confidential Documents

Destruction of confidential documents data protection, is increasingly more hot due to the need for companies and self-employed people save a few measures established by LOPD, and whose non-observance, entails very significant sanctions, which in many cases can lead to the closure of the company. As well, one of the key points covered in the data protection act, it is the destruction of confidential documentation, which in some cases as data related to health, beliefs etc, are very protegios, take the measures established by law. In relation to this matter of the destruction of confidential documents, there are many companies that carry out a service that we could describe in greater or lesser degree of quality. Within the known by us and by some customers our is eco-Shredder, which guarantees a series of points that we understand how primordial so across enterprise, is safe in relation to the destruction of confidential documents, such as:-confidential destruction of the information is on-site, at our offices and may be monitored by our staff. -Never they transported not destroyed documentation. -Always identifies the staff who will have access to the documentation. -Ensure that your staff has signed confidentiality agreements.

-No we never subcontract the service to third parties or companies. Among other series of guarantees offered, I understand that the most important are the previous ones, since they are that give us the customer greater confidence in the service they offer. That is why many customers recommend this company for the destruction of confidential documents, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the organic law of protection of data and can avoid bring us any surprise not very pleasant. If you want more information, can be found at source: press release sent by ecoshredder.

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SMEs Venezolanas

SMEs, mostly not adequately handled the satisfaction of external customers and many fewer internally, do not have a clear understanding of service culture, not to make decisions based on facts (through statistical techniques) and an expense is considered in staff skills development through training. 8. The lack of motivation which is currently evident at the level of workers directly impacts on the results of the effective management of processes and outcomes in the quest to meet targets aimed at the satisfaction of needs of customers in general. 9. Proper absence of the role of market that will strengthen the concept of sale: kept the old paradigms and structures in supply and demand, and especially in the conceptualization of what is marketing focusing only on sales and not on the formal screening strategies for enterprise and study of needs of actual and potential customers. 10.

Serious weaknesses in the develop skills and knowledge management: every day is evidenced more than senior managers and owners of SMEs Venezolanas are unaware of the importance of management skills and lack of training in modern managerial topics that allow you to project the performances of the company towards new perspectives of the global environment. 11. Disregard for promote new participatory and entrepreneurial managers because a market research does not promote nor projected performances by companies based on a real strategic planning. Definitely there are many challenges and changes that need to be considered by the general management and the markets, if you really want to participate adequately in a scenario as the national that is turbulent, but that also offers opportunities that lead to give way to a new vision of the role of markets, to consider new trends and define the functions necessary to deal with the situation. The next article will give some suggestions and presented other opinions on the matter.

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Ivan Zuluaga Energy

This was the owner of the newspaper the day time Wednesday, which also echoed at the international level and although we must not disregard the merits that have been able to influence to get our country so oversized and slight improvement, that if, by the Government, it must be said that that day knew that public universities are on the brink of bankruptcy; There is a gap in the budget for this year of about a billion and a half of weights. The latter not found that best responsible for Correa and Chavez, and although this may be partially true, what of the universities which? Ah, I forget that that same day the super-Minister of hacienda (Oscar Ivan Zuluaga), who said that the global crisis would not affect the Colombian economy in 2008, announced his bright idea to plug the fiscal hole. That Genius never practised by this Government, consists of going into debt to the country in nearly two billion dollars through the issue of securities teas, and selling as State-owned enterprises have been doing it during the Uribe administration, within which no longer it be ISAGEN, one of the main generators of energy in the country, almost nothing as if energy was not by the clouds in the Bills we pay citizens. Another Pearl in this chain of contrasts that occurred so far this week is the revelation that made the Comptroller general of the nation, which stated that the rate of poverty in our country reached the dishonourable of 64.8% and that it underlines: have not only increased the poor but that they are increasingly poor…, then whom are benefiting those figures for growth and competitiveness?. /Guillermo M.

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Internet Case

Infinite forms of if creating a site, since simple blog exist until a complex system of remote management. Therefore the important one before exactly to start to place the hand in the mass, is to have in mind what it intends to develop. Sevoc not entede absolutely nothing of the subject, needs deum urgently site and it does not have money for ' ' contratar' ' somebody, I suggest to analyze aalternativa to make one blog. In case that it needs something more professional, it gives one looked in this site: In all in case that, these are gratuitous, easy options to use however nor always they take care of its virtual necessity. How for example:? An enterprise site of great transport.? A Webmail (email had access for the page of Internet, former: gmail, hotmail)? In summary a site that works as transistion of data. In this in case that, you go to need a server (dedicated computer to store sites in the Internet) I recommend locaweb: the responsible company for the server normalemente supplies to you:? A computer (online 24X7)? Data base (where they will be stored its data, former: emails, logins, dates)? Proper domain (Former: instead of)? Emails (diretoria@ many other things utisCabe you to evaluate what it goes to also need and to choose the certain plan (normally more cheap already of the account of the message) Noesquea that the organization is basic, and if you will have to quecontratar somebody to develop its site, remembers contrataralgum with experience and that goes to make the form things organizada.OsSites of the Internet is in constant change and early or late you to vaiprecisar to mecher in such a way in the content how much in the structure of its site, porisso preze for organizaoE remembers if: the cheap one leaves expensive..

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Industrial Revolution

The next floor of the pyramid of civilization – the technological mode of production, which expresses the aggregate used in society technologies, principles and organizational forms of production, capital goods, as well as natural productive forces. In the early stages of formation epoch of human society, archeologists and historians differ on the basic materials from which tools were made (stone, bronze, iron). The main source of energy was the muscular power of man, then animals, dominated by simple cooperation of labor, with almost complete subordination to man the forces of nature. But step by step, people formed artificial world of increasingly sophisticated tools, then machines, complex technical systems, transmitting power, and now the executive and supervisory role they invented instruments, systems, programmable control. Developed social division of labor – in-process, multi-sectoral, spatial, production of the enterprise, region, country, world economy becoming more and more signs integrated whole. In the transition from one civilization to another, there is a change of technological methods of production used a set of means of production and forms of organization – develops technological revolution. But in this type of qualitative changes of production, technological change, ways of life based on common principles and sources of energy technology systems requiring specific, appropriate forms of organization of these systems of production.

Thus, the industrial mode of production, which began with the Industrial Revolution, includes five technological structures. The first of are largely based on technology inherited from the manufactory mode of production, the second – the fourth successive stages of self-expression of the industrial mode of production, modern, fifth, dominant in the developed countries at the end of XX century. is a transition to a postindustrial technological mode of production, carries the germ, the primary elements of the latter, which will evolve to based only on their own in the next century. Every technological system, in turn, includes a number of successive times in about ten years of related generations of technology, each of which implements a large invention, a basic innovation. Today's example is the alternation of generations of computer, laser, space, missile technology. Each generation is a step in the formation and deployment technological cycle of higher level (scientific and technical direction), which implements the principle of common technology in many versions and models of vehicles.

Related technological methods of production, technological structures, generation of technology form the general field, the transition periods of varying duration, thus ensuring the continuity of technological progress. At the same time, approval of each new generation of technology, technological structure and mode of production marks another step of technological progress, technological revolution of a scope and depth. Transient generation of technology, as well as the transitional process way, guided by the contradictory, to successive technological principles, are less effective. Most effective way of different generations and located in the middle of the technological cycle of higher level, expressing the phase of maturity, the full realization of its potential. Stage in the development of technology reflects the steps of knowledge, the materialization of knowledge and technological skills of a person and, in turn, offer new spaces in the development of its productive capacity.

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