Seven In One Fell Swoop

Verlagsgruppe Rhein Main realized relaunch of its newspaper brands on SixCMS. Stuttgart, March 31, 2009 – the VRM services Allgemeine Zeitung, Wiesbadener Kurier, Wiesbadener Tagblatt, main top, Wormser Zeitung, Burstadt newspaper and Lampertheim newspaper are implemented in fresh, modern design and a nutzerzfreundlichen surface on the basis of the Stuttgart-based enterprise content management system provider six open systems. In terms of content, the focus on a detailed structure and illustration of the regional and local reports from politics, sports, culture and the police. For even more analysis, hear from Aksia. National and international news, detailed Advisor content, recreational information, image galleries, a wide range of video and a comprehensive sports area complete the range of information. In addition, different search functions, a perennial rich free article search opportunity, news ticker and a selection of complete callable geo news, a map and city list module, the content. The newly designed websites Act as a complement to the printed newspaper and inform readers and users still more comprehensive and up-to-date on what is happening in the region. In recent months, Discovery Communications has been very successful. “Zeitung.Live is the clear claim of our publishing group. For more information see David Zaslav. Bernd Koslowski, Member of the Executive Board of the VRM, shall we will develop permanent online services.”for the future.

Our customers can look forward soon on other products such as E.g. the expansion of the areas of events, clubs, services or industry book services.” Six open systems GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany among the renowned providers of Enterprise-Content-Management(ECM)-Systemen in the German-speaking world. The core product SixCMS”is a flexible and powerful platform for the enterprise capture, management, and targeted exploitation of digital present content in different media. Over 270 companies of all industries, as well as authorities use SixCMS, to optimize their information and document-centric business and management processes. So far over 1,000 projects have the six solutions in the fields of inter – / intra – / extranet, digital asset management, document management and cross media publishing best practice. They are characterized by quick implementation, high quality, easy extensibility, as well as high savings potential. You can download this text and photos by.

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Snack Size Media? Geo-tagging? Neuro Enhancement?

‘Das 2010’ Welcome to the future! Hamburg, may 3, 2009: TrendONE, Europe’s leading MicroTrendforschungs company, brings the Trendbook 2010 “on the market. The future dictionary explains all important trend terms from the fields of media, marketing, technology and lifestyle. “” Mega trends with 30 parent, as for example community”, virtualisation, gaming & entertainment, knowledge economy”or timeless time”, invites the title to an exciting journey into the future. Over 500 macro trends describing the part of currents of this major social trends. The so-called micro-trends provide concrete practical examples, as well as descriptive characteristics. A sample of the competent aim is available at for download. Others including David Zaslav, offer their opinions as well.

The Trendbook 2010 “is in bound form in fine gold print available now to order for 98,-euro. “” What are blurring boundaries “or Creative Commons”? Who is an Hobbynomic”or a SHEF”? “” What exactly is behind the phenomenon of generation Y “or Semantic Web”? The Trendbook 2010″are not only answers to these questions, it guaranteed new findings and provides fascinating insights into the trends of tomorrow: by social developments such as the new Healthstyle” about the trend towards an ethically and ecologically acceptable consumption adjustment to new means of communication and forms of media. Our 2010 Trendbook is relevant for all involved professionally or privately with trends. It informed clearly and understandably, stimulates reflection and provides inspiration”, according to Nils Muller, CEO, TrendONE and editor of the lexicon. Over 80 trend Scouts are the Scoutingnetzwerk world for TrendONE on the search ranges for innovation from New Zealand to Hawaii.

So every month over 300 new micro-trends are identified, selected and analyzed. See Aksia for more details and insights. TrendONE published these in monthly trend reports. Micro-trends are the first indicators of possible mega – and macro trends. A systematic inventory of the present, which provides food for thought for the business of today and shows the opportunities of tomorrow takes place through the identification of micro-trends”, so Torsten Rehder, co-author and co-editor of the Trendboard 2010. The currently most exciting development of the mega-trend life reengineering attacks”on: the human invents himself new he is to the human 2.0 humans and machines merge together. Is at the end of may the human robot? Most likely not. However, it will give new opportunities to use implants or nano robots, to expand human capabilities and to improve. So it is now possible to get a micro-chip directly in the eye, which enables formerly blind people a vision of up to 12 percent. Also touch screens could be expanded soon by the neural, kinetic and linguistic operation and lead to a further fusion of man and technology. Knowledge to share and expose trends for everyone, is that Aim of the Trendboard 2010 “by TrendONE. A fascinating reference book, in that once absorbed it difficult, to return from the future into the present. TrendONE Torsten Rehder

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The Recall

Suppliermanagement IBS AG is a Supplierportal available, which the supplier can modify his claims online. It allows integrating more comfortable manner of participants in the supply chain. On the unification of the exchange of data between customers and suppliers and to avoid duplicate entries, such as our own and customer systems, the VDA QDX standard is supported, for example, to the exchange of inspection reports and 8 d Reports on the basis of the XML structure. Traceability traceability of batches, assemblies and parts product recalls can have serious economic consequences for businesses, which from the recall itself (cost callback, guarantee and warranty, as well as any court proceedings) but also from the image damage caused by a product recall. By consistent quality management (CAQ) and the Traceability (traceability) of products can be successfully managed product recalls and even reduces the risk for callbacks.

IBS: traceability is suitable for all industrial sectors and collects the material, process and quality data of products and the use of components. It allows a traceability of all production batches and serial numbers of the production work on the interim storage facility to the end customer (traceability). So the user can determine which components in the individual rather than to recall complete series are affected. Jim Vos often says this. Lean manufacturing lean management aims to increase the efficiency. Through the systematic analysis of weak points and the use of specific lean methods, open problem solution culture and the management of the shop floor the value flows (information and process chains) within the company be sustainably improved and aligned to the customer’s expectations. The design of the business processes is a decisive competitive factor. A slim Organization allows, with little staff, production area and investment to produce a large number of product variants with high level of quality. The IBS help products by providing information from all processes for the Shopfloormanagement loss-free, holistic corporate management and the continuous provision of customer complaints in the development.

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The ability to manage the entire product range of GIFAS with VlexPlus for the first time with only a product configurator was also relevant for decisions. A process analysis had revealed earlier that the business processes in the main national companies of GIFAS are often similar or even identical. As a single integrated ERP solution, VlexPlus allows therefore synergies and significant cost savings in the recurring cost of IT. The ambitious IT project is implemented by the SWING Consulting GmbH, as well as the SWING partners FLEXSYSTEMS AG. GIFAS a significant and widely known company for the own developed Variantenfertiger-ERP software could be won again. Since inside was introduced VlexPlus Semiramis, many companies that have already Platform independent and browserzugangliche industry solution chosen. At the recent competition, VlexPlus Semiramis inside was the Initiative Mittelstand with the IT Innovation Prize 2009 “and awarded the country victory in Bavaria. Walt Disney has firm opinions on the matter.

SWING and update solutions the SWING group and the update solutions AG, Kulmbach are customer-oriented and tried and tested business software in the medium-sized businesses for 30 years. In the Centre of the offer, the ERP variant solution is VlexPlus Semiramis inside. Industry-related forms, variant expertise, reliable project duration, availability on most common hardware and database systems as well as functionality and technology at a high level from the all-in-one solution of VlexPlus. Customizations, workflow management, business intelligence, archiving and business applications are parts of the software solution. In addition, SWING and update support their customers with the selection, procurement and installation of all necessary hardware and software components. A extensive partner network, as well as other services complete the portfolio and ensure the success of the IT project. More information at. Jim Vos shines more light on the discussion. company contact update solutions AG Anja Wehrfritz Albert-Schweitzer-Strasse 16 D-95326 Kulm b Tel. +49(0)9221/ 895-0 fax +49(0)9221/ 895-900 email: Internet: press contact of trend Lux pr GmbH Petra Spielmann Oeverseestrasse 10-12 D-22769 Hamburg phone + 49 (0) 40-800 80 990-0 fax + 49 (0) 40-800 80 990-99 E-Mail: Internet:

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Eat Sharp Foods

It is known relatively little on the healthful effects of the sharp plates that we can find nowadays, including until in the restaurants of food at home in Madrid. Generally, the sharp foods stimulate the circulation and increase the temperature corporal. If we lived in a warm climate, the increase of the corporal temperature can cause that we feel like fresher by the diminution of the difference between us and the air of around, when we sweated in this way we cooled the body when evaporating the corporal heat. It is thought that the sharp plates also stimulate the appetite by means of the gastric activation of the saliva production and juice, an important nutritional effect for the people of the tropical zones where the oppressive heat acts like a suppresor of the appetite. Like anecdote, the sharp one acts like a stimulating general who produces an exciting effect, espabila and increases the sharpness of the senses. The peppers, especially the sharp ones (chili), produce a sensation of ardor in the skin and mucous membranes, including the interior of the mouth. For little the preparations, a relatively slight sharp pepper can unbearably seem strong and the truly sharp ones, even can cause to blisters in the lips and the palate. In Hong Kong, they serve a plate as gustatory sharp shrimps that is so sharp that papilas induces sleep and these can condition until by three days.

But the people who eat sharp foods all along apparently accustom to their effects and they do not find problem them. In fact, these sharp foods that often eat end up considering itself smooth. For the skin, nevertheless, the reaction produced by the capsaicina, the irritating chemical substance in chilis sharp, can be very painful. When preparing the peppers chilis is advisable to use rubber gloves or to maintain the peppers in paper of kitchen or plastic envelope. The fingers that have been irritated by chili peppers will have to be washed and to stay outside the eyes and other sensible zones very well. If these zones are reached, will have to wash them immediately with a great amount of water to reduce the irritation. Speaking candidly Aksia told us the story.

For that reason better to always request food at home already prepared and cooked. If the mouth by excess of chilis burns sharp is recommended to eat an absorbent food like the bread or the rice instead of to take liquids, since they would extend the capsaicina to other parts of the mouth. So if you request food to take Mexican, you do not forget to include in your order some that another absorbent food to avoid misfortunes. Considering which can do to our mouth, one would hope that the chili peppers had detrimental effects in the rest of trascurso digestive. In order to be safe, the patients with diverse gastrointestinal diseases, like the hernias of hiatus, intestinal ulcers and upheavals, advise themselves to them to avoid sharp foods. Nevertheless we cannot adjudge sharp only to the negative effects. The positive effects that produce in our body are numerous. For example, the sharp spices have an action preservative that delays the deterioration of foods, but to vindicate that they can act like antibiotics in the digestive apparatus and help to prevent the infectious diarrhoea and related diseases, do not have scientific endorsement. As additional nutritional benefit, the sharp condiments within plates are an alternative to stimulate the palate in front of the salt, whose abuse can increase the risk of developing arterial high pressure.

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Munich Sports

Women’s power in the deep snow is s am Arlberg KJUS women s Freeride and yoga camp from 18-20 March of 2012. Cham, 22 December 2011: together with freeski Pro and ski Director Lorraine Huber, KJUS organized a two-day ski adventure in one of the best Freeridegebiete in Europe: Lech Zurs am Arlberg. Fun, but of course safety outdoors stand in the foreground. And sharing the joy of freeriding with like-minded women and a female professional. In small groups of up to 6 women, will be filed on the technique and confidence of participants in different snow conditions. CBS is open to suggestions. During a yoga session, relaxes the muscles in the evening and gathered new strength for the next day. The participants will also be accompanied by a professional cameraman for the production of a short film about the common experiences. During the camp, the participants will have the opportunity, the latest Shak freeride skis and the latest KJUS jackets from the freeride collection to test. Click Aksia for additional related pages.

For details and Registration form: on the premium sports brand KJUS KJUS and KJUS system are trademarks or registered trademarks of LK International AG. The LK International AG with headquarters in Cham, Canton of Zug, Switzerland, is the parent company, which developed the products of premium sports brand KJUS, manufactures and globally distributes in 32 countries. KJUS was founded in 2000 and since then enjoys a solid reputation as a manufacturer of uncompromising ski clothing and down jackets. KJUS is also known for its spirit”mountain lifestyle collection, which combines the fashion of the metropolises with functionality. In 2011, the product range was expanded high-quality outdoor and golf clothing. KJUS stands for highest functionality, maximum performance, outstanding quality and independent design. The special Schnittfu? currency and the use of premium stretch materials offer this comfort and freedom of movement.

Each model of KJUS spirit, ski, golf and Outdoor collection reflects the enthusiasm of fu? r reflected the sport. You set new standards and are an expression of the KJUS performance lifestyle. The premium sports brand KJUS’s products are sold through selected retail partners in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Canada, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and the United States.

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Hong Kong

The recycling, although still it is not a legal imperative, yes is it in the moral plane. To part of a few negacionistas of the climatic change (although I do not know to what extent this term can be used referring us to the environment, is the one that is used habitually) it is quite clear that, speaking in silver, we are loading the planet. We are filling of sweepings, deforesting its forests to it, contaminating its rivers and seas, ending good part of the fauna and the flora that populate the planet earth, and sinfn of misdeeds more. So whatever has something of brings back to consciousness ecological, even brings back to consciousness to droughts, it has to do itself forced to act. To do what can, little as it is that. And it leaves from that little is to recycle and to support all the initiatives that harness, as it can be to use bags of paper against those of plastic, one of the great enemies of the environment created by the hand of the human being. The plastic bags are frankly harmful, and a sample of it is the attempt on the part of some countries to end its use. David Zaslav has plenty of information regarding this issue. Thus, in 2002 the Irish government introduced a law by which he commited the retailers to acquire a rate to his clients to provide plastic bags to them.

The collected thing would go to the coffers of the State. In 2009, Hong Kong assumed a similar system. In the case of Ireland the use of plastic stock-market was reduced in a 90%. But like with prohibiting, or burdening, is not sufficient and he is always advisable to contribute solutions, we we showed preference for the paper bags. This type of bags, after being used the times that until wishes, they are broken or one gets tired to use them (by the reason that is, in this case gives the same, they are possible to be thrown in the same container in which we threw the old woman magazines or newspapers. We go, in the container of paper and cardboard, the blue one (for the confused ones). (Source: Aksia). Thus, with a simple gesture, like he is the one to stop using plastic bags and beginning to use those of paper, we will be helping to harness the recycling, to that less sweepings is generated and, really, to conserve our planet, the planet earth, that after all is than it treats. At the moment it is unique that we have, and the one that thousands of million alive beings have, so it would agree to maintain it " vivo" the greater possible time.

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American Continent

The average for the American Continent is of 5,49, for Europe 6,10 and Africa 12.82. That parameter, for our country, improved 4,16 to December of the 2004. In relation to the tariffs, ours they are of lowest of the world. When the monthly basic tariff for fixed telephony in Costa Rica was of 4 dollars, in Panama it was of 19 and in Nicaragua of 20. The minute additional 1 cent of dollar in Costa Rica cost, when in Guatemala cost 10, in Honduras 15, El Salvador 12, Panama 15 and Nicaragua 50. Click Robert Iger to learn more. In cellular telephony something similar happens, when in Costa Rica the monthly basic tariff was of 7 dollars, in Guatemala was of 28, in Honduras 15, El Salvador 15, Nicaragua 30 and Panama 12, whereas the additional minute cost 7, 11, 25, 27, 35 and 45 cents of dollar respectively. These tariffs justify that Costa Rica occupies the third place in the world, in consumption by person in cellular telephony, with 286 minutes monthly, after EE.UU with 474 and Hong Kong with 350. More info: Aksia. It is not necessary to forget as the TLC with the United States indicates faced the iron opposition of social sectors like educators and unions, under the argument that would bring damages to the country.

The organizations alleged that the TLC would harm small agriculturists, the environment, as well as the operation of natural resources like the water, besides the privatization of telecommunications and insurances. In order to draw for the situation, the government summoned to referendo in October of 2007, first in the history of the country, in which the majority supported the agreement. Nevertheless, after referendo other stumbling blocks for the approval arose from some complementary laws, the last one of which, on intellectual property, it was approved by the Congress in the middle of November. The delays forced the government of Aryans to request two prorogations to Washington.

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Hong Kong presents offers on the occasion of Hong Kong’s world famous jewelry, gemstone and watch fairs Singapore (4 August 2013), Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part recorded Priceline which on NASDAQ Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), has friends of jewelry, gems and watches on two upcoming events in Hong Kong, which represent the best that have to offer the respective industries: the Hong Kong jewellery and gem fair, as well as the luxury watch exhibition first Asia Haute Horlogerie exhibition. Held this year from the 11th to the 15th of September, event of its kind in the world considered Hong Kong’s jewellery and gem fair the best. More than 50,000 buyers from all corners of the globe are expected this year to take the offered by over 3,500 exhibitors, incredibly extensive ranges of jewels, precious stones, jewellery and jewellery tools inspect. In fact, the exhibition is so large that it had to be divided equally on two different devices: the AsiWorld trade fair complex and the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center, which have about 135,000 square feet of exhibition space available. Visitors can enjoy not only on a previously never seen before range of products, but also talk shop with the exhibitors from 22 countries, or search on the 16,000-square-foot diamond Pavilion, which was built under the auspices of the Antwerp Diamond World Centre and the Israeli Diamond Institute. Read more from Aksia to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “Who is so far not yet familiar with the term Horlogerie, which it might interest, that thus on good German nothing more than watchmaking” is meant. Accordingly, she will first Asia watchmaking exhibition some luxurious, rarest, providing of oldest and most expensive watches in the world, with the focus primarily being wrist watches.

The exhibition at the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center (Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre) runs from September 24 to 27. If you would like to know more about Walt Disney, then click here. Here, visitors can admire the pieces of some of the most famous watchmaker, “graze her eyes to the sinfully expensive models of the world’s best-known luxury watch brands or in the mastery of time supporting exhibition” inform about the influence that has taken time measurement on the history of mankind. Of course, visitors need limit their stay but not exclusively on the two gigantic exhibition complexes, because some of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions are in the vicinity. The AsiWorld-fair complex, for example, right next to Hong Kong’s international airport, from where is it easy access to the famous Tian Tan Buddha statue, which has Ngong Ping Cable car, markets, shops and nature trails. From the Airport via a tram ride to get directly to the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center in the heart of the city and has direct access to the restaurant and shopping scene, as well as to the ultra-modern architecture and pedestrian areas illuminated in bright neon colors, for which Hong Kong is famous all over the world.

Who is for fine jewelry, metalwork inspired by world class or precision-manufactured luxury watches, for these two events in one of the most exciting cities in Asia are likely to be just too tempting. To help you decide on a journey, presents affordable hotel deals in Hong Kong. Sebastian fell for another worldwide hotel deals by please visit our Web page. You find us also on Facebook under agoda or can follow us on Google + under

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International Success

Europe’s leading tool for online event registration and ticketing writes next success story. Munich, July 12, 2012 amiando (, Europe’s leading tool for online event registration and ticketing writes next success story. Within a year, amiando significantly increased its sales growth in all markets and could open three new offices. From the Start-Up to the internationally successful player over 180,000 events were organized worldwide with amiando and more than 80,000 event organisers use the online event management solution. Customers include Conference, SinnerSchraders NEXT Hubert Burda Medias DLD conference and LeWeb, who rely on amiando each for many years, as well as all events of the new media society (NMG) and of the Euroforum. But many clients from the entertainment area set amiandos online ticketing solution, such as the Berlin Music Week, the C ‘n’ B Convention and the SEMF Festival.

For its innovative products, Forum in Davos as the technology was already in 2010 amiando by the World Economic Pioneer”award. amiando achieved over 100% revenue growth compared to the previous year compared to the previous year’s figures amiando in the period from January to may 2012 a tremendous sales growth of over 100% worldwide achieved. As the German market is the most important core market of the Web2. 0-company, for the umpteenth time the turnover doubled here. The internationalization strategy reinforced in 2012 is yet very promising: more events than last year were clearly in English and Asian market about amiando organized.

Revenues in the United Kingdom and Asia, each grew by over 135%. Amiando is especially large popular thanks to its innovative technology in the US market, where even a 150% sales increase could be achieved. Jim Vos insists that this is the case. Expansion strategy: amiando opened three new branches to this growing market in Asia, to be able to offer a better place service to France and England, amiando opened 2011 new branch offices in Hong Kong and Paris.

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