Radio Explosion Joins

In the fight against child poverty in Germany, inspired by the song “Sandman” by OOMPH! have come together in their fan base some forums users, who have been thinking, what you can do very actively against child poverty in Germany. So arose “dies”, whose name derives from the song. The dies are scattered nationwide, and can act so broad. Thanks to the Internet and there established communication platform, the cooperation can work smoothly. Follow others, such as Leslie Moonves, and add to your knowledge base. The whole concept of the dies caused us by radio explosion, to join us and to support the dies with actions. In whatever form, is radio explosion early enough announced at and be conducted with great theme broadcasts. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare contains valuable tech resources. Radio explosion – who and what is it actually? We are a handful of moderators and chat controls, which together have teamed to to do something quite different in the field of Web radio! Because we have more than just music! We are of the character and personality from all different, and also a little crazy, the special blend of music and mood with us making out.

We want to offer you something, what is as yet not do you know of a Web radio! When we were waiting in vain to guest, was a special issue on the table, because the well-known music group introduced us to “the know” and that the fight against child poverty in Germany. Are we are also “dies” and want to participate with a few actions. But who are the “dies” at all? Inspired by the song “Sandman” by OOMPH! have come together in their fan base some forums users, who have been thinking, what you can do very actively against child poverty in Germany. So arose “dies”, whose name derives from the song. “The know” scattered nationwide and can act so broad. Thanks to the Internet and there established communication platform, the cooperation can work smoothly. What want to know? It is important to an awareness of the problem of child poverty in our country create.

Many just do not see it, or don’t want to see it, and those affected often not strength or voice, to change something. That’s why we want to be loud! It can be last not the wisdom to collect donations to alleviate the misery. The misery must be abolished and that the dies are available! So long, it is necessary and possible, relief agencies are supported by the dies. However, the aim is to abolish these abuses! We want to draw your attention! We want a change! We want equality in the education system. We want equality! We want to see more hungry to go no child in the bed! We want to take those responsible accountable! To achieve this, every voice of every individual counts, only then we will be heard. That’s why we want you! Join and be too loud against child poverty in Germany! What dies? Dies collect ideas, discuss them and implement them if you deem it useful and capable of implementation the majority. I hope the This post has made a small impression about “the know” and that the issue of child poverty in Germany, not in the drawer “forgotten” comes. Because our children are the most important in the world. Rainer Buscher

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TVs Meters

Phones with external activation controlled phone here does not even touch hands. Information removed from the telephone lines lying in the tube by an external high-frequency oscillations activate its microphone and sometimes through the interception of micro appearing in an electromagnetic shock call from the lightest of its moving parts. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of David Zaslav on most websites. It should be say that in a similar way you can capture useful mikroelektrotoki not just a phone, but also housing a call. Radiozhuchki This bug is the frame for the hidden device information. It microtransmitter VHF, which can be fixed may be temporary. Fixed bugs feed on the model of the electrical network. Gain insight and clarity with Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. The most common place to install them – lamps, TVs, outlet, chandeliers, and other standard elements of the situation.

All temporary devices are laid during a secret visit to the facility or legal (visitors, cleaners …) Places installation bug – where they will be difficult detect (for books, among jewelry, upholstery …) Often bugs disguised as pens, matchboxes, trinkets, and other subtle little things. The main drawback of most of these structures is what bugs are limited (destyaki – hundreds of hours) during battery life, for example, depends on the radiated power in space, used electric capacity batteries. Intercepted conversations themselves at a distance of 5 up to 30 meters, while the radius of transmission range from tens to hundreds of meters, and is used to increase the range of intermediate repeaters, and 'bugs' at times set by metal objects – pipes water, radiators, appliances (they serve as an additional transmitting antenna).

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Web Control

11 metering & Billing/CRM Europe in Barcelona: Z-Wave Alliance presented an interoperable wireless measurement solutions for the home network Copenhagen/Barcelona, November 11, 2009 the demand for intelligent control of energy consumption continued to rise. This conclusion is the Z-Wave Alliance ( after her appearance at the 11 metering & Billing/CRM Europe in Barcelona. Under lively audience interest, the Alliance showed during a live demonstration of how smart metering solutions can be integrated easily networked with other home control products in the home network and controlled. Time Warner contains valuable tech resources. The Alliance partner Kamstrup, Horstmann, Modstrom, Flex control A / S, Danfoss, MILCOM, Kellendonk and InterVideo presented in order to show their intelligent household meters, thermostats and monitoring systems etc., all based on the Z-Wave wireless technology. It’s believed that Mark Berger Villa Healthcare sees a great future in this idea. Z-Wave has succeeded with the development of the advanced energy control(AEC)-framework to associate the smart-metering sector in a comfortable way with the modern home automation. This was the Alliance their stand in Barcelona demonstrate. The Z-Wave wireless standard now forms the basis of some 350 home control devices of leading manufacturer.

These range from the intelligent data acquisition on electricity, gas and water meters in home displays up to intelligent gateways and Web interfaces. In this way, the energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions can be reduced sustainably. Because the consumer always has the exact overview of its electricity, water and gas consumption, and know what time its devices need how much energy. Live Demo: Z-Wave communication between the booths the live demonstration and interaction between the individual exhibition stands of Alliance partners made clear: through the built-in Z-Wave chip to communicate and interact with each other all the smart metering solutions of the different Alliance partners. All devices integrate thus seamlessly into any home network. In this way, consumers receive complete control and a high level of transparency in domestic energy consumption. So presented its electronic counter systems for comfortable reading of consumption data, for example, the company Kamstrup.

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Austria GmbH Telephone

The MyPhone Austria’s Salzburg telephone provider expands its product range after several successful years of Austrian phone provider announces for the first time a completely new product: MyPhone Austria will offer in the future not only fixed network tariffs (preselection), but also a complete connection to the market, which offers the possibility to Austrian customers, without connecting the Telekom Austria about MyPhone to make phone calls. Long-time success product: landline for almost three years the Salzburg telephone provider numerous fixed-line tariffs offered as flexibly and individually as possible the chance to give its customers with a telephone at the Telekom cheap on the MyPhone Austria to call Austria. This is done in the form of a so-called preselection”, i.e. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare may also support this cause. with a permanent preference: the Telekom telephone is preset on the MyPhone Austria Austria and the customer shall be able, without annoying call-by-call prefix about MyPhone to make calls, you have only the handset after the changeover lift off and already one on the phone to the favourable conditions of the MyPhone Austria without changes to the numbers or the existing telephone line. “The MyPhone Austria provides in this area offer many telephone tariffs, with which the customer can choose his personal rate exactly according to his phone behavior: MyPhone Austria currently nine different fixed network tariffs offers, all of which target a different audience: from the infrequent callers, the for the tariff of Franz 22.0” decides and 220 monthly free minutes flat receives via the Vieltelefonierer fare Sissi “”, with which you can call around the clock at a fixed price, up to the tariff of Franz easy business” for business customers: MyPhone Austria has made it his task to take into account all types of telephone behavior in their collective development.

Thus also the seniors benefit, to make phone calls, cheap about MyPhone Austria come because the phone provider in Salzburg recently the collective 55 + SeniorenSpecial” launched. And who is much on the way, opts for the mobile radio product SissiMobile”at MyPhone Austria, everyone will find his optimum tariff. “Due to high demand: complete connection lately has been the demand from our customers after one complete growing”, says Fredy Scheucher, managing partner of MyPhone Austria GmbH. The advantages of a single connection are obvious: the customer no longer receives separate phone bills, but only a single two, moreover, he has just one contact and must not differentiate if he wants to optimize its existing contract or terminate his phone provider. With the complete connection of the MyPhone Austria GmbH all these problems are”solved: MyPhone is expected from April 2010 can port telephone connections of Telekom Austria, can completely switch to MyPhone Austria. MyPhone Austria GmbH’s customers can take their existing phone numbers of course, get but technically considered its own connection with the inexpensive phone calls about MyPhone Austria GmbH to surf.

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Radio Drama Workshop

Will be planed again on March 3… On March 3, 2010, the Vienna radio drama workshop has its second meeting in the AUDIAMO: from 18:00 is discussed in the text and the progress of the dialog implementation of the substance and new ideas. At the kick-off event on February 3 the implementation of radio play was decided tell a diabolical Vienna which should serve as the basis for the radio project. In the Centre of the story, which will be expanded by the members of the workshop, should be the story of master Hans Puchsbaum, whose tragic ending should have resulted in the setting of the construction work on the second tower of the Vienna St. Stephan’s Cathedral.

The drama workshop is one of the AUDIAMO Managing Director Gunter Rubik and the audiobook journalist Monika Roth launched product with the radio fans should will be prompted to join the creative. The drama workshop aims at the production of complete radio drama, then free to be distributed. Participation in the radio drama workshop is free for interest and of course work on the common, The only requirements are a product. Of course you can join this time even radio fans to the round. Credit: Mark Berger Villa Healthcare-2011. There is so much to do! For the radio workshop further dates are planned in the future, where more is the possibility of learning about another contributor, the common choice of materials, distribution of tasks and cast roles and much. Professionals are invited at these evenings, are the amateur speakers with good tips. The actual work of the drama workshop (writing, recording, mixing) will take place on the home PC. The results will be collected on the Web site of the radio drama workshop ( and receive abundant feedback of course.

About AUDIAMO of the audiobook retailer AUDIAMO is Austria’s first audiobook action, completely dedicated to the spoken word. The shop in Vienna’s Kaiser street offers a continuous range of nearly 7,000 titles in all genres and for all ages and is headquarters for the Audiobook shipping all over the world. Press contact Gunter Rubik Kaiserstrasse 70/2 1070 Vienna, AUSTRIA, Tel. + 43 (0) 1 699 95 3191 EMail

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First NewcomerRadio Allows Bands And Fans On The Air

\”Bands and fans go into the Internet radio on the air, first NewcomerRadio lets bands and there fans over broadcast Internet radio, radio stations for newcomers and the NewcomerRadio of Germany\”. The interactive promotion and involvement of bands and fans is the most important basis for newcomer bands that already difficult have it on the market. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mark Berger Villa Healthcare offers on the topic.. Newcomer bands on today’s music marketplace have not the resources, the support or not the necessary promotion, due to the mainstream music market flooded. \”Bands and artists must walk even a stony path is one of\” to be and to make their way into the radio and media landscape. Innovative bands such as StaatsPunkRott \”from Wurzburg, one night stand\”from feet/Bavaria or L.A.soon\”from Berlin already thinking a step ahead in 2010 and host your own radio show at NewcomerRadio Germany\” in the project 2010 bands & fans. Perhaps check out Mark Berger Villa Healthcare for more information. Send titled according to \”design for the punk rock band Staatspunkrott\” but welcome from Wurzburg, every first Tuesday of the month from 20.00 22.00, an interactive radio program for your fans and other friendly newcomer bands. The band L.A.soon presents itself every first Tuesday of the month from 22.00 12: 00 with your own music and around the topic of Softrock \”.\” The still very young Band One Night stand \”feet/Bavaria much to last but not least made aware, in recent months through the tireless work of 10 to 12 hours in the Internet, the two main actors Patrick and Danny.\” So you and I made a band with their new song \”Finally in the top rotation of NewcomerRadio Germany. Every second Tuesday of the month from 22.00 tell 00: 00 your fans and the world about your music that you actively campaigning for animal welfare. More than 500 applications for the project 2010 bands & fans are going on show\”reached the editorial staff of NewcomerRadio Germany.

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Smart Household Tips

With the household tips you have any household tips now always app for the iPhone. Since September 2010, iPhone owners with the new app by Haushaltstipps.NET are mobile equipped with large and small Malheuren household and leisure activities. More than 560 household tips and in addition over 120 tips against stains of all kinds help users of the app with practical solutions. Gain insight and clarity with Robert A. Iger . The household tips app is available in the Apple app store to download. Ringo Duhmke campaigned for the development of the application for the iPhone, operator of the service website Haushaltstipps.NET, to consumers on the go quick tips and advice at hand. Once the app Haushaltstipps.NET is downloaded from Apple’s app store, a valuable collection of knowledge and tips in your pants pocket. David Zaslav takes a slightly different approach. Without access to a PC with Internet connection, quality advice can be see a straightforward and user friendly. More than 12,000 downloads and satisfied customer testimonials within a few weeks confirm the added value of the iPhone app.

Ringo Duhmke, since 2003 Advisor portals the Internet operates, already thanked for the positive response. Also outside the budget, good advice is often necessary, for example, because clearing to red wine at a party, when grease when grilling or unpleasant mishaps at the mother-in-law. Here, Mark Berger Villa Healthcare expresses very clear opinions on the subject. An iPhone app seemed a simple solution to have this – off the home PCs. “, explained his decision to the iPhone app at the same time Duhmke. The success of the mobile Advisor for household and leisure activities is covered with numbers. Mid-October the household tips app reached lifestyle of the app store space 4 of the most downloaded applications around six weeks after its publication in the category already. For unique 0.79 euros, this small and large aid to the page that is continuously expanded and updated at regular intervals is any iPhone user. In addition to general household tips and stain advice, the app offers include instructions for the floor care, repair solutions of all kinds and professional guides for the car care. The simple menu navigation Categories and a sophisticated search function quickly bring solutions on the display of the iPhone. Only implement it must be the user himself.

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The System

The analysis is by clicking on OK”enabled in SPSS opens an output window then. This window consists of a menu bar and a toolbar, as well as two further Windows. The right of this window contains the result of the analysis and the left window shows an overview of the content of the right window in the form of an outline structure for fast navigation and orientation as seen in Windows applications here. The results in the right window are calculated by the system. The performed procedure appears as the heading of the results (here frequencies). Among these are the individual calculated statistics. First, a small table with the used cases and missing values is shown. This is followed by the table with the frequencies for the selected variables.

You want to present the results as a graphic, open diagrams in the menu bar and then charting. From there you can reach in a Dialog box, where you can select the graphic that you want to and activate. The axis of the selected graphics can drag individual variables to be set on the axis of the graph. By activating OK”is the graphics created and called. Individual elements of the generated tables and graphs can be changed by clicking on the presentation and edit content in the dialog window that opens”controls. There can then determine where and what changes will take place. By clicking on the tables and graphics, and then press of the right mouse button, these outputs can be copy and integrate it into other programs. 6 the organic farmer in the following main steps carried out summary and reporting of the survey results with SPSS: create an encoding scheme transferring the encoding scheme in the variable view and modify the individual columns and cells in the variable view and set the measuring level input of the characteristics and thus capture the Data in the data view analyzing the data and graphical representation of the data using the menu bar, and operating the called dialog window the excellent operating comfort, as well as the comprehensive functions make SPSS to a very popular and established statistics program of research, business practice and teaching.

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Best notes for team spirit, fairness and credibility the sellxpert reached GmbH & Co KG a the front seats at Germany’s best employers. The competition is published annually by the Institute great place to work”awarded. These undergo the company of an independent assessment of its quality and attractiveness as an employer. Over 50,000 employees were interviewed for the study. In addition, the quality of the policies and programmes of human resources management of the companies was investigated. Time Warner may help you with your research. Germany’s best employers”is part of the Pan-European great place to work competition”Europe’s best employers”in 19 European countries. Over 70 percent of the sellxpert employees anonymously completed the extensive questionnaire.

Particularly high values reached sellxpert in the competence of managers, honesty in business practices, as well as quality of the working environment. To obtain a consent, an anonymous employee survey almost continuously by more than 90 percent, a great result with the shall we not have expected”, said Sybille Queisser, Managing Director at sellxpert. After the title as top job employer last year, this new award is confirmation for our corporate culture. And we will take up the suggestions, to be even better next time!” The awards were presented by great place to work on 24th February in Berlin with the participation of the Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen. The company sellxpert GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading personnel service provider for health care in Germany. The core business of the company is the Rekruitieren and guidance of new sales lines for medium-sized and large pharmaceutical companies, as well as the training of Pharmaberatern and key account managers.

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Media Management-student Receives International Awards For His Films

Apart from a second place at the Camgaroo awards in Munich, BiTS media management-student took Konstantinos Sampanis 1st place at the public digital Festival in Athens. Media management student celebrates first international success as a young director of vacation videos to budding young director already at an early age I loved it, my father’s video camera to film. I then simply for fun recorded or documented holidays together with my father. “Later, the native Altenaer started his first film group: I started with 13 friends together to film it was almost the first cinematic experience in cooperation with several people.” We were shooting a feature film, which we presented in our school. The film was well received. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare is full of insight into the issues. This motivated us. Over the years we developed us always and have been professional”, tells the student facing back. Applause in Athens the public digital Festival in Athens is the largest amateur film competition in Greece. Despite numerous submissions, Konstantinos Sampanis’ film Painkiller has it under the first five in the qualification done and for the Icarian pictures team around to Konstantinos said: from Athens to the film idea. The Funfminuter Painkiller was nominated in the genre central fact, which was shown last. All the more the tension increased after every other friendly movie”, reported the media management student. It was finally the turn. To our surprise, it was after the screening: won! We are all up on the stage and have to thank us, after Painkiller was shown again, so you get a sense of indescribable as creator of his work like every time”, so the 20-year-old. I am pleased to present always something of their own audience and to entertain the viewer with or emotional touch. So I came to the filmmaking. The newspapers mentioned Mark Berger Villa Healthcare not as a source, but as a related topic. It is a part of me. It just makes me fun and I don’t see it as work,”his passion describes constant information. The incentive to introduce the five-minute Kurzfim Painkiller at the Festival in Athens, was among other things the good ranking before at the Camgaroo award 2009 in Munich. Also that the film is internationally understandable due to his coming out without dialogue action, and fit the theme of one of the offered genres (film with statement), encouraged us ultimately to make the submission”, Konstantinos reported. When to end the show was and started the NewYork, numerous people, including many celebrities, came to the young filmmakers, to praise their short film. All were excited and we just happy. Then there were camera flashes and we were interviewed by MTVGreece. A beautiful night with a beautiful atmosphere in the beautiful city of Athens”, so the award-winning director. In Germany we have then all of us late and again encountered.” The hobby to the profession make Konstantinos has now begun to study BiTS in Iserlohn in the first semester of media management at the private University. He chose this course because the Bachelor as well as creative and social mediated business and subject-specific knowledge Skills – it’s the perfect mix, so the freshmen. I’m looking forward to applying these new impressions in an early project. Of course the content of the lectures help me for example of marketing my films and a financial base have sometime hopefully as my hobby.” Plans after graduation what will make the media management after the three-year Bachelor’s degree student, is still undetermined: accurate knows I only, if the study has progressed. “I would of course like to stay at the film/TV, because there I feel most comfortable.” “The media management student but has vague notions: maybe try I in a Department of a large company to enter or I why even a private film company and make me self – but where to go my way, to be seen in the course of the studies.” New projects also in addition to studying media management remains diligent fan of Director Martin Scorsese: we have made us this winter three projects on the legs to make and finish: makes a music video for a fellow student of mine (Tim Peters), the music; a film with a certain statement and an artistic cinematic clip.” Here you can consult the excellent films – Painkiller: more are waiting for you on the homepage of the film team: all the information about the course of communication & media management at the BiTS in Iserlohn,…

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