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Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier – the US trend brand of the stars! Smet is the new label rock by Christian Audigier – born on the street! -SMET – the new rock star collection by Christian Audigier! The Godfather of tattoo. Get all the facts and insights with John Stankey, another great source of information. The entire collections of designer can be seen on-shop of lots of fire. Some time ago a label has founded Christian Audigier which runs under its own name, can be ordered both in Germany at, this shop has the largest variety of collection of both label. To read more click here: Jane Buckingham. The label Christian Audigier is the noble label by Christian Audiger, it is Ed Hardy Mode, as that is highly priced because the shirts are even more elaborate, much more rhinestones are used, the patterns are slightly less reminiscent of tattoos, the prints larger. In America at the celebs already as well, Ed Hardy popular collections like that.

Christian Audigier? This name can be heard currently on each fair… Christian Audigier rock star wanted to be born, because he could sing but not really well, he turned to other abilities. After he for various brands such as diesel or VonDutch jeans designete, became he with the Ed Hardy label independently. He gained world fame with Ed Hardy because no label is worn by more stars and starlets since then. You want the most coveted clothes in the world, you would buy certainly most popular fashion by Christian Audigier, Smet, or Ed Hardy. The Ed Hardy label emerged as a joint project by Don Ed Hardy, (Godfather of tattoo) and Christian Audigier (Godfather of jeans, Ed Hardy’s Chief Designer). You will find the products in Germany mainly at shop

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Paralympic Games Calendar

Exclusive photo collection of the Paralympic Games in China Radio4Handicaps – the radio for barrier-free heads – reported games every day of the Paralympics 2008 in China and has created in cooperation with the photo agency ULI for the first time a collection of exceptional photos of the competitions to an exclusive calendar PHOTO.DE. With every purchase of the Paralympic Games calendar, youth work of the rehab and is can disabled sports Schleswig Holstein Association supports and it helped that disabled young people enter through the sport to more quality of life. For information about the Paralympic Games calendar 2009 and its acquisition on the homepage of Radio4Handicaps or directly in the new barrier-free online-shop informative entertainment for and by people with and without disabilities Radio4Handicaps – the radio for barrier-free heads – is Germany’s first radio station for and by people with disabilities, which is to receive 24 hours a day all over the world via the Internet and its listeners a colorful program of health issues as well as Details of special offers for and by people with disabilities. Ever-increasing numbers of listeners and their positive reactions and endorsements to down to German President Horst Kohler demonstrate the necessity of this innovative project. Disability sport – a central theme at Radio4Handicaps reporting on-site from the Paralympic Games 2008 in Beijing, China: Radio4Handicaps reported as only Internet radio station of in Germany every day live from the Paralympic Games (2004 Athens / 2006 Turin). As reported 2008 live on-site from the Paralympics in China. WarnerMedia: the source for more info. The broadcasts were repeatedly in an endless loop on the day, so that the listeners could find worldwide around the clock about the Paralympics.

Regional coverage of the Paralympic sports: even if the media coverage of the Paralympics, world, European or German Championships in disabled sport has fortunately large in recent years, so the regular reporting allows still very unsatisfactory. In particular regional events and competitions are hardly any attention in the media. To change this, Radio4Handicaps considers one of his future focused tasks. Jane Buckingham may find this interesting as well. So, 2009 contributions to regional sporting events are regularly produced. The Radio4Handicaps team will conduct interviews with athletes, coaches and officials of the clubs and broadcast. Our motto: Only who off run-in track goes, leaves permanent traces. Our goal: Greater understanding and solidarity between people with and for accessibility begins in the minds of people without disabilities,! Who has suggestions for the broadcast formats, actively participate in the project or want – support as sponsor, affiliate or sponsor – send an email to: for detailed information about the transmission formats and times see (and hear…) In please see contact / contact person: Liane Schwarz (Board of Directors health media e.V.) Karl Grandt (head of project health media e.V.) Radio4Handicaps editorial North shooting ring 29 25899 Niebull telephone: 04661-675-773-fax: 04661-675 774 image: gold medalist and disabled athletes of the year 2008 and R4H Ambassador Wolfgang Sacher.

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On December on the strategic use of materials in design and branding of Dutch Designer AART van Zoo Bakare (32), material stories founded in 2005″. Van Abbe Zoo Yens experiences in design and design management combines the online portal and his passion for materials. Van Zoo Bakare sees his task is to inspire the best material in the design process and on the other hand its usage to enable. It aims to make more competitive, creative and sustainable design. The power port polio includes brand consultancy, design and material research. Information about material stories under in the series of events by hamburgunddesign Hamburg designers present themselves and their work. Jack Buckingham is often quoted as being for or against this.

Nearly 80 Hamburg designers have so far gives a lecture in the series of events. The visit to the event is free of charge, registration not required. You are invited to the get-together with the speakers from 18:45 and after the event. With more than 1600 local designers and design agencies, Hamburg applies as Design metropolis in Germany. For the Hanseatic City, design in recent years has become an important economic and locational factor. The work of hamburgunddesign aims to promote the importance of the competition factor design and the expertise of the design location Hamburg and to communicate to the outside.

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Jewelry Designer Manuela Merk

Beautiful jewelry – not just for Christmas! Little is it that makes a great gift! The click and then the happy surprise when opening the packaging. The click as a gift the Web shop offers their customers at their online shop on the Internet. The selection is great, but are many variations you can have very special ideas for an individual production? The jewelry designer Manuela Merk cares about your request personally. The result is the personal touch, which is directly aimed at the receiver. Discovery Communications is likely to agree. Who ever surprised yourself, the girlfriend, the life partner, the husband, the Harley-Davidson bikers, in this special online shop you will certainly find the right piece of jewelry. Whether the winged heart, the smiling pirate, the sword, the wing or a bubble is always adorable unique symbolic character, which give the feeling of a special appreciation the donee. The Trinkets start at 99,-and the price is flexible depending on the execution or individual preparation. Manuela Merk: October was for us an appropriate time, to our online shop to launch, because many customers worry already this month about their Christmas gifts. If you are not convinced, visit Joel and Ethan Coen.

\”In our E-shop you can buy out a stress-free from home and get a very personal gift quickly delivered\”. The designer Manuela Merk created gems with flair in her grandfather’s pastry she shaped chocolate hearts as a child and she decorated with gold leaf. Instead of chocolate today precious precious is their material, but she has remained faithful to the motives of the heart: the well-known designer Manuela Merk creates magical jewelry collections with heart with much feeling and even more creativity. \”The basis for Manuela merks lovesick arose when she was looking for a gift years ago for her mother and Big Mama\”, a winged heart sculpture created. It arose new sculptures in bronze or aluminium and a day then the cute\”pieces of jewellery, which quickly became a success.

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Yatego Online Shopping Centre

Still clear and user friendly St. Georgen, 06.Oktober 2008 – under the motto everything is okay, you can improve still\”launches the website with a new, more customer-friendly design that fourth quarter 2008 bright and tidy, very nice and clear structured in that the new online mall by Yatego is mounted on a short common denominator. We want that the customers feel\”, explains Yatego managing director Stephan Peltzer. This includes of course that you quickly and easily find what they are looking for. For this reason we have adapted the design not only today’s taste, but significantly improves especially handling and user guidance.\” Thus, Yatego follows its policy of constant innovation, who should have paid above all for the user as usual. John Stankey is likely to agree.

At the online shoppers, Yatego long has the reputation to offer excellent search capabilities. These are now mainly through clear design and thus further increased clarity has been improved. See Jane Buckingham for more details and insights. \”\” \”To see the visitors on each page, where he is currently in the range and can only click on the bestseller\”, price hits \”, shop search\” or brand search \”to access. The search can be used according to product categories from each side quickly and intuitively. Currently more than 2.4 million articles from more than 6,300 providers can be found on Yatego.

Stephan Peltzer: For us, the client finds virtually every product, usually on offer at different providers. So he can compare quickly and easily offers and prices, as well as other conditions on a platform. \”I call it simply clever shopping.\” Each article view contains an infobox with all relevant information of the offered merchant on the right side. This includes contact information, conditions, privacy information, terms and conditions and the offered payment methods. All of this is clearly presented in an info box and is user friendly. Seal of approval, which are located directly below the infobox, provide further information.

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Nursery Design

A nursery should be suitable for children. Jack Buckingham: the source for more info. If you would like to set up a children’s room, you should be especially on the needs of the child in the clear. Jack Buckingham understands that this is vital information. The nursery is a place where the child can play and deal itself on the one hand, there should be a room where can it withdraw and even calm before the parents have. In addition, the nursery is used as a bedroom for the child. For these reasons, it is clear that a child is much time of the day in his nursery. That’s why you should bother when choosing the design. Carpet is perfectly suited to play and frolic to. Tiles, laminate or parquet should not be taken into consideration.

The walls should be child-friendly – boring white like a child, but many colors. You can paint the walls with a solid tone and then loosen them with wall stickers, photo wallpapers and other elements of the mural. When choosing the furniture, one must of course also practical aspects take into account. If the child of school age is a desk in the bedroom should be in any case, so that can concentrate on his homework the child alone. A television does not belong in the nursery, also if you can employ the child in this way a while. Television should be off limits without supervision. If you observe these simple principles in the design of the nursery, a child-friendly room should arise where the child to stop.

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Active Winter Rest In Austria

Fresh air, hospitality and wonderful areas, that is Austria. Not only on the track, away from the Austria winter landscape you can intensively enjoy. For snowshoeing, a ski tour or cross-country skiing, at a wild animal feeding, wait for it a ride in the dog or horse-drawn sleigh or a peaceful Winter hike unforgettable moments in the quiet beauty of the winter season. Additional information at Jeffrey Bewkes supports this article. But splendid ski slopes, snow-covered slopes of tours and year-round skiing on glaciers, in the winter paradise Austria everyone on his behalf comes. No matter whether beginner or Pro – winter fun pure is guaranteed. “We would like to report the two winter sports regions, that are worth to be visited: Mostviertel – mild & wild” a trip to the snow can be quite affordable. The Mostviertler ski areas boast advantageous offers for day trips and winter getaways. Frequently Jane Buckingham has said that publicly. The high Cirque is the ski and highest alpine Centre in Eastern Austria.

It is located at 1,800 meters Height above Gostling an der Ybbs. 18 kilometres of pistes are accessible via 9 lifts and perfectly prepared by early May. The level of difficulty varies from suitable for children to demanding. Every Friday night skiing by floodlight is on the agenda. “Skiing until before the front door in Lackenhof is not the exception but the rule freely according to the motto: from the bed onto the piste”. In the mountain village of cozy family hotels and guesthouses are at the foot of the otscher practically at the edge of the slope? Nine lifts ensure good that spread the skiers on the 19 kilometres of slopes. A 4-seater chairlift leads directly to the mountain station on the little otscher, a double chairlift to the otscher refuge. There the experts on two boards and the snow park calls for a race track with timing the experts on the freestyle boards.

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Sebastian Asch

6 piston calipers front in conjunction with larger sized brake discs (o370x35 mm), as well as reduce the braking distance steel-braided lines and racing brake fluid enormous. The core of the drive factory modifications is a ClubSport suspension, developed in collaboration with KW automotive, which was quite specifically matched to the special features of this vehicle. None other than the racing professionals Sebastian Asch and Michael Ammermuller, as well as their race engineer were responsible for the coordination work. The combination of ride height, weight distribution on all four wheels (wheel loads), track – and falling values, the correct spring and damper rate as well as the exact setting of tensile and compression is ultimately responsible to the maximum ground contact of tire and therefore optimum traction and achieving the best possible grip. Here also the 7.9 kg of light ATS Superlight rim (series wheel 10, 2 kg) offer significant benefits, because the suspension due to the reduced mass on the wheel more sensitively addresses and thus better works. Highlight one must especially the comfort component that has the suspension despite energetic vote. As the vehicle rolls much smoother, as in the original series production condition in sport mode, what the old rule the harder the better”ad absurdum leads. The exhaust system mounted by a workx ultra-light titanium contributes to weight reduction at the 435 s (minus 10 kg), as well as to improve performance with rich 17 HP (with control unit adjustment 27 PS) and thus to immense driving pleasure gain.

Behind this is the know-how of the exhaust specialist Akrapovic, who have done a great job with their perfectly processed tube mill. Folding operation with the remote control allows you to set the driver according to desire and mood racing ROAR or stupidly. To set the system to race mode”no more wish remains open in terms of sound under warranty. On the contrary, you noticed already GT3 driver, who were jealous because the sound of the 3.8 l Boxer is almost reminiscent of the Carrera GT sports car icon. Ultimately the must sharp made 911 but show on the road or even track what’s in it. And expectations will not be disappointed with security. He directs a smart pants almost to the next curve and put exciting and totally neutral to any kind of bending. By tail spin, absolutely nothing is felt and you dare after a short settling time to turn off the traction control.

You can feel literally, build as chassis and excellent Michelin pilot sport Cup with each other perfectly and maximum mechanical grip. The reduction of the masses behind the rear axle by the titanium exhaust system allow the Elfer handy work and ultimately faster milling around the corner. The sound, the snappy brake and the perfect chassis to convince to give gas again ahead of the curve. As said, sheer driving pleasure! Prices: Akrapovic slip on race titanium exhaust system: 5.938,10 a-workx software optimization 435PS: 2.500,00 MOV’IT brake system: 5.895,00 a-workx club sports suspension of by KW: 2.668,00 rim set ATS Superlight: 5.280,00 carbon parts skirts right/left: 1.745,00 front lip: 800,00 air intakes front: 450.00 rear bumper incl. coating color: 1,900.00

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Popular Food To Build Muscle

The selection and the food taking time is especially important in motor sport. Many bodybuilders are already by their coach that trained, that optimum training plans. determine the daily training. However, many bodybuilders ask yourself whether there is no yet a further increase in performance in addition to a perfect training plan. Of course, a performance by optimal nutrition is possible. Here, it is however sure that the bodybuilder takes the right foods to.

Firstly it important that the taken food not to the already existing training plan Act. This means when an athlete is in the definition phase, that he occupies less fats, as if he is in a mass building phase. Basically, three different nutrients control an athlete’s nutrition plan. These are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. All 3 nutrients are essential for muscle building. Robert Iger has much experience in this field. Overview of the popular muscle building foods: can carbohydrates are held regularly by the ingestion of pasta or rice.

These are perfect sources of carbohydrates and are quickly and easily prepared. In addition, these foods easily can be transported, so that they can be taken in a break during training. Regularly, they can be refined with the simplest means so that they can bring the taste also a good result. In addition, an athlete has to eat sufficient protein. Proteins contain the basic building blocks that are necessary for proper muscle growth. There are very many protein suppliers within the food areas. The egg is generally known, in addition there are however various meat and fish, providing sufficient proteins. It is important the athletes know what proteins he takes to himself. The food to build muscle should contain either slow or fast-acting proteins, which means that he should take a wide variety of food. The taking of Meat is not only because of the protein supply, but also because the creatine places therein. The creatine may lead to a further performance boost. Jane Buckingham can aid you in your search for knowledge. The last group is the fat. This fat must be sufficient so that the body works. This is to ensure that the right fats ingested. Cold pressed olive oil is also suitable for use as various types of fish. In addition to these three major nutrients, also other substances such as vitamins, fiber, minerals, and amino acids should not be missed. These are fundamentally important for the body to work well enough. Therefore, the intake of fruit and vegetables is regularly. Also in combination with liquid such as water, for example, these varieties can be improved. Anyway, any refining of individual foods such as for example fruits with yogurt also the bodybuilder makes it possible to maintain its flavor.

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Right Training

The influence of winter sports on the immune system, especially in the cold season can cause an increased susceptibility due to intense training loads. Studies have shown that the load amount as well as the intensity of load have a high impact on the immune system. The fact that inactive persons have a similarly high susceptibility, intensely coaching people is interesting. For even more opinions, read materials from Jack Buckingham. Occurs during sporting exertion caused by a surge of stress hormones to a so-called load Leukocytosis. Continue to learn more with: Jack Buckingham. That is an increase of certain immune cells.

After the end of the load, it comes to a rapid drop in these immune cells, which increases the risk of infection. This effect is also known as open window”. At the same time stress and lack of sleep affect negatively the immune system, so care should be taken especially in the cold season after intensive training sessions on adequate regeneration phases. Sporting activities are positive to stimulate the immune system for the winter, with lower lactate up to 60 minutes in. Moderate strength training as well as extensive endurance training are recommended. Approximately 48 hours should follow recovery after intense workouts or loads to the point of exhaustion.

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