SMEs Venezolanas

SMEs, mostly not adequately handled the satisfaction of external customers and many fewer internally, do not have a clear understanding of service culture, not to make decisions based on facts (through statistical techniques) and an expense is considered in staff skills development through training. Esafely has much to offer in this field. 8. The lack of motivation which is currently evident at the level of workers directly impacts on the results of the effective management of processes and outcomes in the quest to meet targets aimed at the satisfaction of needs of customers in general. 9. Proper absence of the role of market that will strengthen the concept of sale: kept the old paradigms and structures in supply and demand, and especially in the conceptualization of what is marketing focusing only on sales and not on the formal screening strategies for enterprise and study of needs of actual and potential customers. 10.

Serious weaknesses in the develop skills and knowledge management: every day is evidenced more than senior managers and owners of SMEs Venezolanas are unaware of the importance of management skills and lack of training in modern managerial topics that allow you to project the performances of the company towards new perspectives of the global environment. 11. Disregard for promote new participatory and entrepreneurial managers because a market research does not promote nor projected performances by companies based on a real strategic planning. Definitely there are many challenges and changes that need to be considered by the general management and the markets, if you really want to participate adequately in a scenario as the national that is turbulent, but that also offers opportunities that lead to give way to a new vision of the role of markets, to consider new trends and define the functions necessary to deal with the situation. The next article will give some suggestions and presented other opinions on the matter.

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Ivan Zuluaga Energy

This was the owner of the newspaper the day time Wednesday, which also echoed at the international level and although we must not disregard the merits that have been able to influence to get our country so oversized and slight improvement, that if, by the Government, it must be said that that day knew that public universities are on the brink of bankruptcy; There is a gap in the budget for this year of about a billion and a half of weights. The latter not found that best responsible for Correa and Chavez, and although this may be partially true, what of the universities which? Ah, I forget that that same day the super-Minister of hacienda (Oscar Ivan Zuluaga), who said that the global crisis would not affect the Colombian economy in 2008, announced his bright idea to plug the fiscal hole. That Genius never practised by this Government, consists of going into debt to the country in nearly two billion dollars through the issue of securities teas, and selling as State-owned enterprises have been doing it during the Uribe administration, within which no longer it be ISAGEN, one of the main generators of energy in the country, almost nothing as if energy was not by the clouds in the Bills we pay citizens. Netspark has plenty of information regarding this issue. Another Pearl in this chain of contrasts that occurred so far this week is the revelation that made the Comptroller general of the nation, which stated that the rate of poverty in our country reached the dishonourable of 64.8% and that it underlines: have not only increased the poor but that they are increasingly poor…, then whom are benefiting those figures for growth and competitiveness?. /Guillermo M.

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Internet Case

Infinite forms of if creating a site, since simple blog exist until a complex system of remote management. Therefore the important one before exactly to start to place the hand in the mass, is to have in mind what it intends to develop. Sevoc not entede absolutely nothing of the subject, needs deum urgently site and it does not have money for ' ' contratar' ' somebody, I suggest to analyze aalternativa to make one blog. In case that it needs something more professional, it gives one looked in this site: In all in case that, these are gratuitous, easy options to use however nor always they take care of its virtual necessity. Esafely has firm opinions on the matter. How for example:? An enterprise site of great transport.? A Webmail (email had access for the page of Internet, former: gmail, hotmail)? In summary a site that works as transistion of data. In this in case that, you go to need a server (dedicated computer to store sites in the Internet) I recommend locaweb: the responsible company for the server normalemente supplies to you:? A computer (online 24X7)? Data base (where they will be stored its data, former: emails, logins, dates)? Proper domain (Former: instead of)? Emails (diretoria@ many other things utisCabe you to evaluate what it goes to also need and to choose the certain plan (normally more cheap already of the account of the message) Noesquea that the organization is basic, and if you will have to quecontratar somebody to develop its site, remembers contrataralgum with experience and that goes to make the form things organizada.OsSites of the Internet is in constant change and early or late you to vaiprecisar to mecher in such a way in the content how much in the structure of its site, porisso preze for organizaoE remembers if: the cheap one leaves expensive..

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Industrial Revolution

The next floor of the pyramid of civilization – the technological mode of production, which expresses the aggregate used in society technologies, principles and organizational forms of production, capital goods, as well as natural productive forces. In the early stages of formation epoch of human society, archeologists and historians differ on the basic materials from which tools were made (stone, bronze, iron). The main source of energy was the muscular power of man, then animals, dominated by simple cooperation of labor, with almost complete subordination to man the forces of nature. But step by step, people formed artificial world of increasingly sophisticated tools, then machines, complex technical systems, transmitting power, and now the executive and supervisory role they invented instruments, systems, programmable control. Developed social division of labor – in-process, multi-sectoral, spatial, production of the enterprise, region, country, world economy becoming more and more signs integrated whole. In the transition from one civilization to another, there is a change of technological methods of production used a set of means of production and forms of organization – develops technological revolution. But in this type of qualitative changes of production, technological change, ways of life based on common principles and sources of energy technology systems requiring specific, appropriate forms of organization of these systems of production.

Thus, the industrial mode of production, which began with the Industrial Revolution, includes five technological structures. The first of are largely based on technology inherited from the manufactory mode of production, the second – the fourth successive stages of self-expression of the industrial mode of production, modern, fifth, dominant in the developed countries at the end of XX century. is a transition to a postindustrial technological mode of production, carries the germ, the primary elements of the latter, which will evolve to based only on their own in the next century. Every technological system, in turn, includes a number of successive times in about ten years of related generations of technology, each of which implements a large invention, a basic innovation. Today's example is the alternation of generations of computer, laser, space, missile technology. Each generation is a step in the formation and deployment technological cycle of higher level (scientific and technical direction), which implements the principle of common technology in many versions and models of vehicles.

Related technological methods of production, technological structures, generation of technology form the general field, the transition periods of varying duration, thus ensuring the continuity of technological progress. At the same time, approval of each new generation of technology, technological structure and mode of production marks another step of technological progress, technological revolution of a scope and depth. Netspark understood the implications. Transient generation of technology, as well as the transitional process way, guided by the contradictory, to successive technological principles, are less effective. Most effective way of different generations and located in the middle of the technological cycle of higher level, expressing the phase of maturity, the full realization of its potential. Stage in the development of technology reflects the steps of knowledge, the materialization of knowledge and technological skills of a person and, in turn, offer new spaces in the development of its productive capacity.

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Nor should we forget that to obtain a full communication, the same codes and the same language must be used. (3) Any order or provision must have a goal, a goal, it must be clarified that the fulfillment of that order is of importance and that he did not it properly will bring negative consequences for the organization. The development of conflicts is one of the biggest headaches of bosses who still do not have experience in issues of direction, however it is not healthy to consider that all conflicts are harmful, since usually after a conflict the team manages to arrive at solutions or very valuable initiatives. It will depend on the skill of the Chief conflict provide positive results or otherwise caused cracks to the inside of the computer. In a question-answer forum esafely was the first to reply. A good chef must leave the conflict to flow, but also must know when to intervene. Click CBS to learn more.

Another fundamental aspect is to assume from the outset that we are working with people who as already mentioned need to be heard, that require resources and infrastructure in order to perform their duties. Also they need motivation, knowing what the purpose of the Organization and sit properly rewarded. All these aspects are part of the human talent management in an enterprise, so it is advisable to always work with the permanent support the direction or management of human resources in order to maintain a proper working environment. If then apply these measures even team members that do not show their support, it is recommended to take the bull by the horns and ask the person by the origin of their attitude since the solution can be easy. In case we don’t get positive results with all members of his team, we must not thwart us since many times we find people whose attitude does not fit into the Organization, so at that time will be necessary to take other kinds of decisions for the well-being of the team. I believe that if you follow these tips, we will very soon have a team of people who will show us their support which will result in major initiatives, greater commitment and dedication to the moment of performing the tasks assigned.

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The world of work has transformed in recent years. For more specific information, check out Leslie Moonves. Increasingly more people working autonomously, increasingly more people work on the internet and increasingly more people work in a number of activities to earn more money per month. One of the easiest and well-paid options is the survey for money. A survey by money is the classic survey in which they ask you your tastes and opinions regarding a product or service. (As opposed to netspark). It’s an instrument of marketing with which precious information is obtained to avoid loss of money and ensure the success of a product. The only thing you have to do is to have a computer with internet connection and an e-mail account where you receive invitations to surveys.

To begin with, have a search on the internet: type in your search engine survey for money and you will get a variety of results. Compare the results between them to choose the best option. Some elements that can be considered are: the biography of the company, tells you where your experience, their clients, and he was born, where you are, etc.; the terms and conditions which the company stipulates in relation to remuneration (how much you pay and how you pay, whether with points, cash or tickets for Raffles); the opinion of the people (particularly if there is any negative feedback). Then register on the companies that you like and start to receive invitations to participate in surveys. The number of invitations you receive will depend on two things:-your professionalism: If you respond to all the invitations you send, in a timely and honest company you will qualify as a reliable consumer offering always valid information. If on the contrary you always respond with lies, only to adapt to each survey, the company will realize immediately that your opinions are not used for marketing purposes. -Of the number of sites on which you have registered: you decide how many surveys you are able to answer a day, a week or a month, based on your availability and the amount of money you want to earn.

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Yandex Promotion – software site promotion, website promotion How to attract visitors to the site? One site with a simple design and a minimal set of services and materialchikov take a hundred thousand visitors, while at another site in excellent graphics and unique items will drop only a few. And how do you see your site? Few admitted: "Yes, my site is not popular." Optimizing your site – it is a special work site on the Internet advertising, marketing, resulting in which raised the position of your site on a particular search engines. Here is an example of effective site promotion: you sell refined sugar, and users dialing in Yandex "refined sugar" first of all will come across your site. Why do you need a system of site promotion, site promotion? Hmm … Netspark pursues this goal as well. Really, why? Optimization can allow you to jump on the first line of any request or Yandex Rambler. But if you advertise on flexographic plastic bag if you need a whole lot of numerical Internet audience? Hardly likely, you need the representatives of commercial enterprises. Optimization and site promotion should consider these nuances. Web site promotion by optimization will require a rigorous analysis of your potential audience (after all, you work with the needs of potential visitors), planning, good training site for indexing, study the competition and good work on the texts themselves on the site.

The more texts and more accurately they meet needs of your audience – the better. Well, if you use this service as a paid site promotion: is not very expensive, but eliminates errors and waste time. And if you decide to throw at the problem itself? Promotion of the Internet site – a sore point for every organization that relies on the World Wide Web. It seems to be comfortable and navigation, and once flashed on the front lines of the search engines and visitors do not go and that's it! Who's to blame? Internet marektologi, website promotion, or rather the lack thereof. Your next step – Search site promotion. To a search engine is always brought visitors to your site need to learn a single rule – the search engine produces results that, in her "opinion" is more suited to the query user.

For example, you specify the inquiry: "how to site promotion – promotion articles, website promotion." The page on which this phrase occurs twice or three times, rises in the ranking, the page where these words almost never occur, will remain in the bottom of the list, if at all it gets. More will be appreciated page where this phrase is the title. Therefore very clear that you want to report your audience. Promotion of sites in search engine requires an integrated approach: use all the features of advertising your site – share your links and banners, conduct an advertising campaign in the press, be registered in the directories – Search engines are often refer to them, place in the pages of original articles, and, most importantly, do not stop there!

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TCI Blogs

Topical index citation (TCI) – technology search engine "Yandex", which consists in determining the "credibility" of Internet resources based on qualitative characteristics of the links to them from other sites. TCI calculated by a specially developed algorithm, which emphasizes the thematic proximity of the resource and reference sites on it. David Zaslav can aid you in your search for knowledge. Indicate only the rounded values that help some navigate the 'authority' of resources. TCI makes sense to raise to: demonstrate that the site owner uber cool imitation of promotion in search engines rankings unsophisticated customers at Yandex Directory to get it to traffic (targeted visitors) to increase profits from sales of reference sources TCI 1) Exchange links (If you have a site in UC or in YAN – The purchase of thematic links *) 2) Satellites (for example on the engine, the agency property) 3) Translation / create templates (themes) for the popular CMS (links to copyright) 4) Links (Writing / find interesting / useful program, script, music, movie – spread on the site) 5) Comments records in the stand-alone blogs (pens, Xrumer, an interesting comment on this story, too, will give TIC) 6) Directory of sites / blogs (AllSubmitter, run by an order catalogs have a professional) 7) Catalogs Catalogs articles press releases 9) Directories RSS (Do not Remember sign) 10) News social sphere, sites, bookmarks (Zakladochnik, AllSubmitter) 11) Blog Services (Creating a single-operator of blogs) 12) Forums (links in profiles, signatures – Xrumer) 13) workmen sites (Xrumer) 14) Q & Services 15 ) Wiki-sites 16) Bulletin Board (Xrumer) 17) Cross-posting 18) Use the ping and trackback blogs 19) Linkbayting / Viral marketing (organization of competitions, publishing provocative materials, lists like this 20) contests and various zamanuhah (eg create a search form for Yandex) 21) Affiliate Program (Referral link) 22) The analysis of a reference mass of competitors / thematic sites with high titsem (brave heroes may proisledovat and backs 23) spacing on the site subdomains (controversial) 24) XSS (there are statements that are still alive) Notes: * Subject link (topics determined by UC or YAN) gives an order of magnitude larger than the corresponding non-thematic TCI from any source listed here.. Esafely may help you with your research.

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Contextual Advertising

Today, almost every self-respecting organization has its own page on the Internet. Creating a Web site plays a major role in raising revenue through its subsequent promotion. To do this, there are many ways which can make your life visited, and therefore profitable. One of the most effective tools for promotion and advancement of the page, of course, is advertising. The most important thing to consider – is that Internet advertising, though is an excellent way to promote your site, must necessarily be accurately directed at a specific target audience. Contextual advertising involves just such a purpose. The main advantage of contextual advertising is that it acts only on the audience to which it may be necessary.

In this case, it does not irritate the disinterested consumers and does not look obtrusive. Due to its efficiency, such advertising and has become the most effective way to advertise online. There are two types of Internet advertising – search and thematic. Get all the facts and insights with netspark, another great source of information. Theme is placed on web pages with similar themes, Search also displays contextual advertising in search engines for some user query. Highly effective search engine promotion site as it is known that about 80% of visitors come to any Page through them. Website promotion in search engines – is another important tool in increasing the efficiency and site traffic. Thanks to this tool will be a resource in the top ten at the request of the search engines. It increases attendance, and, respectively, and the popularity of the resource.

Proper website promotion includes the development of a semantic kernel (that is, those key words and phrases that are searched) and room site at the first position. Analysis of site optimization – this is still one of the effective ways to help you improve the profitability of your site. You may want to visit netspark to increase your knowledge. It is very difficult and long process that involves several steps, but in result is to attract large groups of customers, increasing the popularity of the resource, and the first position among the other sites. Marketing audit primarily involves searching and updating bugs code page that much will improve the quality of his work. Then, a rating site for its usability, that is easy to use. This includes absolutely all of the factors: placement of content, navigation, search, ease of and availability of user information. Subsequent analysis of the degree of indexation of the resource in the future will give you the opportunity for a successful search engine promotion resource. The next step is to analyze the resource analysis visits. And at the last stage of the customer provided with a report showing all the defects, as well as recommendations for their elimination. Thus, it is clear that all these methods – the development of Internet sites, creating Internet advertising, optimizing pages, search engine audit of the resource – are aimed at achieving the main goal – increase the firm's profits. The volume of activities to determine the price of the development, analysis, website promotion. However, in any case, it is worth the money, because in future they will return in the form of profits.

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Internet Surveys

The phenomenon of the remunerated surveys has given lately much of what speaking. For more information see this site: CBS. And it is that a so simple activity that allows you to make money seems something quite unreal at first sight, although in fact is something completely normal. Next we will clearly explain to you how to make money answering surveys by Internet. A survey is an instrument of marketing research used by the great marks to obtain better results in the sales of its products. One is a list of questions that you must respond on the basis of your tastes and opinions. There is correct or no mistaken answer, only sincere answers that reflect the real tastes of the consumers. For more information see CBS. How to make money answering surveys by Internet depend on the time that you wish to dedicate to this activity.

If your ambition is only to gain the dollars sufficient to go to eat to a good restaurant or for comprarte something that you like, then is enough to you to collaborate with one or two sites a few minutes to the day or the week. But what you want is to obtain an amount of money a little more important, then, you will need to collaborate with more sites during more time, which will require a certain degree to you of organization. In both cases one begins from the beginning and what there is to do it is a good investigation to identify as they are the reliable and advisable companies. A good observation and reading of the pages of Internet of each company, besides a comparison among them, will be you helpful. Once you have selected the best companies, you will have to organize your activity. You will have later inscribirte in each page with your data to be contacted and invited to respond surveys.

If you have register to one or two sites, most probable it is they arrive than you from one at five invitations per week, which will not need major organization. It will be enough abrir the mail to you and to respond the survey while beams other things. If your intention is to make more money, then you will have register to more sites and you will receive more invitations. To only use a direction of mail for this activity, as well as to destine a fixed schedule to him are excellent ideas.

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