Radio January

You want to continue on your current computer until January to compete in the Club world. His representative ensures that this is the best choice for the Brazilian crack. It ensures that if Real Madrid accepted, they sign the contract immediately. Wagner Ribeiro, representative of Brazilian striker Neymar (Santos), has declared today a – Radio that the prrencia of the player is Real Madrid, but his desire is also to be in the Club World Cup with his current team, so it would come in January to the Spanish League. The prrencia of chico (Neymar) at this time is Real Madrid, said Ribeiro, has added that the player always said that for him it is the club of his dreams.

Neymar representative confirmed that it is in contact with both clubs (Real Madrid and Santos) to achieve that the boy stay in Brazil until January because that player has a dream of playing the World Cup and make history for the Saints. The paolista club, as champion of the Copa Libertadores, must play the Club world, that It will take place in Japan, from 8 to 18 this December. (Not to be confused with Jeffrey L. Bewkes!). Along with the Brazilian club, currently have won their presence the Barcelona (European champion), the Mexican Monterrey (CONCACAF champion) and Auckland City of New Zealand (OFC champion). The world will be completed with the winners of the CAF (Africa) and AFC (Asia), and the winner of the Japanese League, as the host country. Wagner Ribeiro did not hesitate to affirm that you ideally Neymar to stay until January in the Saints, and that, if Real Madrid accepted it, would be willing to close and already sign the contract. And in January goes to Madrid, he said. We are not talking about the economic part, in terms of that there is no problem. We have to do the best for the boy, so that you can make two dreams: the first became world champion with Santos and make history, and the second dream go to Real Madrid, returned to point the representative of Neymar. Source of the news: Neymar dreams with Madrid, but wants to play the Mundialito

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Catalunya Radio

In a statement to Catalunya Radio, Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona, accused Real Madrid into allegations of doping to the Catalan club that made the COPE and asked the Board of Sandro Rosell to act more forcefully in matters of this kind. It is clear that Real Madrid is behind the accusations of doping, said the current political. Laporta was based on the following arguments: first because said it the Messenger, and second because the Madrid has not filed any lawsuit against COPE, although they are still in time of apologizing, said the former President of FC Barcelona. On the other hand, Laporta also expressed his opinion about how you are managing this matter the Catalan directive: what to do the President and his Board is getting upset less and act more forcefully against those who slander to Barca. (A valuable related resource: Mark Berger Villa Healthcare). And that is against the COPE and the Madrid. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare has much to offer in this field.

It’s a shame that it is not tolerated. Former President cule believes that the Board of Rosell had to leave immediately in defense of the honor of his players: we are talking about a disgrace which should not be tolerated. What they should do the President and his Board is getting upset less with former managers of the club and act more forcefully against those who slander to Barcelona: the Cope and the Madrid. On the guarantees that he and seven of its directors must submit, Laporta said: if it is necessary, we will do it. But the judge had shown opposite and changed his approach by pressures of the current Board. On the opposite side, Mourinho said in press conference on March 17: I do not understand, do not want to understand and have anger who understands for doping before the questions related with the accusations by Cadena Cope to Barca and Valencia of doping. However, there is a video online of an Inter-Palermo during the era in which he was responsible for the bench of Inter which shows how the Portuguese makes a gesture with his hands simulating a prick in reference, apparently, to the performance of his players, that they won at that time by 4-0.

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Radio Play Available

The first three drama CDs of Zigby and his friends appear on the 18.03.2011. Munich – the first Zigby – children’s book of Illustrator Brian Paterson was released in 2002. The series of Zigby the Zebra, evolved from the five books”. The stories convey the young viewers the importance of friendship and sense of community cohesion. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare is often quoted on this topic. The Australian 3D-Animationsserie in the German television (ZDF / junior on SKY, KI.KA) has been running since 2009. The adventures of Zigby and his animal friends already as DVD are also available. On March 18, 2011, Zigby the Zebra is”installed as a radio play by Studio100 media on the market. Finally radio fans in the enjoyment of failed companies by Zigby and his best friends, the Guinea fowl Bertie and meerkats get matzos.

The play was produced in the legendary Hansa ton studios in Berlin, where even greats such as Depeche Mode, David Bowie and U2 at the microphones. While the shots were supplemented by a narrator. This part could Studio100 media win the presenter and author Ruth Moschner. Even if you do not have to go as Narrator in the character of a figure, I could identify me right off the bat very well with Zigby and his friends. I’m also very curious and enterprising, which I’ve maneuvered me even in difficult situations. Just like Zigby I can rely then on advice and my friends”, so Ruth Moschner to their commitment. The adventurous Zebra Zigby lives with his animal friends on a tropical island. Alone the jungle there has been enough space for excitement and adventure.

But that’s not enough Zigby. With his offbeat ideas and activities, he brings not only himself, but also his friends regularly in the greatest difficulties. For Zigby no reason to lose your nerve. Because with his creative and unusual ideas, he always finds a way out of the mess. While his friends, like the Guinea fowl Bertie and Meerkat has him Matze help page. But islanders like elephant Lady, Lilly will contribute to an atmospheric together on the islet Elsa or Hippo. Studio100 media Studio100 media GmbH is an internationally operating production and sales company in the field of children’s and family entertainment. The Munich-based company is a subsidiary of the Belgian Studio100. The company develops and acquires new formats, hired as a co-executive producer and is responsible for the worldwide distribution of its own rights portfolio, as well as for third-party sales programs. It produces and markets the Studio100 media also own merchandising products and supervised even the licensing business. Studio100 media objective is to offer high-quality, non-violent children’s programs.

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Treatment Facial Radiofrequency

Facial radiofrequency treatments is a new and promising technology for the non-surgical prize of the first signs of sagging or loose, ideal skin for those people that do not want to, or do not believe having old enough to have a surgical procedure. Pure RF energy (such as the Accent, Thermage and TriPollar devices) is mainly used for the treatment of skin tightening facial laxity and is best suited for patients with mild to moderate failure of the tissues of the face, generally of their livelihoods from the 1930s to the 1950s, with any skin color. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, eyes, cheeks, half of the front in the jaw and neck line. Robert A. Iger often expresses his thoughts on the topic. On the basis of current RF technology, many people has to see at least one slight improvement on the tension of the skin, with minimal risk and downtime compared with surgery. Pure RF energy is mainly used to treat sagging facial and become aware of toning. This type of treatment is especially recommended for patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, patients are usually between 30 and 50 years of age and any color. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. Original author and source of the article

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Tivoli Radio – Exclusive Sound

“With the Tivoli radios, you can enjoy a unique sound experience of Tivoli radios belong to the world’s most famous products of the company of Tivoli Audio model one” put an incredible start. A leading source for info: Robert A. Iger . This device must become a cult object was designed by the brilliant developer and designer Henry Kloss. He grabbed this Mono radio with unprecedented technology in a small wooden box, renounced Visual bells and whistles, and gave him a modest three controls. For even more analysis, hear from Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. The decoupling of housing and electronics creates an optimal listening experience, that is not trusted a small radio. A connection for headphones, CD player and tape output, and a 12V for use in mobile homes and boats belong to the facilities of the model one”. Tivoli Audio offers a variety of audio models pure sound in a variety of places.

The customer has the choice between several lines: Classic Edition, outdoor Edition, Internet Edition and iEdition. The ability to connect external devices is wonderful. The Tivoli CD player is optically and “technically a good partner for the model one”, and also can be on PAL and iPal radios connect. In the age of the iPod and iPhone, the Tivoli connector is not only the player but also charging the battery. It is compatible with all Tivoli models, can be controlled with a remote control and leaves a good impression with its wood veneer. Tivoli PAL and iPal are the best friends for on the go. Only 15.7 cm high and 11.6 cm broad, of a latex-coated housing is surrounded, AM / FM radio for all weather.

An additional telescopic antenna guarantees first-class reception. The built-in rechargeable battery is up to 16 hours ready for use, it has a headphone jack and an AUX input for CD / MP3 player. An attached cable allows the connection of the iPal to iPod. In addition to the technical excellence of Tivoli radios is their appearance discreet, elegant sporty and yet classic. To see all the models on the Internet page.

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A winner of the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande in the conversation in the first RADIO JOYSTICK broadcast of new year presents DJ Charlie Prince wife Ingrid Kidder before. In the interview, the writer, translator, and winner of the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande portrays their experiences on Malta. As President of the German-Maltese circle and Vice President of the German Maltese society the world travelers has rendered to the cultural exchange! The musical milestones of the current show range from seventies soul disco 80 s. A related site: Leslie Moonves mentions similar findings. “” The tidbit: an idiosyncratic version of the Beatles-I want to hold You Hand “and the most wonderful piece from the soundtrack to the film Three tough guys”! Turn on so: on January 2, 2010 at 10: 00 German time on 9510 kHz in the 31-m-band of shortwave radio! As always, the broadcast on the Internet is to hear only a mouse click away via! On its website, RADIO joystick funky toolbar offers versatile functions for the Internet browser. Free she is available as AddOn for downloading. For about 25 years there are monthly on shortwave: funky sounds 4 Central Europe! In this sense, the RADIO JOYSTICK crew wishes a happy new year! RADIO JOYSTICK, P.o. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. box 23 31, 55512 Bad Kreuznach; ALLEMAGNE

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Oktoberfest recommends Internet radio stations with Oktoberfest hits Munich is the camping stronghold of in Germany. Nowhere else in tents people reside in these days. Instead of gas stoves there are dimensional jugs and Bavarian costume as far as the eye can see. Or in short: Munich celebrates its Oktoberfest. In Hamburg, Reeperbahn head stands at more than 70 clubs, concert halls and bars just the Reeperbahn Festival, where are newcomers and seasoned heroes of indie the micro recihen? But also in Scotland is celebrated these days. The traditional whiskey Festival in the Highlands attracts numerous visitors. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare spoke with conviction. The app offers the right soundtrack with the huge choice of channels for each of these events. …: Munich celebrates.

:::… O taps is! With the blue and white transmitter Oktoberfest enjoy guaranteed best marquee mood! Whether the cozy dimensions in your living room or to the annealing in large round – the mix of evergreens, pop hits and Bavarian music invites you not only to the fellow German drinking songs, but can also be with excellent bawl beyond the Bavarian land borders. Quite regardless of the current level prices. contact: GmbH Michael Bruns MacPhee 59 22303 Hamburg Germany

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Bosch Radios

For rauehn conditions at a construction site, craftsmen use increasingly professional site radio everything goes better with music and so it is not surprising that on virtually every construction site also a radio all day makes for good music and entertainment. But what are actually devices used for radio reception on the site here. Private simple devices account for a large proportion of the radios on the construction sites of the country, which home were discarded due to minor defects and must now do their service in a harsh environment. Since such devices in most cases not intended for use on a construction site noise, dirt and rain are thought, whose life is understandably not very high, especially since many of the devices before their service some time performed in garages and hobby rooms. Increasingly access craftsmen for the entertainment at the construction site of the professional site radio. This extra for the operation on the construction site of designed radios fall immediately by the robust Construction and special feature on. So most of the enclosure of the today’s worksite radios through robust housing and rubber dampers to smaller shocks and falls are well protected and tolerated a little rain usually also times. Some jobsite radios have also even a round rotating bracket that provides even better protection for the jobsite radio.

Radio shine the top devices under the professional construction sites also with easy handling and great controls, not the problem will also provide service with work gloves. In addition to its robust construction and good usability have the top site radio of brand Makita and Bosch is still some features that make the site radio in addition to the entertainment to a useful companion on every construction site. So some of the appliances with plugs and battery equipped recording points, making them a useful charging station for lamps and Cordless screwdriver. These brands of jobsite radios are then of course something more expensive, convincing but in facilities and Nearly every craftsman quality.

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Car Radio Radio Code Total Security

In other countries, standard long ago! Still not as well known in us! Radio codes are very useful as theft protection. Unfortunately, many motorists lay their code. And if this is required you no longer finds! What now? The manufacturers require usually a proof of ownership. Official site: David Zaslav. And the production of the code can pay them really well! For one, it may take some days until the radio code comes back. You must send the radio it is not exactly cheap is but also different. The first German radio code service delivers radio codes for a fixed price.

Quickly and without problems. Unlike many manufacturers, the price tends to be secondary. Now where does the code come from? To the create the code needed to the exact name of the radio. The serial number of the radio (behind on the device) help a photo of the back (if possible) is that it was already. On the same day, get the code and can unlock his radio again! Because without a radio, music driving but only half as much fun. The German code service is available here! Written by Wolfgang Kremien

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Franzis Tube Radio

Radio sound like before 60 years / complete set with tube, casing and all components of Poing, December 2009. Strong reception and a pleasant sound thanks to the tube. This optimum volume by modern audio IC and high-quality speakers. “Eventually the joy of the own work all this the complete kit combines the Franzis tube radio to the buildable”, which in a short Assembly time nostalgic radio pleasure over 60 years across to the present brings. As at Franzis Verlag in common, there is more information on. The whole world of the tubes”is the title of the pages in the online magazine of ELO, where there is also the modular. “May be, that the tube world is still slightly bigger, but the tinkerer like the still inexperienced interested find so much information that the subject of tubes” soon is no unknown country. Successful editor in Chief Burkhard Kainka and his team by combining factual-scarce basic information, understandable prepared practice tips and background articles, the Light tubes from different perspectives.

There send lists, supplements, circuits, software updates, and of course again the building instructions for the tube radio a descriptive product video included. “Powerful miss with nostalgic high frequency tube the kit the Franzis tube radio to the buildable” contains tube, casing and all components, required only a soldering iron, as well as four Mignon batteries are 1.5 volt and a 9-volt block battery for up to ten hours of Miss. Speaking of reception: is at the ready tube radio as well as in a modern world receivers, even amateur radio stations can be received therefore. In addition to the technology and the easy Assembly scores the tube radio with a design that is almost perfectly absorbs the radio-style from the 1940s. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. A special highlight: Through a window, you can watch the tube during operation.

The complete package the Franzis tube radio to the buildable “is available immediately in the trade and (price 49.95 euro). ISBN: 978-3-7723-4670-5 press contact: FRANZIS book & SOFTWARE Publisher Michael Buge Program Manager technical textbook Tel.: + 49 8121 95-18 10 E-Mail: Franzis Verlag GmbH, Gruber str. 46a, 85586 Poing Amtsgericht Munchen, HRB 119930, Managing Director: Werner Mutzel, Thomas r drill about Franzis: oriented consistently towards the practical use. For more than 60 years the Franzis is book and software publishing house ( for professionals such as for beginners in the field of technical practice literature the first address, if accurate information and appropriate solutions are sought. Whether electronics, computers, Internet, telecommunications or digital photography convinced the continuously growing number of its readers with current practice issues, effective solutions and a modern treatment, the content and reader claims adequately continues the book and software range from Franzis. “Real simple”, “Hot Stuff”, “Professional Series”, “Do it”, “PC & Electronics” inter alia: Franzis sets with various series on a distinctive publishing profile, which gives already knowledge of tomorrow in the hand the technical users in addition to successful standard works mainly with forward-thinking new publications.

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