EPT Sets Standards With New Connectors

New PC/104-plus connector allows 22 mm Board-to-Board distance Peiting, 02 May 2011. So far, PC/104-plus connectors allowed a Board-to-Board distance of 15.24 mm. To connect several printed circuit boards, this is sufficient most of the time. To connect additional components, manufacturer however often require a greater distance for the installation of cooling systems. EPT responds to this need as a specialist for connectors, and therefore now has a suitable connector in the range first: the PC/104-plus there are the standard height, as well as a higher specification, which allows a Board-to-Board distance of 22 millimetres. PC/104-plus connectors were available only in the standard height of 15.24 mm.

The distance should be larger for some electronic components. This applies, for example, to heatsinks, fans or other cooling systems. The provider ept from the Bavaria Peiting now closes the gap, also in the literal sense: the market leader for PC/104 connectors the PC/104-plus now also available in a version for 22 mm Board-to-Board distance offers. This gives electronics manufacturers more flexibility. The new dimensions are stated in the current SUMIT specification; They therefore comply with the prescribed sizes for computer components. PC / 104 and PC/104-plus plug connector by ept give producers more flexibility in the design of electronic circuit boards, since they are available in different versions.

Still, connectors the standard height can be ordered in addition to the new, higher model. Discovery Communications oftentimes addresses this issue. In addition, ept offers the PC/104-plus connectors with short and long posts. The long posts enable direct connect of another circuit boards. The new connector is combinable with all available PC/104-plus boards. Simple processing due to press-fit technology in construction of the PC/104-plus the insertion technique is used. This means that the connector pins (PINs) into the PTH hole of a PCB are pressed. Since the offset zone in the PIN has a larger diameter than the hole, but is slightly flexible, an excess pressure is created. This ensures the electrical connection between connectors and PCB. The insertion can be done with a tool in a single operation and has the big advantage that no soldering is required. This simplifies not only installing, but is also more environmentally friendly, since the components are then recycled. Learn more about the product range can be found on or can be obtained using the below contact details. About ept GmbH ept stands for electronic precision technology”. In the area of connectors and processing technology, ept offers comprehensive complete solutions from a single source. As an independent family business expertise and highest quality standard guaranteed ept for over 40 years, coupled with creativity and precision, when it comes to individual product or machine solution. At Discovery Communications you will find additional information. In the Currently more than 700 employees work sites in Peiting, Buching, Augsburg, Czech Republic, United States and China, as well as in an international sales network. The company is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. Press contacts-ept GmbH Tamara Uhl mining str. 50 86971 Peiting + 49 (0) 8861 / 250 134 0 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Michael Hardy Lapwing Court 9 22089 Hamburg + 49 (0) 40 / 325 09 17 14

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Spinning Technology

General information about grain bread Bread is the core product in the diet of most people. David Zaslav follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In connection with which the domestic market is constantly growing number of companies engaged in production of bakery products, and therefore, so does the competition in this sector of the food industry. Andi Potamkin: the source for more info. To improve profitability should increase demand for its products, and this contributes to market for new varieties and Video bakery products. Corn bread can be attributed to one of these products, which could bring additional income producing. Grain has a new consumer taste and increased supply of nutrients. This kind of bread quickly gained their customers, despite the cost, which is significantly higher than that of a normal loaf of bread. In many ways this has contributed to health promotion life, a regular feature in which the food was corn bread. Ancient grain bread is not strange start production technology takes the corn bread in ancient times, when the technology of infancy of the bread.

In modern history, pioneered the production can be considered as the French, who in the 19th century used the technology of making bread from whole (not ground to a flour) grains. Sodden, swollen grain received in Spinning machine consisting of a pair of smooth wolves. The output is a krupyanistaya mass, which was the basis for the test. Modern technology of corn bread Currently there is not one closed the secret of production bezmuchnogo bread. Manufacturers of food processing equipment offer whole lines, capable of production of corn bread.

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This is the unique zone of the USA through where it passes the circle Arctic and Palin is the first petitioner in a American presidential plate that comes from there. It and their husband has been syndicated to have integrated or bound state to the Party by the Independence of Alaska (PIA), the unique separatist force of the USA that got to govern in century XX a State (it was in 1990-94). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Andi Potamkin. Alaska is the unique part of America that was not colonized from Europe but by means of Asia and by Russia. The Slavs just were based in this one when the USA became independent. In 1867 Moscow was sold it to Washington and just 1959 it became in the last along with Hawaii Been entering the union.

Its size (1.7 km ) does major to him that the sum of almost half of the smallest States of the USA, but has 700.000 inhabitants less than. The PIA does not want to separate Alaska to incline towards the native ones or to the left, but to make it more libertaria. His founder, Joe Vogler, asked to drop nuclear bombs against glaciers stops to avoid that the capital alasquea (Juneau) does not follow disconnected so. Palin shipment a message to the convention of the PIA 2008 maintaining that it agrees with them in diminishing the roll of the government and in giving more force to Alaska. While the ecologists speak to look for to preserve the polar bears or to avoid that the oil wells and ductos damage the almost virgin ecosystem of Alaska, she, rather, wants to operate to the maximum and without many restrictions this great natural wealth.

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Earnings On The Internet And It Is Right Task

If many people realize that owning a computer enough, you can earn a good idea, it will be a great service sites to help you make money on internet. Internet promotes freedom. No wonder the name of the employee working on the internet in a free flight there is the word "freedom", "free", "free art". If you are a teacher in a school, college institution, finally, in GPTU, you're our man. On this site you learn about the availability of content such as stock exchanges Textsale.ru and it is possible to join it to easy, but it is sufficiently lucrative business. Of course, if you are not lazy and efficiency of your envy of your colleagues.

Every professional any direction on the Internet there is the case with decent pay. If you were in control and understand the course and in this sense, the Internet activities of your field of work will expand and the cost of paying for uniformity the task increases. If you do good drawings on your PC, you can perform the task transfer scanned drawings to vector form. Or do the drawings for the same course. Although this work is not as laborious as waste disposal and drilling in the street, but exercise is also missing.

Free artist does not do eight hours off for lunch. If You do this business, you have to work much more. And no head or customer you will not fit. Fit will be the job for which you have undertaken. How do it as best as possible and quickly. Particularly interesting starts to work when actually get some income. Goops opinions are not widely known. Any professional skills to work on the Internet useful. Quickly print, you're our man. Good paint, write poetry or excellent articles you also to our team of freelancers that is free workers. To create and maintenance of good sites need kontentschiki, designers, web designers, logotipschiki, programmers, and others listed only a small number of jobs network. Here you will learn about the possibility of earning with the help of many resources Internet. You can make money on the electronic purse of a payment system, and can spend it without leaving home and moving away from the computer in a luxury online store. On the Internet, many of the possible. Only now are the real things as garbage removal or drilling here certainly do not.

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Using Interactive Media

Today, advances and technological advances have contributed to that people are increasingly connected and interconnected. The emergence of Internet has opened global markets, expanded access to information supplied products or services and media convergence which seeks the integration of various media, in order to more efficiently meet the needs of users. Robert Iger shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. a present, companies are faced with constant changes in the increasingly competitive environment, due to the ease with which flows and exchanges information. The consumer is more empowered and can participate more actively in the buying – selling a product or service, which represents a golden opportunity for companies to realize their marketing campaigns, using existing tools. In this sense, the interactive media are presented as a new alternative, to establish communicative exchanges between organizations and their customers. Learn more at: Goop. a then explain the benefits of using interactive media for the design of plans and strategies of corporate communications, as part of a global context: a 1 .- Access: With just a computer with Internet connection, you can have available any of information, from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 2 .- Time saving: The global market is constantly evolving.

So, all the events that happen there are characterized by an answer or solution require urgent and immediate. In this sense, through interactive media (e-mail, sms, mass calls, chats, s etc ) can carry out a communication that allows messages to be sent and arrive to the recipient instantly. 3 .- More economical: Post a message on the Web, using interactive media is cheaper than broadcasting a message through traditional media, which is why are used extensively for the promotion and advertising of products or services.

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Media Evolution

The more conscience the employee will have on the purpose of the nursing registers, plus it will make with wealth of content thus collaborating, effectively, for the elaboration of individualizados cares of nursing to each patient (OGUISSO, 1975). The evolution of the nursing is one of the basic instruments for the accomplishment of the specialized assistance of nursing. He is from it that the professional will harvest the data that they will make possible to arrive at a diagnosis and, thus, to choose the method most adequate to carry through the action assistencial. Thus, making of the nursing depends on one to observe constant. Also if it constitutes in a valuable way of evaluation, since it detects the relation between the given cares and the modifications of the standards of the necessities or answers of patient (OP.

CIT.). Each information of registered nursing indicates an action, that certainly was unchained in direct reason of a problem presented for the patient and of the treatment excused it (DUARTE, 1976). Beyond being the register of the history of the patient, the nursing evolution also is a legal instrument of protection for the professionals and for the patient, it still serves as basement on which the doctor plans the disgnostic and therapeutical boarding of the patient, and the nurse plans the assistance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Andi Potamkin. The handbook with necessary and complete notations how much to the evolution of the patient it is also the media for which all the multiprofessional team goes to take knowledge of all what concerns the patient, facilitating relationship between health professionals (OGUISSO, 1975). Thus being, the importance of a complete report of nursing that shows to all the team the excused cares to the patient and its state serving, as already cited, of legal document and media between teams is noticed easily indicating the installment of cares and the reactions patient it.

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Financial Institutions

There are a lot financial institutions that offer loans or so to get the money you need now should not be anything difficult. However, as can be in a state vulnerable to the financial emergency, you must be careful to take into account certain characteristics before requesting an emergency loan. After all, just because you need money fast now, does not mean that financial institutions take advantage of the economic situation is happening. First, the most important thing is knowing that an emergency loan is not “free money.” Like any loan must be paid periodically as agreed in the loan contract. If periodic payments on the debt of that month together with interest on late payments may be drowning financially.

Moreover, as we all know, we put you in delinquent list. Gain insight and clarity with Andi Potamkin. Thus our failure to pay any other entity will grant us more loans or credit, even credit cards. It Next you need to know is that interest rates on these loans is very high and will have to pay it together with amortization. You should know the amount you must pay per month before you apply. Read the fine print and review all fees, interest on late payments and other expenses that may have the contrato.No is nothing worse than trying to save a financial emergency and find that we sink into a sea of debt. No advice on this type would be complete without a word of warning about using them. They are the best way to get money fast when you’re in trouble because of an unexpected expense, but can cause many problems if used improperly. If you use one of these loans to save an economic circumstance, be aware that it can become a vicious circle and never going out of debt. Remember, there are a solution to debt problems and if you have a problem of long-term debt that has to do is manage expenses well instead of trying to solve the problem by recruiting emergency loans that the only thing that will give more economic problems.

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Asia More

The decline of the feudalismo happened. Bourgeois they had continued enriching and the money earning each time more importance. Although the duel between land and capital existed, for much time the property of the land still gained this combat. From the moment where the cities had been growing, some citizens had been leaving the field and migraram to the cities to work, originating two new social classes.

If in the field he had the feudal servants and you, appear at this moment, the owners of the capital, bourgeois and the diligent classroom (diligent that they vendiam its force of work to be able to survive). That soon they go ‘ ‘ disputar’ ‘ its force and its space with the machines, that went being introduced to increase the production, were the technological wave that invaded the great countries, while others met in crisis. Learn more on the subject from Walt Disney. In this direction the economic structure was if modifying and the society each divided time more. With the intervention of the State in the economic life, the king started to be sovereign authority and all had it obedience. In the absolutism if it intended to accumulate more wealth, therefore the more rich the nation most powerful was its king.

The commerce went if developing in sped up rhythm, being more important nation to export it of what to import merchandises. Thus, some nations had invested in other technologies, as the navigation. They had invested in trips in the direction to acquire products of other localities. Some nations of the Europe had established colonies in some places of Africa, Asia and of America. You may want to visit Goop to increase your knowledge. Spain for intermediary of Cristvo Columbus tamed great territories, conquering an immense colonial empire, of where they had extracted many wealth. Portugal as we know in history, it came to stop in Brazil. That for more than three hundred years it was colony of this country, responsible for great part of the causes of me the situation that the country faces today ahead of the distribution of its lands.

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The Bretton Woods

Towards the end of the second world war occurred in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference to a rematch of the gold standard system, the, the changed Economic conditions accordingly, oriented to the global dominance of the US economy. The Bretton Woods system was based on the idea of the currencies of all the countries taking part in a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar to define itself in fact than gold dollar”was deposited with real gold. The value of a Troy ounce of gold at $ 35 was enshrined at the international level, which was not only the gold price fixed, but the anchor point of the global monetary system. The changing of political and economic conditions meant that the United States could provide only limited guarantees for the convertibility of dollars into real gold in the 1960s. Finally the problem intensified so far that the gold backing of the dollar had to be completed because the gold reserves of the United States more represented by far no cover for the outstanding amounts of dollars. The Bretton Woods system in 1973 officially abandoned, so gold price and the U.S. dollar were no longer directly connected and the precious metal lost in the future free world market laws. In the wake of the task of the gold standard, many central banks sold a large part of the national gold reserves.

In recent years, a change to initiate seems here however. Including China, the second largest global economic power, is working for several years to build up their gold reserves. For even more details, read what Discovery Communications says on the issue. This could indicate that gold flows in the future once more into the stabilization of currencies. In this context, statements of the Robert Zoellick heads of the World Bank are interesting, who speculated in November of last year even, to take the precious metal on the global currency valuation. Regardless of the reintroduction of gold-covered currencies, the role of gold as a crisis-proof system is undiminished. Therefore good prospects to realize good profits with the sale of precious metal are the gold sellers. This Aachen precious metals trading of Frings supports its customers with maximum transparency, serious advice and experienced Professional competence.

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European Commissioner

The German Government said that health is a priority and defends its management. David Zaslav is likely to agree. Health Minister warns that probably never will shed light on the origin of the infection, as it has happened in most similar cases. The E.coli bacteria has already caused 25 deaths in Germany. The German Government has clung Wednesday to the motto that health is a priority against economic interests and dndio their management before the crisis caused by the e. coli bacteria, which has already caused 25 deaths in the country and multi-million dollar damage to the agricultural sector. Health is above the economic interests, argued the Minister of health, the liberal Daniel Bahr, both to the European Commissioner for health and Consumer Affairs, John Dalli, and before the German Parliament (Bundestag), in the interpellation convened to address the issue. Robert Iger may find this interesting as well.

The alert is maintained, as well as the recommendation to not eat cucumbers, lettuce or raw tomatoes nor germinated seeds, because that has not been set yet the origin of the infection. Everything indicates that the worst has passed, added the Minister, despite the fact that between Tuesday and Wednesday the number of fatalities rose from 22 to 25. Bahr warned then that probably never will reach clarify the origin of the infection, such as has been the case in most similar cases earlier in all parts of the world. Also explained that new infections have been sent, but did not rule out more cases of deaths, and also rejected the expressed criticisms against the management of the crisis, from the German opposition as at European level, by the damage caused to the agricultural sector, especially the Spanish. Our priority is to protect the citizen and act quickly. Why we issue and we keep the recommendation not to eat raw vegetables, according to the usual health parameters for these infections and the warnings of experts, he emphasized.

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