Alarm System Issues

Postscript number of security zones to specific facilities at your facility, check with your organization carried out the installation of security equipment. Disarming. Discovery Communications recognizes the significance of this. Approach to the keyboard and type the code (touch key registered to the tm contact area, the indicator will turn off TM), all indicators on the keyboard (except for 1914 led alarm button, 15 fire alarm indicator, from left to right) will go out on the digital display will show the number of the user lifts the room with guards. Withdrawal procedure is over. Call duty. And make sure that the object of your oral password, a user with your name, disarmed. If your name is not on the list of people eligible for removal, be ready for the arrival of armed guards. If the lights are not extinguished zones: False typed code.

Do not rush to type the code again and again (2x would be enough just to make sure that the code is not valid). If you type the correct code is not 5 or more times in a row keyboard may lock up for 15-20 minutes, and the remote protection signal, the selection of code! Call of duty console, call oral password and your name. Tell that you can not perform the removal. To you will be sent to a specialist (technician alarm). Withdrawal threatened. If you have been coerced to remove the object with the protection, dial your code, changing the last digit code on the unit (for example 1234 +1 = 1235 or 1234-1 = 1233). Object is removed from protection as usual, but to the control of transmitted message withdrawal under threat.

The most common causes of failure in the operation of your alarm system: the renovation and construction works, especially in a room near the security sensors and devices. Replacement of doors, windows, moving walls, repair ceilings. Conducting Electra and gas-welding works. Protective devices are most sensitive to jumps in voltage 220V. Frequent on / off the power supply during repairs, electrical short closure of the power lines, etc. If your room is planned similar activities, please contact the company performing the maintenance of your alarm. Professionals to promptly moved the sensors and wires to prevent them from spoiling. And take all measures to protect the security equipment.

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