Ambient Education

AMBIENT EDUCATION: A QUESTION OF CITIZENSHIP AND SOCIAL SUPPORT Maria Eliana Soares the society lives a time of intense social modifications that are atreladas to the deriving resources of the nature, thought of errnea form to be inexhaustible, here it is the reason for which if of the one of sped up and continuous form the exploration of the resources and at the same time the incautiousness with the geographic space, as well as, the disordered form of the expropriation and consumption, everything on behalf of a marketing race that incites each time more the social inaqualities, due the misery of who is the edge and descompromisso of that they withhold the power. Thus, for being the man social a natural being and at the same time, is impossible to speak of this without relating it with the environment, therefore it is of the nature that emanates the innumerable conditions of life, subsistence and of its survival, independent of the society which belongs. In day-by-day we develop innumerable activities of feeding, work, leisure, cleanness, construction, etc., of which many materials are used and at the same time good part is ignored, having many times more wastefulness of what exploitation, this because, we are ' ' condicionados' ' culturally to satisfy only our necessities without in giving account to them of the ambient disequilibrium that we provoke by means of our actions, and amongst these, the destination of the rejected material, it becomes bigger threat, therefore the residues that are accumulated in urban areas and most of the time next to our residences poluem the environment and deprive of characteristics the landscapes, stimulate the proliferation of insects, erosive animals and consequently they cause endemic diseases and males to the nature, the we ourselves and the population in general. Therefore, to think about social support is to understand that the existence human being and the action thought on this are primordial factor in what it refers to the guarantee of our basic necessities: preservation of the health, hygiene, feeding, as well as the preservation of geographic space, natural habitat of the man.

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