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In the first step, all cordless phones and cell phones be harmonised separately. The bio tuner climate is connected to the power supply and provides a healthy environment at home (the first step). The second step is to install of another device on the water supply of the House. Also here is the informative intervention by means of resonance and the water is high as healthy and beneficial like fresh spring water. The taste is pleasant and it feels softer. Actually, it is soft, because the lime changes its consistency and loses his aggressiveness. He no longer attaches itself, but is washed out and there, where he still shows, be wiped out easily. Foods that are cooked or washed in the harmonsisierten water are automatically free of harmful information that otherwise would be eaten with.

The bio tuner water changed the Infromationsgehalt of the water through-so gripping, that even the lime loses its tenacity. The water is like fresh spring water (the second step). The third step is to the radionic rejector of residual stresses, which prevent the natural regulation of the human body. This is done by granting non-medical Globuli and a stone algae specimen. Four weeks later, the process is usually complete and even highly sensitive people feel then significantly relieved.

Natural health doctors and therapists who recommend Swiss harmony in their practice, have found that their therapies have better results for harmonization by Swiss harmony. Also these following observations had been named by Swiss harmony customers: students achieve better grades significantly reduced Dust odors dissolve faster Swiss harmony also leads to a respectful way of dealing with other people. In work situations, there are clear trends to true team work. Hotels that can be observed, that the guests are satisfied and incurred fewer complaints. A harmonised guests feel noticeably more comfortable and stay like a little longer. Long-term Beoachtungen have also shown that find people in harmonised houses over time to more clarity and satisfaction in their lives. The travel card harmonized on the road and has proven itself particularly on travel, trains, airplanes and hotels. Who uses them, determines that the harmonisation in the Interior is noticeable, because it leads to an elegant behavior in the unterschielichsten life situations, especially in dealing with other people. The mobile chip, a small chip, only 17 x 30 mm and as thin as a postage stamp, takes the danger for the health of every cell phone and cordless phone. It is placed directly into the battery compartment or pasted from the outside (iphone). Richard Neubersch is the owner of Domus.Sanus. He lives with his wife in the Switzerland. As Radioniker, he is not only developer and manufacturer of Swiss harmony products. Whether in Germany, Austria, France or Switzerland, he installs each of its devices themselves, and personally supervised the rejector of the pollutant information (third step), because the quality of installation and advice him to the heart. More information: 0041 76-366 33 11 Richard Neubersch

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