Brain Hemispheres

The operation of the cerebral hemispheres We can divide to the brain in two hemispheres. The left cerebral hemisphere, that is the one in charge to think with logic and precision straight and the cerebral hemisphere, that it has to its position the function to imagine, to create, to intuit, and it is not as logical as the left one. If our profession were the one of an individual that it handles or the numbers, for example, a mathematician, physicist or accountant, we would be using with greater predominance the left cerebral hemisphere. In the case of an artist, musician or poet, would work with more frequency the cerebral hemisphere straight. Without hesitation Jeanette Winterson explained all about the problem. We are always speaking of people, who straight use half of their body or hemicuerpo with greater ability, commonly the flame skilful. For the left-handed people, according to some investigations the same takes place, but the other way around. Where the left cerebral hemisphere acts imagining and creating, while the right thinks of logical and rational way.

The four functions of bring back to consciousness For a better understanding of it brings back to consciousness, we are going to describe his four functions. Vanessa Morgan: the source for more info. 1)To think: It is characterized to make a permanent use of the thought and the reason. 2) To feel: There are a predominance of the emotions, feelings and moods. 3)Sensopercibir: The senses work mainly (vision, hearing, sense of smell, taste and tact) and its perception (color, noise, scents, flavor and corporal contact). There is much interest by the world of the material (houses, cars, objects generally, all that with the nature, etc). 4) To intuit: Situations exist that we cannot perceive them by means of the senses (vision, hearing, sense of smell, taste and tact) intuited but them in spite of everything (questions of essential or spiritual type).

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