Caucasus Mountains

With such an advantage in power, the German-Romanian forces, having seized Rostov and forcing the July 25, 1942 Don, an avalanche poured into the Caucasus. It's 9 August they took possession of Pyatigorsk, 10th – Maikop, and August 14 came to the passes through the Caucasus Mountains and the river Baksan, intending to seize the day Nalchik. It seemed that after a few days the Nazis take away the Grozny oil and break into the Caucasus. However, Hitler and his generals were wrong. The peoples of the Caucasus is not bread and salt, and the weapon met the invaders.

Thus, farmers Kuban Shumilinsky village at the meeting passed a resolution which stated: "We, the Cossacks, the words can not express our curse an enemy, Hitler … We decided to join the militia to arms in the hands of ruthless destroy the enemy. " And so they ended the Cossacks of other villages, all of the Kuban and Don rivers. In the hundreds of volunteer left with their families. Volunteers have been so many that hundreds of them were created by two Cossack cavalry corps, renowned in battles with enemies of the Soviet homeland and who are guards. Just met the invaders and the Highlanders. On the anti-fascist rally held on 13 August 1942 in Ordzhonikidze (Vladikavkaz), 3000 representatives of all peoples Northern Caucasus have sworn to give their strength to defeat an insidious foe. August 23 anti-fascist rally the peoples of Transcaucasia took place in Tbilisi. The rally participants in an appeal to the peoples of the Caucasus, wrote: "We will turn to impenetrable borders every mountain path, every valley, where the enemy lie in wait for death.

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