Don’t push yourself, but yes, don’t stay as single or lonely all the time, because anyway, we have to go do not fight with the whole range of feelings EMOTIONS and feelings that appear in the process are normal, not fight with them, they are there and they are there, we need to understand that we can not govern them.We are in a process of pain and a new adaptation to a different reality to which we have lived long ago. Donna Summer has plenty of information regarding this issue. ODDLY MENTIRA, TODO PASA, AND THIS ALSO WILL HAPPEN. AVOID in the measurement of LO possible fall in the abuse of substances a great number of people, not just the process them of separation, they try to avoid deep and painful processes through alcohol or drugs or amphetamines, or perhaps, other.Remember that this is a process of recovery that have to give in an integral way, physically, in the emotions, in the spiritual and social best opts for the best in your life, have already been exposed both to a great pain and toxicity. RECALLS IS A PROCESS THAT NOBODY CAN JUMP AND WHEN YOU’RE READY, YOU WILL GRADUALLY REINTEGRATING TO A BETTER WAY OF LIVING BUT IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS PROCESS, COMRENDIENDO I STEP IN THAT PARTICIPATED, AND THAT ARENDES ALL THIS THEN, EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN UNPROCESSED. NOT THERE ARE SHORTCUTS FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life Cecreto. Inc. Cecreto is a centre dedicated to the quality of emotional life and boasts series diverse topics like relationships, parents and children, relations in partner, etc. In Cecreto we have electronic material that may be of interest to you: when the love in couple is converted in pain. Enter our page and you will receive sign up for the newsletter and get free of the – Book.

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