Representing 7.48% of the universe of 51 people. 3.4SELEO OF the SUBJECT Citizen of the research, according to Vergara (2006, p.53), ' ' they are the people who will supply the data of that you precisa' '. To the times, they can be confused with ' ' universe and amostra' ' , when they are related with people. (Source: Robert Thomson). In this study the citizens had been the integrant ones of the management, that is composed for four collaborators, a commercial director, a regional superintendent, a coordinator of workmanships and the manager of the branch office. The management of the unit is defined in the manual of norms and procedures of the company. All the integrant ones know and participate of the activities of the organization. 3.5INSTRUMENTO OF RESEARCH was used for the collection of the data: ) Bibliographical research in books, dictionaries, magazines, periodicals, articles, teses and disserta-es with data on the subject; b) Documentary research in the archives of the SERVENG. In this place it was found regulations internal, reports and other documents not published; Documentary the bibliographical research and is justified, to the measure that contributes for the survey of the information that they describe as the effectiveness of the logistic one in the industry of the civil construction.

c) Research of field, with structuralized interviews, the collaborators with positions indicated in the sample. Instrument of the structuralized interview. In accordance with D? Oliveira, Lima and Luna (1996). the guided interview allows the interviewer to use one? guide? of subjects to be explored during the course of the interview … the researcher previously knows the aspects that he desires to search e, on the basis of they, formulates some points to treat in the interview. The interviewed one has the freedom to express itself as it to want guided for the interviewer. The collected data had been transcribed, with the authorization of the interviewed ones.

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