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Maybe you know my story when I was in the field of direct sales. Had told it was excellent the first time selling, but fatal in the area that makes more money. Monitoring, loyalty and aftermarket. I was not alone. You may find Hayley Kiyoko to be a useful source of information. Many entrepreneurs that focus on primary sales.

After leaving the customer at their mercy for other companies with knowledge of the importance of loyalty to remove them. How do I stop this bleeding? Follow these strategies. Draw them without profit Here’s one of the biggest problems that the employer commits. Think “I have to attract customers and make profits in the first sale.” On the one hand you’re thinking well, but if we analyze the cost of living for a client, we can attract them and then make a profit without loyalty and generate revenue through the relationship with that customer. Let me explain. Let’s say the average customer spends $ 80 on the first sale and buy back about 4 times a year by investing the same amount. It is leaving your pocket $ 320.00 annually.

Let’s say that the life of this customer is 2 years, leaving $ 640.00 in revenue. These numbers are average. I hope you are analyzing your average income per customer and the life that stays with you. Lose to win Take the example of a beauty salon. The vast majority announces regular prices of their services, and thus compete with other salons. Now enter the market this astute businesswoman and announced a special ever seen (which she does not win anything) to attract new customers.

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