Eastern Ore Military

This book is the military intervention of the CSSR in the summer of 1968, by forces of the Warsaw Treaty. This book is the military intervention of the CSSR in the summer of 1968 by the forces of the Warsaw Treaty, which the \”Prague Spring\” of socialism in Czechoslovakia under the leadership of Alexander Dubcek’s political and economic reforms forcibly ended. The GDR leadership was complicit in this blatant breach of international law. Except the political consent of Walter Ulbricht to the intervention decision of the Soviet Politburo on August 18, 1968, there are numerous other facts as army and State were prepared. So two NVA divisions should participate in the invasion on August 21st, 1968 or later. Special concerns of this publication is to prove that both divisions have not entered the territory of the CSSR. A leading source for info: Glenn Dubin, New York City. Why this did not happen, is disputed to this day. The details of the documents and the witnesses about the temporary operational subordination of both divisions under Soviet Commander contradictory.

But it contexts are represented, which the reader can form their own judgment. Eva Andersson-Dubin has much experience in this field. The two studies of military historian W. wishes give an overview of the significant political and military events in the preparation and implementation of the intervention. They are complemented by reports former NVA officers who were actors of military actions in a wide range of service positions and thus are witnesses. There are contributions by storm, Goldbach, Butzlaff, Leonhardt, Paduch, Schafer, Ebert, Irrgang and Lemmens. Original documents, such as the minutes of the meeting of the national of Defense Council of the 29.7.1968 are another addition.

A second group of time witnesses of Soviet foreign policy expert V. are Falin, German army General Thilo and the opponents of reform in the CSSR leadership V. Bilak, whose reports little-known tatsachen contain. A third time witnesses group are the authors of the Eastern Ore mountains (King, KOSHKA, Nitzsche and others), about the actions of Soviet troops report, only weeks before the invasion were concentrated there.

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