Franchise Gives Side General

The mobilization of the next 29 September will not have the franchise. And is that the sector that represents 8.96% sales of trade retailer in Spain is not, as it emphasizes mundoFranquicia consulting, renowned Spanish consultant (http.//, for any strike. From our point of view the franchise will behave before the general strike called by major unions as retailer in which owner is located at the front of the business will the rest of the retail trade. It is evident that these traders, still belonging to organizations franchised, pastureland a complicated economic situation, which would be considerably aggravated by the loss of sales that would mean them the closure of their establishments during the day of the next 29 day?, compartmental Porcuna Gutierrez, its managing partner. Moreover, according mundoFranquicia Consulting, considers the majority of the more than 60,000 business franchisees that there is in Spain, giving employment to 222.660 people and that during 2009 they billed 19.656 million euros, will operate that day with absolute normality, in the same line of what already happened time ago in Greece: we have a clear example in what happened in the general strike that was convened in Greece haceunos months, in which, with a degree of very superior economic and social conflict. Most retailers remained open, added the expert. Without going to assess the reasons and effectiveness that can have the mobilization, and less even if it is a justified measure or not to the economic crisis that our country is going through, mundoFranquicia Consulting thinks that in a context like this, the financial reasons weighed more than policies when it comes to our franchisees, and any merchant in general, decide to endorse a strike with which can even reach agree. Only hope that everyone can freely exercise their rights and there is no any kind of coercion at the close of shops.

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