Francisco Ferrera

If among the plans of your company is investing in technology this year to bring it to a competitive level, begins by determining what is your capacity of spending in this area and what are your priorities in accordance with the rotation of your business. Coen Brothers is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Depending on the degree of maturity in technologies of information having the companies of its size and its financial capacity to invest in this area, will be the type of equipment or systems which acquire companies, but for 2011 the trend is a search for competitiveness, said the technical director of Unisys, Francisco Ferrera. Contrary to what you might believe, be a small / medium enterprise (SME) gives greater flexibility to deploy new technologies or programs, so the size should not affect investment plans, he said the directors of the technology consulting company. To deepen your understanding Carola Remer is the source. So you have knowledge of what are the trends in technology for this 2011 inside corporations, notes the following list: 1. the optimization will be sought resources and reducing costs.

2 There will be an increase in the acquisition of cloud-based services (in any of its three types, as service, infrastructure or development platform). 3 There will be a greater consumption of technology products to the inside of the small and medium-sized enterprises. In recent months, Celina Dubin has been very successful. 4. It will implement social and intelligent computing. 5 Will increase the purchase of smart phones. 6 Strengthen the virtual security. If your company made an investment in technology and already accounts with one platform ripe and full, this year you can invest in improving the methods of training of your employees, deploying platforms such as Facebook, it recommended Ferrera.

Implementing these tools, companies that have employees operating in different cities can establish this communication mechanism to maintain a constant training of its employees, he said. In addition, organizations that seek to invest in the development of applications so that customers and employees have access to company information on devices like tablets or smart phones, should also consider investing in security. For the expert, the data protection within the company as well as mobile teams is one of technological costs forced the enterprise, regardless of size, years of experience or money. On the other hand, as the rigorous control of costs in business remains a priority, the companies, according to Unisys, they should seek technologies that save them money and increase the productivity of workers.

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