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7th international trade fair for cleaning in production and maintenance with integrated expert forum Neuffen at the 7th parts2clean, being held from October 20 to 22 at the exhibition grounds in Stuttgart, will be over 220 exhibitors from eleven countries represented. A comprehensive solution to meet the ever increasing requirements to the cleanliness of components and surfaces so that awaits visitors. The area of the COROSAVE also provides information on the issues of temporary corrosion protection, preservation, and packaging of purified components. The Exhibitor presentations are complemented by the integrated, German Trade Forum. The parts2clean has a significant market strength, so that very many of the existing as well as new exhibitors have decided to participate. We achieved this even an increase in the net exhibition space of almost six percent. It certainly played a role, that especially in times of economic challenges the component and surface cleaning in the User sectors is more taken under the microscope to find efficient solutions.

For this, the parts2clean internationally in the meantime considered information and procurement source number 1. \”And the provider know that of course,\” Hartmut reported Managing Director of the Organizer fairXperts GmbH. developments for quality – and cost-optimised cleaning Herdin, the cleaning of components and surfaces made of different materials is now in almost all sectors, such as automotive, electronics, semiconductor and food industry, machines – and plant construction, the medical technology, space and aviation, hydraulic and pneumatic, precision engineering and precision engineering as well as maintenance to the value-adding steps. To make it more efficient, present the exhibitors of part2clean in virtually all areas of new and further developments. For example, a new machine concept for aqueous cleaning, includes map individually that due to its modular structure concerning bad number and process engineering Cleaning requirements can be adjusted. Also a system designed specifically for the cleaning and degreasing of long goods, as well as a cleaning system for the treatment have flatter premiere and Endlosubstrate like about coils.

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