Hard Drive Technology

SSD drives are affordable for the private bar of computer use more popular and more and more. For several years, SSD (solid-state drive), i.e. Flash memory offered hard drives as an alternative to traditional data sources. Launch of first SSDs were the prices hardly compared to the available disk space. Now the manufacturer on the 4th and 5th generation arrived, visible to customers to better technology and falling prices. Hard drives the famous consumer electronics manufacturer Apple is used as an example of the growing popularity of SSD: work in all new ultra portable notebooks SSD hard drives, memory is used in IPods, IPads and IPhone.

Who thinks about buying an SSD, should inform about pros and cons of the technology. The data storage is done in solid state disks by semiconductor memory cell, similar to in USB sticks. As with conventional hard disks there is no mechanical disks in SSD. A failure or data loss due to mechanical failure is so unlikely. SSD are disk so predestined hardly compared to shock prone for mobile use. However, semiconductor cells have a limited life time, only a certain number of write operations on each individual cell can be performed.

Most consumer SSDs use memory that is 3000-10 000 x rewritable depending on the manufacturing process currently MLC. The manufacturers make sure that through the use of sophisticated control chips in normal use no SSD failure due to wear of all memory cells can be expected. The most important advantage of SSDs compared to traditional hard drives is the enormous increase in speed. Using new memory technology information hard disk within a fraction of the time read out by an SSD, need the conventional data stores. The computer starts faster, all programs are called in less time. The SSD technology is gaining market maturity and popularity, although still comparatively high cost. Although the press describes regular product defects in new models, which can result in potential data loss, most owners swear by but use of a SSD: the advantages of the technology are so serious that a normal disk usage appears to be barely conceivable after using an SSD.

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