Health Benefits Of Oregano

Infusion of oregano used for headache, disturbances of menstruation, and nervous disorders. Besides tea oregano has a good diaphoretic and sedative effect. Strawberries. Fruits and leaves of strawberries contain vitamin C, carotene (vitamin A), B vitamins, organic acids and trace elements. Strawberry tea is used as bracing and purifying drink. Rose.

Hips – just a storehouse of a variety of vitamins. It contains vitamins K, E and B2, and vitamin C content, P-carotene and is so large that the two hip provide the daily needs of the organism. To make tea from rose hips, take 15-20 hips, pour 200 g of water, boil and leave in a warm place. Hawthorn. This little redhead berry – a great way to heart disease, it has a calming effect and shifts the onset of menopause.

Currants. Used as a diaphoretic, tonic tool, it displays the body of heavy metals, radioactive substances and reduces cholesterol. A tea with berry and currant leaves turns out very tasty and fragrant. Mint. Relieves fatigue, tones, cleanses the body and calms the nerves. Useful recipes. Infusion of strawberry leaves. Leaves – 20 g, water – 400g. Boil for 5 minutes and to insist – 2 hours. Decoction of lime and raspberry lime – Part 1, raspberries – 3 parts water – 500g. Simmer – 15 minutes before taking strain. Black tea can be brewed in conjunction with mint chamomile, currant, eucalyptus, hawthorn, etc. All teas are useful to use with honey. It's good tone, by the way, green tea is also effective to use.

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