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Connected World – more than a challenge? Connected World: Already over 2 billion people have access to the Internet, the global transmitted data volume will rise to more than 1.3 billion gigabytes in 2014. Impressive numbers considering that the supporting technology behind it, namely the Internet, is accessible only for 20 years the general public. Dimensions that raise more questions arise. How much are the networking and the exchange of data enter in the coming years in our everyday lives? Which areas will be most affected? Will the Internet in facilitate our lives? Which industry sectors will most benefit from the networking and where knocking them on their border? What is the role of security and privacy with? The opportunities and risks of this development are the focus of the technology forum talKIT at the Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT). It was founded by students and organiserte technology forum provides once a year on socially relevant topics and trends in new Technologies and developments in the Center. This will be discussed in addition to technical lectures also on economic and social repercussions. offer their opinions as well. On Thursday, may 10, experts from science, business and politics discuss questions about digital challenges of the networked world, driven, for example, such as the expansion of infrastructure for data exchange or what role will play Germany and in particular Europe in a digital economy.

The event shows new approaches, how the company can deal with this development. Hans-Jurgen Werner, Director for corporate communications at Intel, keeps on Friday, may 10, from 9:45 in the Lecture Hall (building 30.95) on the southern KIT campus the first presentation on the topic “computing power vs. efficiency”. At the subsequent Privacy panel at 11:30 which measures discuss Secorvo security consulting in among others Professor Jorn Muller-Quade from the KIT Institute for cryptography and security, and Dirk Fox by the Karlsruhe IT firm at the Data protection are needed and where a too-strict regulation is unnecessary brake. From 14:00 short lectures follow, the speakers are among others Dr. Jochen things of fiducia, an IT provider for financial service providers and IT-competence center. Professor Friedemann Mattern, Dean of the Faculty of computer science at the ETH Zurich; Lars Hinrichs, co-founder of the Internet network XING and the mp3 developers Professor Karlheinz Brandenburg of the Fraunhofer Institute for digital media technology. The highlight of the Forum connects with a panel discussion at 15:30.

Here discuss Volker Smid, Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Ralph Haupter, Chairman of Microsoft Germany Management Board and area Vice President international and Oliver Bussmann, CIO of SAP AG about the challenges of an interconnected world. Not only national supporters such as CLAAS and fiducia, but also regional partners such as Ferchau are represented at talKIT. Under the auspices of assumes Federal Minister of research Dr. Annette Schavan. Interested parties are cordially invited to the held in the Audimax of the Karlsruhe Institute of technology to come. For more information see and talKIT – Maximilian Zeiss technology forum

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