Hippiestyle Conquered Germany

With HAIR TALK extensions to each fashion perfectly styled after a long and grey winter, every woman yearns for summer, casual hairstyles and colors. The colorful, wildly patterned fashion for summer 2012 is crying out for a suitable hairstyle in the hippie style. Long hair Centre parting and maybe even a headband around the head resurrected the hippie look of the 70s in a contemporary manner. With a hair extension HAIR TALK extensions, this young, playful look becomes a reality hair gently and quickly. Light waves can conjure up with the flat iron or curling iron instantly into the hair and the trendy look for the summer is finished. Latest adhesive technology at HAIR extensions of TALK HAIR TALK extensions of arcos is the adhesive technology, which offers many advantages: the ultra-thin, 3 cm-long adhesive strip with high-quality, Remi human hair in less than an hour from the Salon in the own hair used. The result is a discreet hair extensions with flat connections, which optically perfectly blend with your own hair.

Pain in the head at the Concerns, such as, for example, bonding agents cause, are thereby excluded. After two to three months wearing can the 3 cm-long tape easily removed with the help of an alcohol spray of specially trained stylists and reinstated at the hairline. The alcohol used, as well as the adhesive patches are also used in medicine. You harm either skin or hair. HAIR TALK extensions are a quick and gentle hair to other extensions methods thanks to its adhesive technology. The 22 real hair color can be combined using the sandwich method to every hair color. Ensure attractive volume and length, while the 20 bright hair colors for funky effects in your own hair.

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