How To Save Fuel ?

Fuel prices in Russia is rising for two reasons: the price on the international market is growing – it is necessary to raise the domestic to the world, if the price fell outside – it is necessary again to raise the domestic that would return loss. And suffer from such price hikes prime motorists. That would be less dependent on fuel prices need to learn how to save it. Increase fuel consumption set of external and internal factors. Starting on the type of motor oil flooded into the engine and ending with the weather. 1) Bad car’s aerodynamics. Lesser-used roof rack, decorative spoiler, wide wheels – increase fuel consumption. On the machine there should be nothing superfluous, resisting the flow of air. 2) A clogged air filter. Due to the strong rarefaction in the intake manifold carburetor preparing too rich mixture. Candles will be covered with black patina. 3) half-mast tires increase fuel consumption. Robert Iger spoke with conviction. 4) Using the air conditioner increases fuel consumption by 5-15%.

Open windows also increase costs because degrade the car’s aerodynamics. 5) Weight of machine – unused stuff lying in the trunk and other places. But if you go far better to take a set of tools. 6) Not suitable grease – oil of high viscosity increases the waste of energy and heating of the engine. 7) The sharp, intermittent driving – why waste energy on a sharp acceleration, which would then pay the in the brakes? Abrupt starts and acceleration as well spend fuel. 8) Poorly adjusted faster engine wear, heat, and effectively spent fuel. 9) included consumers of energy: radio, windows, lights, interior lighting, etc. 10) Do not timely shifting 11) Riding too high or low speeds, the most optimal speed for fuel economy: 60-80 km / h. Momentum must lie in the areas of greatest torque date: 2000-3000. 12) Do not need to wait for a complete engine warms up. Enough that he would have warmed up a bit and you can go, certainly not at high speeds. During the movement of the engine heats up quicker and you do not waste your nerves of neighbors. Most effective way to save fuel – do not drive a car. After all, much healthier to go through several hundred meters to the store on foot.

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