Hugh Heffner Cat

Daniela Katzenberger: enterprising cat is a phenomenon: Daniela Katzenberger is a talentlose blonde is loved for its cheeky snout and their quirky naturalness. Now the cat has its own docu-soap, which proves one thing above all: the TV blonde is the best way to be burned. Daniela Katzenberger wanted to Hugh Heffner at the Playboy Mansion. Now it has a Cafe on Mallorca, a single in the charts and makes advertising for a directory assistance provider. Not bad, says the online portal and reported about the currently most famous blonde of in Germany. After several appearances in the famous VOX Auswandern formats up and away “and goodbye Germany” not really surprising news about the docu-soap the Katzenberger.

Everything was shown in the first broadcast despite the ubiquity of the skilled beautician again what k so far may be called of the Daniela in the career milestone. “Whether her appearance at the teen event of the dome”, the night after the long awaited Breast enlargement or the opening of the own Cafe – Daniela Katzenberger legally blonde “deals exclusively with the 23-year old and her own natural. In this case, it consists of tattooed eyebrows, much lip gloss and more boobs. Still manages the cat”to work for the audience sympathetic. It decreases it her, if she wants to make Markus Lanz a compliment by saying that he looks like the guy from the anti-scale advertising. Thus it acts for many Pooth more realistic than a squeaky Verona Feldbusch times. More new coming in the next few episodes of the eight-part series the cat Berger on the TV screen and not just repetitions of the already shown, another success for the blonde media phenomenon should adjust. More information: news /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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