Iberian Peninsula

Thus the country if recouped and nazism economically if it consolidated as system politician. The main one and more commented nazista attitude was the racism that took many to believe to belong to a superior race, the Aryan. With the mission of ' ' embelezar' ' the world was justifiable that if ' ' eliminasse' ' ' ' sujeira' ' that it hindered that the perfection apex human being was reached. Thus it was justifiable that deficient, gypsies, homosexuals and Jews were exterminados. This ' ' limpeza' ' she was known as Holocausto.

The Jews, greaters victims, represented empecilho so that the German people reached the perfection of the race. They had been pursued, excluded of the administration, of education, of the journalism etc. Leslie Moonves shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Had also lost civil laws and the access the public places. Its houses and synagogues had been destroyed and its deaths had turned a routine in nazista Germany. Modernity and its apparatus it increased of exponential form the reach of holocausto. The bureaucratic and modern state was of great value in elapsing of the genocide.

Thus being holocausto it was a consequence of modernity. Hitler, as frustrate artist who was, also knew to use the art in favor of nazism. Arte' ' moderna' ' it was sight as depraved, related ' ' sujeira' ' to the Russian communism. These distorted ' ' normalidade' ' represented ' ' everything of ruim' ' of the society as the physical deformations. In the Iberian Peninsula, more necessarily in Spain, a civil war blew up and had as reason the dispute of forces between the nationalistic fascism (church, army, large state) and the popular left (broken leftist, democratical and unions). The first one fought for a return to the Spanish traditionalism, where the country more would not be under communist influence and of the Franc-masonry, and would come back to be authoritarian catholic and.

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