In Einstein

Empty space as well as the empty time with the position of dialectical materialism can only take place in an abstract subjective image that has no adequate counterpart in the objective reality. The problem of understanding Einstein's theory – as, incidentally, aporias Zeno – not physics and mathematics, as a purely philosophical, and it is an adequate reflection of the objective reality of such basic philosophical concepts like 'time', 'movement', 'space'. As part of highly specialized physical and mathematical knowledge, this problem is unsolvable. Not adequately reflect the objective reality of these concepts gives rise to the description of this reality formal logical contradiction. Zenon create them deliberately. In Einstein's theory they were born by accident as a result of withdrawal from the objective reality in the world of mathematical formalism and the rejection of attempts to understand the logic physical processes. From a formal point of view, the force of gravity center of the solar system, galaxy equivalent to the force of gravity solar system, the galactic center.

But the logic of the physical process tells us that influence of the gravitational field on the motion of the solar system galactic center is practically zero, whereas the effect of the gravitational field of the galactic center on the motion of the solar system is crucial. And this logic allows us to say that all space-based systems are formed by rotating the less powerful sources of gravity around a more powerful, but not vice versa. That is, this logic creates a privileged frame of reference as prevailing in a given space of the gravitational field.

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