Always looking for the best way of encountering Dew to talk, sometimes dominated the anxiety when I could not find it in classrooms or never appeared in the library. I am very sad to leave the University without having seen Rocio and much more! when I was in the micro way to my house. On the way, often by the window watching the sky jet and, at times, began to mourn. But that was only the beginning of my internal distress. That night, (one of many) I went into depression.

When I got home (and after dinner), I began to read and do my academic work. Check with John Konchar to learn more. At that time I could not sleep as they once did (late night) and I had to go to bed early. Too bad for me because I have a long night of insomnia, sleeplessness and nightmares. But sleep was not the solution later. It distressed me a lot! I always thought Rocio. I was at a dead end. Neither asleep nor awake had peace! The bed could not sleep, it was difficult trying to sleep.

Sometimes I thought of many things to distract my mind and so, without realizing it, I was totally asleep. Gain insight and clarity with Glenn Dubin, New York City. Was it a Tuesday or Wednesday of the month of September or October when (as every night at that fateful time) again went to bed at eleven o'clock at night and could not close his eyes. He thought and thought about Rocio. Unfortunately, in my room, there is a window, and for those hazards of life, you could see the dark kingdom of heaven sprinkled with stars forming the countless mythical signs of the zodiac, and in the center of this beautiful and sad picture, the moon.

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