International Success

Europe’s leading tool for online event registration and ticketing writes next success story. Munich, July 12, 2012 amiando (, Europe’s leading tool for online event registration and ticketing writes next success story. Within a year, amiando significantly increased its sales growth in all markets and could open three new offices. From the Start-Up to the internationally successful player over 180,000 events were organized worldwide with amiando and more than 80,000 event organisers use the online event management solution. Customers include Conference, SinnerSchraders NEXT Hubert Burda Medias DLD conference and LeWeb, who rely on amiando each for many years, as well as all events of the new media society (NMG) and of the Euroforum. But many clients from the entertainment area set amiandos online ticketing solution, such as the Berlin Music Week, the C ‘n’ B Convention and the SEMF Festival.

For its innovative products, Forum in Davos as the technology was already in 2010 amiando by the World Economic Pioneer”award. amiando achieved over 100% revenue growth compared to the previous year compared to the previous year’s figures amiando in the period from January to may 2012 a tremendous sales growth of over 100% worldwide achieved. As the German market is the most important core market of the Web2. 0-company, for the umpteenth time the turnover doubled here. The internationalization strategy reinforced in 2012 is yet very promising: more events than last year were clearly in English and Asian market about amiando organized.

Revenues in the United Kingdom and Asia, each grew by over 135%. Amiando is especially large popular thanks to its innovative technology in the US market, where even a 150% sales increase could be achieved. Expansion strategy: amiando opened three new branches to this growing market in Asia, to be able to offer a better place service to France and England, amiando opened 2011 new branch offices in Hong Kong and Paris.

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