This spring, bought a cottage with no bad cabin. Everything's great: the nature and fresh air. If it were not for one problem: in the country only process water and drinking water there. For the summer would leave with the children on site, and this problem we were faced with very serious. Live in the country wants, and water for cooking there. Decided to order yet affordable dispenser for water.

Initially thought to buy a desktop cooler water. Yes, it is compact, but the volume of water small, so this option did not suit us. It was decided to order outdoor cooler. We ordered a large cooler with fridge at the bottom and the function of aerating the water. And we have not lost, it is such a necessary multifunction machines: the need for water and heats and ohlodit and "jeep" to add, and refrigerator is (which will save space), and the main drinking water is not chlorinated. A instead of the refrigerator cabinet to leave (Which may or crockery or tea store). Therefore, that being said every whim for your money. Felt that the cooler water and more convenient because it does not need to shop and buy bottles of water, and can be ordered via the Internet delivery of clean, high quality bottled water that force.

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