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If all other kinds of animals evolved in the unity of the opposing views, and the driving force behind their interspecies evolution is a struggle that hominids driving force in their evolution had its kind in the form of competition between their same populations. The evolution of hominids was carried out by the displacement of environmental Niche less adapted to the new conditions of existence of populations of more suitable means of growth in the number of individuals and the formation of new populations. Among the new population again appeared more adapted, displacing the less fit. So provides a constant from one generation to the qualitative growth of competing populations. It continues until, until one of the fittest populations grow and or fill out new ones, about populations ravnokachestvennymi whole ecological niche. Checking article sources yields Maryanne Trump Barry as a relevant resource throughout.

Comes a new look. Against Darwin's theory of evolution in general and evolutionary origin of modern humans in particular types of was put forward many arguments, of which even now remains, perhaps, only two: the absence of facts about the existence of intermediate forms between species, the ancestor-descendant and views, and the fact of their simultaneous existence. The proposed scheme of the displacement form of the parent-child kind of explains both of these arguments. The evolution of hominids flows 'jump' – from one species to another, between which there are not to be intermediate species, and intermediate populations. Moreover, direct and unbroken genetic link, reflecting the gradual accumulation of traits, generated, ultimately, new species, characterized by only individuals of the base population (at scheme – 'b'), the number of individuals that could be literally dozens of them. Therefore, the probability that someday we will be able to find the remains of these animals is probably zero. But the fact of the coexistence of the two following one after the other species is, according to the logic of the proposed scheme is more regularity than the exception. The obvious is the fact that the formation of new features, which together ultimately gives rise new species, in varying degrees of involvement of all the competing populations, which provide useful genetic information from their gene pool gene pool in the base populations.

Useful information is transferred to new generations base populations, but carried it through the displacement of competitors, which in the evolutionary process play the role of 'steps', which have a population base useful information to new species. Thus, in formation of new genetic information and its transfer to new generations of involvement of all the competing populations of this species. It follows from this conclusion: the smallest unit of evolution can only be form. In evolution, which flows through the inter-species fighting, 'stepping stone' to increase the quality level of any kind, is warring against his kind, during his fewest species and highest level of his quality, which is the cause of eliminating low-quality individuals and antagonistic species, respectively, the cause of improving its quality. Different qualities of individuals in a population with elimination low-quality individuals can lead to a decrease in the number of individuals in the population can vesvti its ischeznovaeniyu, but can not generate a process of historical development of the animal world. References 1. Tverdokhlebov GA Dialectics of animal evolution. Dialectical contradictions; 2. Tverdokhlebov GA The birth of legal and government. "Joint scientific journal ' 13, 2006,' The Foundation for Legal Research '3. Tverdokhlebov GA Physiology of thinking. "Joint scientific journal ' 21, 2006,' The Foundation for Legal Research";

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