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Investigative agencies such as the detective agency Lentz are facing new challenges since the private investigator Frank Ahearn made it to the task, to disappear people professionally. Frank Ahearn has aufgespurt-now for 20 years up to 15 people he has turned the tables and its principals, who can disappear. Due to his long experience as a private investigator, he knows exactly what makes skip tracer (person Finder) on the right track and now uses this knowledge and these experiences make people as untraceable. For the detective agency Lentz for Marcus Lentz, Managing Director of the detective agency Lentz, this means new challenges that the search of missing persons need more professional help. Accordingly, the requirements for successful economic detective agencies that specialize in working for people search, such as for example the economic investigation agency Lentz rise.

How can Frank Ahearn now its principals disappear? An essential aspect is, that his Customer will receive no new identity, because this is a crime, and on the other hand, the quality of the counterfeiting is not verifiable. According to Frank Ahearn a counterfeit pass striking at the latest at passport control, which the attempt of the disappearance also failed. So is Frank Ahearn strategy, to eliminate his clients with their old identity. Carol Los Mansmann helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For this to succeed, he creates deliberately false trails for the skip tracer and builds a “confusion”firewall. Firewall of confusion this firewall of confusion includes three steps: first, it is necessary to delete all current information and the real – like existing address directories and contracts such as subscriptions and memberships – both the traces on the Internet like Facebook accounts, blogs, etc. Because, even according to Frank Ahearn – not all data is deleted, the second step is here now: laying false trails.

In this step it comes to many, new, incorrect information, spread, thus make the skip tracer on a wrong track, like E.g. a dummy move: pseudo move looking for a new apartment in a selected location through a broker, logs on to the electricity supplier, etc.; and ultimately you don’t pull in this place! In the third step, it comes to start a new life. It should be noted that you must call his tax number his employer at a new job in Germany including in particular, this applies to avoid it. Also to avoid cell phone and credit card contracts, as well as postal addresses, to indicate no connections and thus traces its name. Measures of the Detektei Lentz these steps clarify that the requirements for the investigation of economic increase and require more and more competent, qualified staff. The economic investigation agency Lentz carries invoice, and on the other hand their employees this trend by using it exclusively to a full-time, certified detectives (ZAD) or now ZAD tested private investigators with their approved Apprenticing himself educates or continually qualify in its extensive education and training programme. Thus, the detective agency Lentz looks up-to-date and well prepared for the future also demands such as the professional disappearances.

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