We have once more left the beautiful port of Brindisi, after spending his summer in, in where he could perceive a new revival of its tourism which has not been so dynamic in recent years, by several factors, especially the economic, recession, unemployment and one of the aspects that I have always pointed out to referring to him, little disclosure that is made of their charms and enjoy it intenselyby security that there is, the tranquillity of its people, the beauty of its ‘ port and all the monuments that encloses, where there are ancient history and since then his role in the second war world I played to spend a quiet summer, though sometimes with a not very pleasant heat, but the fact of enjoying it with the long walks that are specially made in its historical and cobbled streets. Since then, all this more charming is done when you can enjoy with the family, will be its squares, to talk, to listen both of popular music such as classical concerts from time to time. I had the opportunity before embarking on my return to Venezuela, from celebrate the week devoted to their employers, participate in their events, especially in the beautiful spectacle of fireworks, in celebration of their processions, masses. It should be noted, that in that week the streets are decorated with lights in all the main streets, which provide a very pleasant beauty, in addition to the immense joy of the brindisinos to participate in these celebrations.. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Leslie Moonves.

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