Media Evolution

The more conscience the employee will have on the purpose of the nursing registers, plus it will make with wealth of content thus collaborating, effectively, for the elaboration of individualizados cares of nursing to each patient (OGUISSO, 1975). The evolution of the nursing is one of the basic instruments for the accomplishment of the specialized assistance of nursing. He is from it that the professional will harvest the data that they will make possible to arrive at a diagnosis and, thus, to choose the method most adequate to carry through the action assistencial. Thus, making of the nursing depends on one to observe constant. Also if it constitutes in a valuable way of evaluation, since it detects the relation between the given cares and the modifications of the standards of the necessities or answers of patient (OP.

CIT.). Each information of registered nursing indicates an action, that certainly was unchained in direct reason of a problem presented for the patient and of the treatment excused it (DUARTE, 1976). Beyond being the register of the history of the patient, the nursing evolution also is a legal instrument of protection for the professionals and for the patient, it still serves as basement on which the doctor plans the disgnostic and therapeutical boarding of the patient, and the nurse plans the assistance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Andi Potamkin. The handbook with necessary and complete notations how much to the evolution of the patient it is also the media for which all the multiprofessional team goes to take knowledge of all what concerns the patient, facilitating relationship between health professionals (OGUISSO, 1975). Thus being, the importance of a complete report of nursing that shows to all the team the excused cares to the patient and its state serving, as already cited, of legal document and media between teams is noticed easily indicating the installment of cares and the reactions patient it.

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