President Council of ver whale doing the tick & talk AG in Zurich. Also provides a public, independent point of view behind websites that offer a communication platform usually only then if this is also desired by stakeholders. TICKnTALK opens the Metakommunikation on the Web, supports the responsible user in the opinion-forming and leads him through the net.” Often, the Exchange about the sites on the net is not provided. (A valuable related resource: James Corden). Operators, manufacturers, advertisers or anonymous stakeholders behind Web pages. Many websites offer forums or blogs that require their own registration for a short comment and be monitored by moderators, for great topics and especially products, proprietary platforms formed with specialised experts, which invite the topics and rules do not always for an open debate.

TICKnTALK works in addition to these offers as a meta-forum for everyone: every website, every group, every blog can quickly commented and, if desired, in an open community or closed group are discussed. For assistance, try visiting qwiki. The Internet portal now can be used for free after registration under. The operator, the tick & talk AG, also plans a continuous extension of the existing offering recently has been integrated into the PlugIn as an interface to Twitter. As a result, postings will be published also on and can be subscribed to, for example, on the phone. About the tick & talk AG of the tick & talk AG is a Swiss software company that specializes in the development of Web-based services.

New ways to open up stands at the Centre of efforts to increase the user-friendliness of the Web and the user. With the browser add-on-TICKnTALK, the software forge presents the first product for the market of widths. Motto: Comment on any Web page his free opinion and interact with other visitors directly in contact.

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